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Play With Fire (Kate Shugak, #5)
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Manda (BookWenchManda) | 1893 comments Play With Fire
Play With Fire (Kate Shugak, #5) by Dana Stabenow

GR summary:
Formerly the star investigator in the Anchorage D.A's office, Kate Shugak now tracks down criminals from her Aleut homestead. But she and her wolf-dog Mutt are taking a June break to pick wild morel mushrooms among the charred trees left by a devastating forest fire. In the ashes Kate also uncovers the mysterious corpse of a naked man. And when she is "hired" by a ten-year-old to locate his missing dad, she fears she has already found him. The reason how and why he died, however, is buried deeper than his body. Finding it will lead Kate to the remains of a woolly mammoth in a Fairbanks museum, back to her old lover Jack Morgan, and far afield to an isolated settlement of religious fundamentalists ... as she follows a twisted road toward a smoldering evil and the flash point for a macabre murder. The fifth Kate Shugak mystery, Play With Fire contains all of Stabenow's hallmarks of ingenious plotting and vivid characterizations. Best of all, it is again set in magnificently austere, endlessly fascinating Alaska, which comes to life through the authentic details only a true insider can provide.

I read this for my 2018 Topic Discard Challenge, set in a snowy or winter environment (Alaska). This was another great book in the Kate Shugak series, but was a little weirder than the first 4; the story just didn't seem as clear. I enjoyed it nonetheless, and like Kate's wit and determination.


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