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James Morcan | 7747 comments Excerpt from The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy:

Near the Arctic Circle, 200 miles north-east of Alaska’s capital Anchorage, exists the site for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – better known by its acronym, HAARP.

This controversial ionospheric research program, which officially speaking is not an intelligence or military program, has been shrouded in mystery since its inception. Little wonder HAARP has been the subject of ongoing heated debate in both mainstream and alternative media outlets.

Managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research, the program also receives scientific input from renowned academic learning institutions such as Stanford, MIT and UCLA.According to the US Government, HAARP is nothing but a field of antennae in remote Alaska constructed to improve telephone communications and monitor the ionosphere. Supposedly it’s just a little research project, yet it has cost American taxpayers over a quarter of a billion dollars and counting. But hey, who’s counting?

The fact that HAARP is being so heavily sponsored by the likes of the US Department of Defense, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the US Navy and Air Force, does not seem to reflect the Pentagon’s line that it’s a research program and nothing more. And why are many of America’s top scientists and engineers also involved?

Critics of HAARP include Native Americans, Alaskan residents and neighboring Canadians, environmentalists, a small, but vocal group of scientists and engineers, and naturally, conspiracy buffs. The latter theorize HAARP is everything from a weather manipulation device to a broadcaster of mind-control frequencies to a weapon of mass destruction capable of creating hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Nobody seems to know for sure. What else is new in this book?

Is there any truth behind all the wild theories surrounding HAARP? To find out, you probably need to consider the past – and as we previously warned, all roads in the world of suppressed science lead back to Nikola Tesla.

The Alaskan site certainly has shades of Tesla’s early 20th Century Wardenclyffe facility in New York State. And that’s not where the connections to the Electric Magician end. Many say HAARP is a continuation of Tesla’s technologies and discoveries. After all, HAARP’s official purpose is to study the ionosphere, and nobody studied the ionosphere more than Tesla did.

As mentioned earlier, Tesla’s Death Ray invention was referenced in a weapon patent taken out by Dr. Bernard Eastlund (1938-2007). The Texan physicist took out three US patents many believe were used to construct HAARP.

Even though the US Government denies any connection, numerous researchers concur that the Texan physicist’s designs were nearly identical to the Alaskan facility. In particular US Patent #4,686,605. In this patent, Eastlund describes a weapon that could alter the ionosphere, transmit electromagnetic radiation, modify the weather, knock out power grids, bring down airplanes and eavesdrop on, or destroy, communications of foreign enemies.

In what may be the smoking gun, the US patent for Eastlund’s invention is now owned by ARCO Power Technologies Inc., which is a sub-company of ARCO-Atlantic Richfield, a defense company hired by the Pentagon to build HAARP.

Admittedly, that’s all circumstantial evidence and it could be entirely coincidental. Then again, HAARP has almost as many coincidences flying around it as does the theory that Oswald alone killed JFK, which by the way does anyone still actually believe? Either HAARP naturally attracts controversy, or there’s a monumental cover-up going on as to the true nature of this ‘ionospheric research program’.

Manipulating the weather sounds a bit far out, doesn’t it? But consider that weather modification technologies were officially banned by the United Nations in the 1970’s. For the UN to go to that trouble four decades ago, you could reasonably assume the concept of inflicting category five hurricanes or famines on enemies by altering the weather was close to becoming a scientific possibility. Or, who knows, maybe such technologies already secretly existed.

An intriguing 1996 US Air Force paper titled Weather as a Force Mutliplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 detailed the military’s attempts to turn the weather into a weapon by learning how to control it. Another document, delivered at the 1997 Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, stated that “The effects of HAARP on the weather are completely unknown”. It went on to make the point that “heating the jet stream over Alaska could have profound results on the weather in Denver or Miami”.

A year later, in 1998, the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Relations, Security and Defence Policy demanded an independent tribunal investigate the “legal, ecological and ethical implications” of the “global concern” that is HAARP. The US didn’t play ball and no such investigation ever eventuated.

According to some, HAARP can cause blackouts of entire regions. The technology was believed to be responsible for the extensive power cuts that hit US states and Canadian provinces in August 2003, leaving around 50 million people without power in major cities including New York, Toronto, Ottawa and Detroit. Adding substance to this theory is the University of Tokyo’s recording of a HAARP test-firing only 11 minutes before the blackout occurred.

If theorists are to be believed, HAARP’s bad karma gets worse. A lot worse.

Theories abound surrounding HAARP’s possible responsibility for Hurricane Katrina’s assault on New Orleans in 2005. On one conspiracy theory website, abovetopsecret.com, there was a chart illustrating extreme and supposedly unnatural fluctuations in the Earth’s atmosphere during the days of August 24 and 25, which was precisely when Katrina was forming. Above Top Secret forum members claimed such fluctuations could only be caused by HAARP.

Other disasters that theorists have blamed on HAARP include the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the Pakistan floods of the same year, the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and the ensuing Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines in 2013.

