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Sheri | 846 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

Sorry I missed check in again last week. It was Thanksgiving here in the US, and I just totally forgot it was check in. Went up to in laws, and while I had time, I only had my phone and honestly didn't even think about it. By the time I realized I never made an update, I figured I'd just wait until this week.

It's been a busy couple weeks at work and in life, I apologize!

Over the past two weeks I read:

I finally finished Caraval. I did end up liking it overall, I just needed to stop comparing it to The Night Circus. I'll finish the series once I can get my hand on the rest.

I re-read Owlflight, Owlsight, and Owlknight, Mercedes Lackey books are always comfort reads for me.

Shadowed Souls - I actually enjoyed this short story collection more than most. a lot of times I feel like they count on the couple big name authors to sell the collection and the rest of the stories are just lackluster filler. I at least somewhat enjoyed all the stories in it, and several really liked. The concept for the collection was neat too, looking at the shades of grey of characters that aren't quite good or bad.

Zoo City - This was probably one of the weirdest premises for a book I've read! At some point, it wasn't entirely clear when, in the 80s or maybe 90s people who commit murder started manifesting an animal companion. It was supposed to be the visual manifestation of their guilt. But they're flesh and blood creatures who need to eat and such. he story followed a zoo girl as she embarked on trying to solve a missing person case, her skill being finding lost things. I enjoyed it overall, although i thought the story took a weird really abrupt turn in "book two" of it.

Currently re-reading Requiem for the Sun, in the hopes that I can finish this trilogy by the end of the year and can hopefully fit the first two books of the third trilogy into a challenge next year. I tried to do this last year and only managed to finish the first trilogy.


Are there any books you're looking forward to for next year? Either ones you just won't get have time for this year, or new releases you are excited about?

I just found out that Erin Morgenstern is releasing a new book in November next year, I'm really excited about it! The Night Circus was one of my favorite books ever, so I've got high hopes. It's called The Starless Sea, for those who also like her writing.

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Susan LoVerso | 266 comments I too was gone for 9 days over Thanksgiving. I got some interesting reading done.

With my walking partner away, I've started listening to The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter when walking alone. I'm not too far into it yet. But so far so good.

I'm almost done with a fluff romance novel Moonlight Cove. I should finish that in the next couple of days. It is neither great nor bad.

One book I finished on the trip was one I found at an antique book shop we stopped in one day. It is only about 90 pages long so I was able to quickly read through it while on the trip. It is so old from 1926, there is not Goodreads link for it. It is Historic Doorways of Old Salem by Mary Harrod Northend. I'm giving it to a friend who lives in Salem. It was an unusual non-fiction even for me. What I want to do is take the addresses mentioned in the book and do Google Streetview on them and see if they're still there and what they look like now, almost 100 years later. Or go visit my friend and walk around. In any case it was an interesting reading diversion.

I'm still trying to get back to Artemis from Andy Weir. Looking forward to that. I'll definitely read the Erin Morgenstern one mentioned above. I loved The Night Circus. I otherwise am more reactive than proactive about books so I don't have any idea what is slated to come out.

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Daniele Powell (danielepowell) | 162 comments My life has been on the hectic side these days, so reading has been intermittent at best. Since the last post, I have gotten through:

The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur, which I picked up from a book fair. I remembered a segment John Oliver had done on the perils of interpreting for foreigners in war-torn areas and figured it would be worthwhile.
Among the Dead and Dying and
The Remnant Keeper, two ebooks I picked up for free through BookBub (anyone else collect way more free ebooks than you'll ever have time to read?)

A road trip also means a new audiobook. I'm just over halfway through X, which will cap off the alphabet soup challenge and be the last challenge book I read this year. (The three books above were free reads.)

QOTW: I'm with Susan in terms of reactivity. I'm very much go with the flow - well, the flow of challenge prompts at least! :)

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