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U.S. expected, "Kang Jung-ho, $1 to $2 million in guarantee"

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Kurdap072 [OSEN = Kim Tae-woo] The contract between Kang Jung-ho (31) and Pittsburgh has ended for now. Pittsburgh wants Kang, but it is still unknown how much he will offer.

Kang signed a 4+1 year contract with Pittsburgh when he joined the Major League in 2015. The deal is guaranteed by 2018 and by 2019, the club has an option of $5.5 million. If you give up this option, you can give a $250,000 buyout.

Pittsburgh needs Kang Jung-ho. There 토토
are not many players with long batting skills in the team's infield. Kang, who has already given enough strength to the MLB, is a relatively safe asset if he finds a real sense of play. But a two-year hiatus cannot be ignored. Also, Pittsburgh is not a club that can afford to play. Currently, their annual salary is less than $90 million. This is why the exercise of options has to be prudent.

Local media generally believe that Pittsburgh will not exercise its options. Instead, it is expected to find a compromise. He will sign a new contract with Kang, who will be a member of the FA after signing off on a bi-out basis. "We can sign a contract that includes Infra."(

Instead of reducing the guaranteed salary, they are offering more than $5.5 million in total, including incentives. In this case, Pittsburgh can reduce risk, and Kang is financially motivated.

But it is also a problem if there is a team that offers better conditions than Pittsburgh. Kang Jung-ho is known to have affection for Pittsburgh, but the business world is cool. Kang replaced his agency before the new contract. Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said, "He will meet Kang's agent." It seems that a compromise will come and go. Pittsburgh said it would decide whether to exercise options of Kang Jung-ho and Josh Harrison after the World Series.

The U.S. media is also not expecting an exact amount. However, Rob Beistempell, a veteran reporter at the Pittsburgh Pirates, wrote in his article, "If you don't kill your options, Kang becomes a FA. Pittsburgh can offer him a low-level guarantee. "It will be between $1 and $2 million."

What is certain is that Pittsburgh is interested in Kang. It is only a matter of the amount. Bittertempell quoted a team official as saying that Kang will participate in the Dominican Winter League and prepare for the 2019 season. This suggests that Pittsburgh has already included Kang in its plan next year.

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