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((Another rp...))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) The otters of Nort decided to pay a visit to redwall.

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Bree was strolling through Mossflower wood.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Queen Woca of Nort Had been wanting to visit redwall a long time ago, and finally decided that she would just go already today."I don't see why we have to go and visit those old fools!" Glor complained. He was rapped sharply on the ear by one of the old otterfolk. "They arn't fools; thier kind hearted beasts. Remember that or instead I'll take your whole ear off!"

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Bree found herself by a stream. She sat down and put her paws in to cool.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Felix the mysterious black otter materialized in front of Queen Woca. "There's a band of vermin ahead, O Queen," Smoke joined her brother at the Queen's other side."There are 7 of the beasts," Queen Woca called over Beechr. "Rally 5 otters, be quick about it, I want to make it to redwall by tommoro's eve."

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((bree could be prisoner of the vermin and the otters rescue her))

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Bree dozzed off in the warm sunlight.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Beechr Chose River, Reed, Streamlight, Selena, and flo for the tiny army

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) "Why cant I go?" whined Glor. "Because," said tho old otterfolk,"You get to caught up in battle. Now stay here and help Heevoa cook lunch!"

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) The otter patrol swiftly folled Smoke deeper into the forest.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((gtg more tomorrow!))

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Haaken was sitting enjoying the sunlight when he saw a band of vermin. He grimaced inwardly... they looked like they were up to no good.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((back then gtg))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((back then gtg))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((uggg, i HATE IT when that happens!))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((uggg, i HATE IT when that happens!))


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((When what happens? I am confused...))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((Ok, since you said its ok im gonna makr bree be already be cptured))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((Ok, since you said its ok im gonna makr bree be already be cptured))

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((That's cool with me... Why are you posting everything twice?))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((THATS WHAT I HATE HAPPENS!!!!!!!))

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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) The otters surronded the vermin band, that was made up mostly of ferrets, weasels, and rats. Their leader, Goodslayer the Rat, was bossing around some of the ferrets in the small camp. "This fish is the worst I ever tasted!" He yelled at Blacktooth.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) "Well, boss, it aint or fault, Longbranches patrol caught et,"The Otter patrol raised bows and slings, ready to fire on command. Beechr strided slowly on to the vermin camp.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((ok thats fine w/ me))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) All was silent in the camp. Who dared to walk into the middle of a vermin band? There were a few moments of silence as Beechr swiftly walked to where the captives were held."Hmm, a bit scrwany, if I do say so myself," He said loudly. Then the vermin group regained their senses." Whatr you doin in our camp?" Goodslayer snarled at Beechr.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Beechr wacked Goodslayer on the paw with his sling."Owow, me butiful paw, wot have yew done that foor?" he whined."That's for not being nice to a guest.I do say, you need some proper manners." Beechr blinked solemly at the vermin.Longbranch gave out orders to surrond the otter and the prisoners.Blacktooth drew his short sword at the brawny otter.He reapeted Goodslayers question."Yew haven't answerd the question, an' yew know what wes do to otters whu don't obey?" He raised his sword."We kills them!" Just as he brought his sword down, it was wacked out of his paw by a sling stone, then anotherone to the jaw, and he was unconcious.The other vermin had similar fates.

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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Beechr and River helped free the slaves."Burr, hello koind zurrs, oim called Mooky an' oi thankee you foir rescuing oi,"said a furry mole tied up.

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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) The other prisoners, a black squirrel and a mouse, were unconcious. They were taken back to camp by Streamlight and Selena, along with Mooky the Mole. River, Reed, Smoke, and Flow stayed with Beechr as he ectracted the weapos from the vermin. He put the daggers and swords in one pile, then the bows and armor in another pile. Then they tied the weaponless band onto a ash trunk, then gagged and blindfolded them. Then the piles were bond together by a binding made out of the vermins slings.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) When the otters went back to camp, they were greeted by a hearty meal of hotroot and shrimp soup. Sezior the healer treated the otter patrol's wounds with a mixture of dock leaves and lavender. There were no serious wounds, but Selena and Beechr had a few cuts.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE HERE!??!?!?!?!))

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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Queen Woca made her otters travel till sunset, and they made camp in a clearing next to a stream."I wanna go inna 'vater!" Bubbles the otterkitt cried."H'I wanna go h'too," seconded Slidy, Bubbles sister.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Heevoa shushed them a rounded them in to a makeshift lean-to.Jakeo led a foraging patrol for extra supplies.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Sezior and Lena tended to the wounds of Bree and Marcie.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) ((HINT,HINT!))

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Bree had regained consciousness to fine herself not in the vermin camp but in the company of a holt of otters. She had taken a bit of a beating and was being tended to. "Thank's for the help back there." She winced as they hit a sore spot.

Haaken had witnessed the distruction of the vermin band and was following the otters quietly.

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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) "No problem," replied Lena gently. She continued tending to Marcie, who was unconcios.

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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Deep into the forest, the vermin band had cut through the ropes that were once around them.Goodslayer the Moody had succesfully managed to get his blind fold off, and was stubling down to a stream. When he was scooping water into his mouth, his paw caught on something sharp.His Whip! Goodslayer smiled evily. He would get revenge on those stinkin' otters. Nobody pushed around Goodslayer the Moody and got away with it,no. He would kill them slowly, especially that big brawny otter who had whipped his paw. He would tourture him, stretch out his life, until he begged for death."When my band has healed," he thought to himself,"I will seek out that gypsie fox, she will tell me what to do. Yes, I will go and see her. She has never failed me."

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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Even deeper into the forest still,a she fox was consulting the great god, Dezexx, ruler of Evil."Go to Goodslayer and you will get your revenge on those otters," He told her."Go to them, to prove you are still loyal to me. I will help you raise an army, and you must appoint Goodslayer captain of that army. He will lead you to revenge."the fox bowed bowed her head to the night."Your word is my command, O ruler of Evil. I will do as you say." A dangerous glint enterd her eyes. She would get revenge, for she was Arukaka Moor, the Tailess Fox!

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Marcie is STILL unconcios.((!!!!!!))

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Marcie snored in her unconciousness.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) Marcie started sucking her thumb/paw? in unconciousness.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) We think Marcie is dead.:(

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) "We are the otters of Nort," said Sezior.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) "We are tending to the wounds that you sufferd from a band of vermin."

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Bree smiled at the scared mouse beside her. "We're in good hands, don't fret." She turned to and otter near her. "Didn't happen upon a bow and quiver by any chance did ya'?"

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Akkira was in one of Redwall's many gardens, trying a few passes with Martin's sword. She loved the feel of it in her paw and was saddened that Abbot Loktok might make her leave it behind when she ventured far from Redwall again. Forlont the hare practived with a stave beside her.

******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) "Sure," said Gatroy, hading her a longbow made of yew, and a quiver full of red fledged feathers.

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