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My pen name is Author C. T. Raye and I published my first book 'Spud' in June and was really excited with the success. It is a short story that has landed me all over the top spots for free ebooks on my genre) it was first book and everyone has asked me when is next book going to be released and it is set to be released September 1st and I am awaiting to see if the success is going to be equal. I am in my ninety days free on So, go ahead and download it and tell me what you think.


Tom was just a normal kid who had a dog that was normal.He could chase a bull into a chicken coop and make him bellow. He wasn't scared of anything and had a strong dislike for rabbits. Whoever thought this dog would lead him on a chase across a field running from a scene that was sure to get him in trouble. With Tom crying, because he was laughing so hard. Who never knew that Tom would one day slip and fall. That no-one would be around to catch him, that he would be alone, with no-one around. That he would be drug through the woods, and awake just to find out that it was dark and that he was alone and hurt. Read and find out about Spud.


Why is Tom’s dad left sitting in a fresh pile of manure covered in milk thanks to a crack of thunder? Join Tom and Spud as they wait through a tornado in a small cellar. Follow Spud as he chases a mouse through the cellar that leaves them in the dark and Tom’s dad unconscious on the floor. Find out how they make it out of this tornado alive and the sticky situation that Spud and Tom get into while
they are looking over the damage at the house. It is a story that is sure to leave you wondering how a boy and his dog could get into so much trouble.

Thanks for the support.

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Robert Noyola | 2 comments I am an novelist from Port Arthur, Texas.

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Robert Noyola | 2 comments I write mystery novels about smuggling across the Mexican border. Amazon and

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Shelly Lee (MissShellyLee2016) | 1 comments I am new to the group. I just wanted to share my new book God Spoke and I Listened by Shelly Lee. Check it out and be blessed.

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