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Dapplenose | 135 comments Mod
1) No cussing in ANY form.
2) No killing or seriously injuring anyone else's character.
3) When not in roleplay, use (( )).
4) To have a rank of important position, you have to be active. You can only have two or three impostant ranks, and they have to be in separate clans.
5) Please no warrior names that are "out there" like Rocketleap or Cupcakeheart.
6) Adoptables and advertizements must go in the advertizements topic, or they will be deleted.
7) The roleplay takes place at the forest, before the Clans.
8) Your cat can't be invincible and no ignoring "the tiny bite or scratch".
10) Don't bend the rp your own way or make your cat know something it shouldn't just because you can read the comments. Your cat can't know or notice anything it shouldn't.
11) Try to not chat in RP or Characters. If you do, it will be deleted later.
12) Use correct gramar, spelling, puntuation, and capitolization. If it's not perfect, that's okay, but please try.

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Dapplenose | 135 comments Mod
Before the Clans. It would be a little tricky to RP after the clans but before the lake, don't you think?

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