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Chuck Palahniuk

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message 1: by Chris (last edited Aug 19, 2009 12:15PM) (new)

Chris Bowsman Since there are some Chuck Palahniuk fans here, I have a question to pose:

What is it that you like about his writing?

I read Invisible Monsters a long time ago, and enjoyed it. Tried Fight Club next, it was good, but not as good. Lullaby next, and hated it. A lot. Tried another one (can't remember title) with the main character eating sugar pills out of fake prescription bottles, then quit reading during that part.

Skip ahead maybe 3-4 years, and I picked up Choke at the library last week, and I quit after 50 pages.

So please, somebody tell me what I'm missing.

message 2: by S.G. (new)

S.G. (sgbrowne) | 12 comments Mod
I enjoy Palahniuk's voice, style, and prose - the way he uses dark humor and unusual premises to satirize pop culture, celebrity, etc. I also enjoy how he frames many of his stories by beginning at the end and then recounting the events up to that point (FIGHT CLUB, SURVIVOR, INVISIBLE MONSTERS).

However, while I enjoyed RANT and SNUFF and thought some of the chapters in HAUNTED were the best short stories I'd read in a while, I'd have to say that, for me, his earlier novels were his best.

Palahniuk isn't for everyone, so I wouldn't say you're missing anything. The thing about writing, like any art, is that it's appreciation is subjective. If everyone liked the same writers, then it wouldn't make us have to think about why we like to read them. Or why we don't.

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