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message 1: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
This will open in a few days for discussion. Thank You

message 2: by stephanie, MOD (last edited Dec 03, 2018 07:19AM) (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Hello Members, it has been another one of those months of turmoil. First I want to explain a few things before I open up this thread ( My Dead Blue Caterpillar, R.D.Murray). This message will be a long one, so bare with me. I received this title from another member who said that she has read this book, and was really good, so because I kind of go by what folks tell me, I grabbed the book ( thanks Ruth ) I read it and it was a great book, it really is, Then the issues started. Once again, another over-hyper person who took his book and messages to a whole different level. He came on here, and made his own thread and promoted his book. (Big Mistake) I sent him a message, he said he never got it ( first message Nov 14) and in that message I asked him a couple of questions, with no response. Then 3 days later, he posted his book on every freakin thread that we had in our group. He had his book everywhere, EVERYWHERE. So I sent him another message on Nov 17, and gotten no response, THEN, he started to message members here, many, and I do mean MANY, about his book, and purchasing his book, so I deleted him, then he messaged me, which I responded, and he claims he never received any of my messages. Folks, we know how the message system works here, so thats a bunch of banana's in the tail-pipe for me. I cannot twist people's arms to read the rules here. I give so many chances and ask folks to ask before they do, thats all, just ask. I have had about 76 folks who have messaged me about this person getting in contact with them about his book, I almost hit the floor. I just don't get it. (I really do). I don't know any groups that would allow anyone to be so disrespectful on what he did, and keep him in their group. To me it was like standing in a 30 minute long-ass line at Walmart, and someone just coming up with their cart in front of you without no care in the world. Its not about any bullying, or racist thing, because he sure threw that out there, its a RESPECT ( ARETHA) thing. Am I mad? No, not really, just puzzled on how folks just don't give a darn ( I didn't want to really say that word) So as we open up this thread today on the great read, I want you all to be patient and understand that HIS book will be talked about in this group like I promised, but I cannot allow someone like that in this group. Not like how he did it. Thank you for reading this, and if you have any question, please hit me up in a message, but like I said,,,THIS IS A GOOD READ......

message 3: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Now on with the alcoholic Karen, who I am not sure if she was a working alcoholic or a pass out alcoholic. Because she sure knows whats going on while she is driving and drinking, and is her alcohol really the issue on her hubby messing around? He didn't mess around on her because she was hitting the bottle, or did I miss something?

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments I am not going to comment on what he did but I am enjoying this book. I think I first heard of it through a post Ruth made (what are you reading) then Stephanie mentioning the book to being a read.

I did make a comment when I first started book that I knew Karen's husband until I got further in the book and I said nope, wrong person.

message 5: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 292 comments And this is also SICK CHICK MONTH here at the BOTM. Woo-hoo! Bananas in the Tailpipe! I'll be singing that song all day. So I got articles and a song for ya. Check it out:

Cheers and Happy Reading!

message 6: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 292 comments Ruth wrote: "Her drinking was a weird issue for me...."

Well it just didn't seem possible to pour down the JD like that and still function A-TALL. Long ago I did a quart of Jack in one night and let me tell ya . . .

Also, I felt a little weird reading this, since my middle name is Harold. Whaddaya gonna do?

message 7: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
I think the book would have been just as good without the alcohol, because if you think about it, did it really play a big part in the story?

message 8: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Sarmina (iwrite0530) | 320 comments I can tell you that there are those that self medicate with alcohol to try to cover up pain! I have had to deal with someone who did it constantly. It’s not a pretty site either!!

message 9: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Yes Ruth, so Ruth, let me ask you something, what did you think about the part where she passes out? Was that in pain, or anger on what she found out?

message 10: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Sarmina (iwrite0530) | 320 comments Ruth - I can see your point for sure. But there are those who are “functional alcoholics,” who can operate without anyone knowing they have an issue. There are quite a few that the alcohol triggers different personalities in them as well.

message 11: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Sarmina (iwrite0530) | 320 comments Now that I don’t understand because he is law enforcement - her driving should not have been allowed - unless he was a shady one and had an ulterior motive.

