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Most efficient ways to pick up a Finnish girl
Ramona Ramona (last edited Nov 26, 2018 07:02AM ) Nov 26, 2018 06:58AM
A Finnish girl by your side can keep you warm during those frosty Finnish nights. But how to make her hot and excited enough? Not easy if you don’t know some tricks and tips! Find them below.

If you ever visited Finland, you already know that Finnish women are rather your cool buddies than super-feminine dolls. Their appearance and their lifestyle are the purest expression of total freedom. Finland is definitely the country of equality and you can see that literally in everything. Yes, Finnish girls can even look very boyish if they prefer so, or change the color of their hair every week. They are very far from the patriarchal model of the relationship.

It’s good and at the same time bad for you. It’s good because they are extremely open-minded and welcome any adventures including spontaneous sex with a stranger. They will listen and understand you just like your best friends do and they are going to pay the bill when needed. On another side, they won’t give you the desired tenderness and softness or let’s say Oriental sensuality. It’s simply not in their genes. Also, they are way too independent for staying with you any longer if they don’t want. It makes no sense to “win their heart” or to follow them everywhere being insistent. Their “no” means no! Although all other women’s “no” usually means “maybe”.

Now when you are already prepared to her character, let’s see how you can interest them and get acquainted with a further perspective. Be like them! I.e. – be friendly, attentive, fun, understanding, easy-going, straight-forward, and strong. She will rather be your friend with benefits than your obedient lover, but at the same time, they have enough confidence and self-respect not to fight with you when they learn about other objects of your day game. Although they might become colder towards you as they know their own worth and like to feel special. If you still want to communicate, they will overcome that though and remain great friends to you.

Most probably, you have already heard of the popularity of vodka and other strong alcohol drinks in Finland. But don’t try to make Finnish women drunk and use their condition: we bet they are better at drinking than you. Leave those ideas and be mature in this partnership, even if it’s just a short affair: this way you will gain much more. You will be fully rewarded if you’re always polite. Don’t take an advantage of her even – and especially! – during the intimacy.

What are the best topics to discuss with a Finnish girl? She’s your buddy, we told you. So discuss politics, football, sex, social programs, prestigious brands. Follow her mood. Sometimes she can take the initiative and literally invite you to bed. At other times, she wants your initiative and nice steps such as the flowers and a spontaneous kiss. It never hurts to be a good psychologist, especially with women. Practice this skill with Finnish women too as they are so cool and many-sided.

What else should you know about their mentality? They like to make pauses while talking. It’s just their way to relax or to re-think some professional issues. Did we already mention that Finnish women are often very successful at work? After some minutes they return to your conversation. Such pauses don’t mean they are not interested. Just accept that habit.

If she’s asking you some question, be sure that she wants an honest answer. Finnish girls hate lies. If they discover you lied to them, you will be out of their contact list – and their trust list too. However, you shouldn’t be too frank all the time. They prefer to keep it light and relaxing.

When you’re with a Finnish woman, you avoid so many problems and complications. She won’t fool you for money; she won’t play drama on every step; she won’t be late because of putting tons of make-up or choosing the most glamorous item from her wardrobe. She makes your life simpler without losing its brightness. She knows so many things about her country and can be your guide. She has a very good income and can be your independent travel companion. She isn’t fixed on getting married and making babies. She has a healthy mind, logical and fair, and never pressures you because of uncontrolled hormones and emotions. A very rare type of woman!

You better appreciate her and derive the maximum benefit for both of you. Good luck!

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