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1. Evie’s life is impacted by many circumstances from her childhood besides the communal group she met when she was 14. Can you identify some of them based on her thoughts and actions in the book?

2. What Evie experiences after her separation from Connie is a life changing experience in itself for her. In one scene of the book, she describes drinking martinis and vomiting to try and rid herself of the loneliness she feels. Discuss any memories of adolescence you can remember and the vulnerability you may have felt.

3. Evie pities her mother. Even as a young girl, she has some understanding of the humiliation her mother endured from her father. How do you think this may have colored her perception of what love is?

4. Discuss Evie’s relationship to her father. Do you know any men who are similar in their parenting style (i.e., avoidance of parenting).

5. Why do you think Evie is so drawn to Suzanne?

6.) The book is an obvious reference to Charles Manson and his followers. Why do you think some people are attracted to a man like Russell to the point where they would do anything for him?

7. Do you think there is any hope for Evie after reading the book? How could she find happiness in her life?

8.) Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not?

(Questions from Mary Lou Kolowitz, Haverford Library.)

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