message 12: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Is she really gone??????, I would say not, remember, hospitals have all kinds of gadgets that can bring the dead back to life.(WOW)
But as far as the cop allowing her to drive, and sit on the porch and drink with her??? his job would have been history if this was real, or maybe it is real to some because we had a Chief Fireman a few years back who would go to his mistresses house on lunch hours and have his socks mend (if you know what I mean)

message 13: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Well Ruth, Karen could have lived as well, because there was a good/bad Karen, and sometimes people come through while laying on deaths door...

message 14: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 292 comments Very, very interesting comments, y'all. I'm still thinking about the bananas in the tailpipe. I'm going to check into that on the Internet.

message 16: by Jimmie (new)

Jimmie | 261 comments Great discussion going, team. You are all off to the races. I gave this book an extra star for mentioning one of my go to drinks, Johnnie Walker Black. I agree Karen was using alcohol to cope and it hit overdrive when Bad Karen took over. I see the passing out was more from mental and physical exhaustion than the alcohol consumption.

I mentioned in my review I felt the detective story broke the momentum of the book. But looking back after reading the book, it was more like an intermission in the book. Plus, it connected the detective to Karen.

message 17: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Yes R.D is reading the posts, and sending out messages to certain members, Sorry, but let me see what I can do on my end....

message 18: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 292 comments stephanie wrote: "Yes R.D is reading the posts, and sending out messages to certain members, Sorry, but let me see what I can do on my end...."

HAHAHAHA! It justs keeps getting better and better!

message 19: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
I don't know, heck Ruth, some women wouldn't mind their husbands to be gone for a few days. I know mines get on my nerves at times, but he wouldn't be in a situation like Harold. I would never stay or live in a place where my husband tells me not to go into a certain room because if he did, what do you think I would do once he leaves????? Yep, snoop...Yes Jim, Banana's in the tail-pipe is a BH(Eddie movie)..

message 20: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Ruth, let me tell ya. I passed out on a half bottle of wine cooler, I am no drinker, trust me. This happened in the late 80's, and it was in Vail on the watch out for movie stars. We were in a bar, and 1/2 bottle, and I was out like a light. When I got married, we had Apple Cider on the tables, but open bar. I just can't drink.

message 21: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
I am glad that Karen had no children, because they would be kept at home by themselves while she went on her Detective work looking for these women. But in reality, a few of them didn't even know he was married, so why kill them?.. We all have lots of stories that have came out about men who lie to get another woman....

message 22: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 292 comments Now you're talking about the therapist and the twin brother!! Like, oh yeah, gotta have a twin brother in the mix. Was there a dog in any of this, or did I miss it? Shoulda been a Rottie goin' after hubby! Whaddaya think? Chasin' hubby down the street. They'll put a good Rottie chase scene in the movie version. You watch!

message 23: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
No dog running down the street, and actually no animals in this book, try again....There were running women though....

message 24: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
So what was the real reason why Karen had no children? I don't know if this was brought up.

message 25: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Yes, he said no children, but what was the reason? Does anyone know?

message 26: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Yeah, so much for him, and Bad/Karen, because I would have approached half of this mess in a different way. Remember, just a couple of them didn't even know he was married, and that seems to be the pit-fall for married men who want a chick on the way-side. Or the man ends up killing the entire family just to be free. I am waiting to see a news story about a woman in reverse of this storyline.

message 27: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments Well it seems that the book is covered by these posts I don't have to finish the book now.

message 28: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Not everything Chris, not everything.....

message 29: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments While reading the book and the comments made so far and what the author keeps emailing me about. I have to say Karen is a total wimp. She is not a strong person, strong people rise above their difficulties just to prove to others that they can stand on their own 2 feet.

message 30: by Jimmie (new)

Jimmie | 261 comments Chris, great observation on people overcoming their life situations and persevering. That is what I like bout this book. When you get knocked down, pick yourself back up and push forward.

message 31: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments Ruth wrote: "Absolutely. I went from detesting Karen—-all of them, until she broke into her inner strength and kicked some butt. Sandra Bullock style!"

