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The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy
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THE QUEEN'S INVISIBLE RICHES > How much is Queen Elizabeth II worth??

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James Morcan | 10599 comments Excerpt from The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy:

"Despite the absence of Queen Elizabeth II’s name in annual Forbes Rich Lists, everyone in the room was aware the Queen was one of the wealthiest people in the world, if not the wealthiest. However, hers and the House of Windsor’s assets and income were mostly non-declared." –The Orphan Factory

In December 2013, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, better known as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, made world headlines over a trivial incident at London’s Buckingham Palace. It was reported the Queen was irate over policemen deployed to the palace who repeatedly helped themselves to nuts meant for guests.

Newspapers around the world ran headlines such as: “Queen not so nuts about ‘snacking’ policemen” and “Britain’s Queen Elizabeth goes nuts over nibbles at Buckingham Palace”.

Such headlines are typical portrayals of Her Majesty, implying she’s an eccentric old lady and some relic of another era. She is regularly presented as being nothing more than a symbolic figurehead who, apart from attending functions when duty calls, does little but walk her corgis and sip tea all day.

It’s also a commonly held belief that the Queen’s House of Windsor clan is a Royal Family in decline, desperately clinging to the past.

This concept would have been further solidified no doubt by an Agencies report dated January 29, 2014, advising that “the Queen’s household finances are at a ‘historic low’ with just 1 million pounds sterling in reserve, with courtiers advised to take money-saving tips from the Treasury”.

The same report advises that “the parliamentary public accounts committee found the Queen’s advisers were failing to control her finances while her palaces were crumbling”.

However, there is another take on this iconic lady who is one of history’s longest reigning monarchs. This alternative viewpoint suggests the public have been deceived into believing the Queen is just a vestige of the once powerful British Empire and no longer has any real authority.

According to this conspiracy theory,the Windsors have not yet passed their peak. On the contrary, they are richer and more powerful than ever. The only difference is they now reign, not rule. But that’s merely semantics, these conspiracy theorists argue, for the Queen actually makes a myriad of executive decisions and freely operates above presidents and prime ministers.

"Contrary to the myth that the British Royals were no longer all-powerful, it was common knowledge within Omega and other organizations in the know that they remained one of the most dominant forces on the planet. The Royals were totally comfortable with the mass populace believing they’d passed their heyday. That belief allowed them to control things behind the scenes with effortless ease. And control they did, in every way imaginable." –The Orphan Factory

The Orphan Conspiracies 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy by James Morcan

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Lance Morcan | 2576 comments Some key discussion threads in this section:

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James Morcan | 10599 comments What are The Queen’s powers? http://royalcentral.co.uk/blogs/insig...

Summoning/Proroguing Parliament – The Queen has the power to prorogue (suspend) and to summon (call back) Parliament – prorogation typically happens at the end of a parliamentary session, and the summoning occurs shortly after, when The Queen attends the State Opening of Parliament.

Royal Assent – It is The Queen’s right and responsibility to grant assent to bills from Parliament, signing them into law. Whilst, in theory, she could decide to refuse assent, the last Monarch to do this was Queen Anne in 1708.

Secondary Legislation – The Queen can create Orders-in-Council and Letters Patent, that regulate parts to do with the Crown, such as precedence, titles. Orders in Council are often used by Ministers nowadays to bring Acts of Parliament into law.

Appoint/Remove Ministers – Her Majesty also has the power to appoint and remove Ministers of the Crown.

Appointing the Prime Minister – The Queen is responsible for appointing the Prime Minister after a general election or a resignation, in a General Election The Queen will appoint the candidate who is likely to have the most support of the House of Commons. In the event of a resignation, The Queen listens to advice on who should be appointed as their successor.

Declaration of War – The Sovereign retains the power to declare war against other nations, though in practice this is done by the Prime Minister and Parliament of the day.

Freedom From Prosecution – Under British law, The Queen is above the law and cannot be prosecuted – she is also free from civil action.

Royal Pardon – The Royal Pardon was originally used to retract death sentences against those wrongly convicted. It is now used to correct errors in sentencing and was recently used to give a posthumous pardon to WW2 codebreaker, Alan Turing.

The Queen’s powers in the Armed Forces are usually used on the advice of Generals and Parliament though some functions are retained by The Queen herself nowadays.

Commander-in-Chief – The Queen is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and all members swear an oath of allegiance to The Queen when they join; they are Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Commissioning of Officers – The Queen’s powers include the commissioning of officers into the Armed Forces and also removing commissions (when members of the Armed Forces salute and officers, they are saluting The Queen’s commission).

Disposition of the Forces – The organisation and disposition of the Armed Forces are part of the Royal Prerogative; the crown technically controls how the Armed Forces are used.

One of the main prerogative powers that are still used personally by The Queen these days is the power to grant honours. As all honours derive from the Crown, The Queen has the final say on knighthoods, peerages and the like.

Creation of Peerages – The Queen may create a peerage for any person – whether a life peerage or hereditary one, though hereditary peerages haven’t been issued for decades outside of the Royal Family.

Font of Honour – It is The Queen’s prerogative power to create orders of knighthood and to grant any citizen honours. From the Royal Victorian Order to the Order of the Garter.

Other powers Her Majesty holds include:

Control of Passports – The issuing and withdrawal of passports are within the Royal Prerogative – this is often used by ministers on behalf of The Queen. All British passports are issued in The Queen’s name.

Requisitioning of Ships – This power allows a ship to be commandeered in Her Majesty’s name for service to the realm. This power was used on the QE2 to take troops to the Falklands after the Argentine invasion in 1982.

Here's another article on same subject that breaks down the Queen's powers in more detail...Some of it is quite astonishing...

The Queen owns every dolphin in Britain, and other incredible powers you didn't know she had http://www.businessinsider.com.au/wei...

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James Morcan | 10599 comments Weird scenes inside the royal goldmine...

The Royal Family is up to more than you think. Sex-scandals, Diana-murder, hidden past and more! Where does there money come from? Who really makes the family rules? http://alternative-news-network.net/t...

Queen at centre of royal storm as Prince of Wales and brother Andrew in royal conflict http://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/7...

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Lance Morcan | 2576 comments ‘Paradise Papers’ embarrass US trade chief, Queen Elizabeth, and counting https://www.euractiv.com/section/econ...

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