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message 1: by NN (new)

NN | 25 comments Mod
Post what you are doing for your five genres. Short and simple.

message 2: by Josalyn (new)

Josalyn Bennett | 10 comments 1. An incomplete puzzle with a sketch of my person’s face
2. Video interviews
3. A color coordinated/marked map
4. A recreation of one of the letters in an envelope marked with multiple stamps
5. Either a poem out of his letters or a narrative in the perspective of a victim

message 3: by Annam (new)

Annam Gunney | 6 comments My character is Louie Zamperini, an Olympic runner, Air Force Bombardier, and a former Prisoner of War.

For my first genre, I'm thinking of eating a pie.

No, seriously.

I'm going to eat a pie in front of the class to demonstrate to the class how it feels to be underprivileged like Louie as a child. I also want to eat pie.

For the next, I wanted to create a short video about running, and the different roles running played in Louie's life.

I also wanted to do something with the laser engraver, maybe an art piece depicting the crash of Louie's plane in the Pacific Ocean.

Maybe I'll do another short video or something that has do do with floating on a raft for what seems like eternity.

I could also write a dramatic essay about pain, since that's part of the life of both a runner and a prisoner of war.

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