Okay I am 67% done with the book and I still think she's a wimp and Schizo but more of a wimp than anything. I took the alcohol out of the story completely to me it's just dressing for the story. I am at the part that the detective is at her home for 2nd time. Now I feel sorry for him but who the hell knows we'll see what happens. There is good and bad Karen which means there is just one Karen in her head.

message 32: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments Finished the book and all I can say is hmmmm. Karen pegged Harold right that dude was really sick. Took me a while for the package she received at the hotel to click for me though.

message 33: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
When that box came, I thought of a movie with a horse's head in the bed......

message 34: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Heck Ruth, she didn't care,,,Once you get caught, who cares right? That politician had alot of nerve trying to get smart mouth with Karen, while sleeping with MY man....Oh, she would have been B..ched ( fill in the dots ) slapped quick,,,but again, I believe there was maybe 2 that really didn't know Harold was married? I would have spared their lives.....Remember Ruth, not all men tell the truth...When I was reading this book, I was also watching the outcome of the Watts case here, and I must have changed 6 shades of colors while watching and reading....

message 35: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
None,,,,So you read the story...haha...She was on her way to kill folks,,I think the best part of the story is when she handed a check to someone who was pregnant..remember?

message 36: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Some women want that 15 minutes of fame. Yes he is getting tons of mail, and 80% of the mail is from women who want to be with him. Now I remember a situation like that where we were screening mail from a murderer, and some even send undies, trust me Ruth, I have seen it all.....

message 37: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
No, Believeable!!!!!!...its not like there are any men out there with no track record, and yet they want the "BAD BOY" guy. Now remember, there has been tons of folks married to bad guys, and even knowing they are doing wrong, BUT won't turn them in...At the end of this book, I truly believe that Karen is alive....

message 38: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
I believe that there is another book awaiting...

message 39: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Oh.. Well Ruth, gotta hit the store to get some ink cartridges and rice paper,,see you in a bit

message 40: by Jim (last edited Dec 05, 2018 02:48PM) (new)

Jim Crocker | 292 comments Okay, I'll take a chance and venture out on thin ice here. I had a good friend (passed away) who attracted women like a magnet. Even when they didn't know anything about him, like his history as a Special Operator, etc. He was a AAA personality and a formatable fellow, physically powerful. I could see the way women would stare at him. He was oblivious to all this and a solid married guy who didn't stray. So from the start his personality and size seemed to attract. Then when any of his background came out, they were nearly outta control. He just thought they were teasing him. Maybe he really knew, I dunno. He never let on to me like he did.

This prompts me to try and write a book called Law of Attraction, but I'm not sure where to start or how to set it up. Any ideas out there?

message 41: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Sarmina (iwrite0530) | 320 comments Jim - there are already books written on Law of Attraction. You should probably change the title. Maybe you should start with his background and his physical attributes- personally- and then go from there. What you witnessed as his friend... what do you think??

message 42: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Jim, when you made this statement: his personality and size seemed to attract...Just what size to what are you talking about Jim?,, and remember, your walking on a thin ice here buddy!!!

message 43: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Sarmina (iwrite0530) | 320 comments It’s funny that there are some men, who are so humble that they don’t even realize they hv an affect on women. That in and of itself can be a real turn-on for some women. They consider it a challenge.

message 44: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 292 comments Well, whaddaya think, Stephanie? How 'bout 5'10" and 275 lbs? OY! Ya can't win for tryin' heah>

message 45: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
I was thinking of the shoe size Ruth...(haha)

message 46: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments Harold was a piece of work. He lived all his fantasies and Karen was his cover. Really would like to know more about him since what in the book he had several siblings that were coming out of the woodwork. Guess book 2 will explain everything but just thinking of Harold surviving.....

message 47: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Your right Chris, we really didn't know a lot about Harold, I mean he had money and he had siblings way down the road, and was sleeping with one of them, and then he had lots of $$$$$$.

message 48: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments It really funny we never find out how much money Harold had, how he got it (even though we have an idea) . How he hooked up with the mayor of NY and the rest. Like where he came from. More questions about Harold than Karen.

message 49: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 1289 comments Mod
Yep. I thought he was selling little girls and that was his base of loot came from....Because as soon as I read Little Girls, I automatically thought of trafficking,,,,

message 50: by Chris (new)

Chris | 642 comments I thought the same as you did Stephanie but Harold was into more than just trafficking. I still want to know who much he had because there were a few ppl that wanted him dead just of for his money.

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