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Tolliver and Harper

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Lillie I'm so, so worried something terrible is going to happen to Tolliver and Harper's relationship in this book. Knowing Harris' writing, I have this feeling one of them...will...
Oh, it's too awful. I can't think about it.

Any ideas, or knowledge, as to what's going to happen??? And does anybody know if this is gonna be a continuing series, or is :'(

Grace I just finished book 3 and I think Haper is going to be pregnant in book 4....because as she was running from the 'bad' guy in the end she was throwing up and reflected on how she had also gotten sick the day she first found the bodies. Morning sickness anyone? And, it would be too soon to be Tolliver's.
It would be the cop's baby (from the first book.)

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Lillie Hollis? Oh,'re more observant than I was, and I've read the series twice. Never noticed that.

I hope not....

Sharon There won't be other books of Tolliver and Harper. Harris has decided to end the series. I think, it's so sad. I loved these charactors better than her vampire series.

Claire Mann I loved these books, but I don't think she could take them much further. Love the charactors and relationship. A very good author indeed.

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Jan I have to agree with Sharon -- I enjoyed this short series more than Sookie Stackhouse - the characters were delightful and the wry wit was right up my alley.

Alice CH website says no more Harper. Loved the series..really different. The wry and dry was right up my alley also.

LaTaeya Lane I read this series, and I have to admit that it was very good. Not better than the Sookie books, but better than the Shakespeare's Landlord novels. I still can't believe that Harper and Tolliver became lovers and got married. That is crazy, they are relitives by marriage, which still is viewed as incest(For Me). By the latter part of book one, I knew that was where charline was going. For some reason I was not feeling that part, then as I got to know the characters better I had a better understanding of their strange relationship. I still have mixed feeling about the two of them but I would read the book if Charline decided to write another one. Smile..

Sharon Lataeya, I had the same feelings at first about their growing up together in the same home as brother and sister. I got used to it but didn't accept it very easily...I don't know if I've accepted it yet! I would read the next book if Ms Harris were to continue their story. Smiling back...

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