If HAARP is behind any of these catastrophes then the aforementioned Splinter Civilization has a massive amount of blood on its hands. The combined death toll of all these events is in the millions and many, many more were left injured or homeless.

Counting against this mega conspiracy theory, however, is the fact that HAARP is relatively transparent. Its program is unclassified, documents relating to its environmental impact are in the public domain and it has an open day for the general public twice a year. Hell, you can even call the facility at Gakona, Alaska, and what’s more somebody will answer your call! In case you’ve gotten a sudden case of HAARPitis, here’s their phone number: (907) 822 5497 .

Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: HAARP ain’t the little high school science experiment the US Government would have the world believe it is.

The Orphan Conspiracies 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy by James Morcan

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Lance Morcan | 1985 comments I think I recently read somewhere that the University of Tokyo's HAARP monitoring device has recorded HAARP test-firings before more catastrophic events than just the 2003 power cuts in the US and Canada...

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James Morcan | 7747 comments Wesley wrote: "EISCAT, short for the European Incoherent Scatter facility, is located at Ramfjord, about 20 Kilometers South of Tromsø in Norway where the 'Norway Spiral' or the 'Blue Spiral' was seen back in December 2009. ..."

I remember that weird spiral...None of the official explanations added up in my mind.

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James Morcan | 7747 comments Wesley wrote: "There have been similar spirals spotted in the Middle East, China and Australia.



Thanks Wesley.
These spirals are really weird.

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James Morcan | 7747 comments Another thought-provoking article by journo/independent researcher Joachim Hagopian (a West Point graduate and former US Army officer):

Are Earthquakes & Tsunamis Unnatural Acts of Secret War? -- https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/09/j...

"Over the last several decades increasing evidence indicates that our so called natural disasters - earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods and droughts - have been secretly caused by demonic human beings controlling our governments. Using electromagnetic pulse weapons, all the most powerful nations on earth now possess in their hi-tech arsenals a new form of covert twenty-first century warfare whereby millions of innocent lives are being murdered with impunity. My latest article uncovers the tragically shocking mounting evidence." -Joachim Hagopian

The New Warfare of Unnatural Disasters: Death by Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes

By Joachim Hagopian
September 8, 2015

The growing number of scientific studies that have demonstrated consistent electromagnetic anomalies associated with virtually every major earthquake both before and after the event during the last two decades strongly indicate the use of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weaponry as the actual manmade cause of these so called natural disasters. A quote nearly two full decades ago from then US Secretary of Defense William Cohen at a counterterrorism conference back on April 28, 1997 openly revealed:

Others are engaging in even an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are a lot of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations… It’s real and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts.

As if to echo Cohen’s reality check, nine years ago Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated, “An arms race is entering its new stage. There is a threat of new weaponry looming on the horizon.”

This presentation will examine the compelling evidence supporting what those Russian and US leaders were alluding to by analyzing the supporting data surrounding the many so called “natural” disasters of the last twenty years. The overwhelming conclusion is that most if not all were in fact manmade. Tragically millions of humans have lost their lives at a cost into the trillions in property and infrastructure damage as yet more unaccounted for casualties of diabolically waged, unknown and undeclared secret wars. All the most powerful nation’s militaries on the planet possess and are no doubt using EMP weapons technology as the latest hi tech form of warfare, including the United States, Israel, NATO, Britain, France, Russia and China and likely a host of others we do not know about as well, possibly even non-state organizations like the Islamic State ISIS.

January 1995 Kobe Earthquake

A group of Japanese researchers in the 2002 Journal of Geodynamics (Volume 33, Issues 4–5) had this to say about the 1995 Kobe 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Japan:

Anomalous transmission of man-made electromagnetic waves in VLF and VHF ranges was also detected from a few days before the earthquake, indicating the possibility that the ionosphere above the focal zone was disturbed at the final stage of the earthquake preparation process.

In addition, the Japanese religious leader of the infamous terrorist cult Aum Shinrikyo who obsessed over doomsday and weapons of mass destruction, Shoko Asahara, predicted in a radio broadcast on January 8, 1995 that, “Japan will be attacked by an earthquake in 1995. The most likely place is Kobe.” Asahara even stated that the earthquake would be caused by “a foreign power” using an electromagnetic weapons system. A few days later nearly 6,500 Japanese residents in or near the million and a half sized city were killed in the deadly quake, the worst in Japan in 47 years.

Though Asahara’s bold warning accurately predicting the unnatural disaster just days ahead of the event may have been intended to increase his charismatic cult status as a prophet, to former editor of the Japan Weekly Times Yoichi Clark Shimatsu it only piqued his interest and determination to get to the bottom of this heinous crime. The earthquake crashed the Japanese stock market that in turn liquidated England’s Baring Bank. Shimatus’s investigative suspicions were only magnified just weeks later when another lethal act of terrorism struck the Tokyo subway where commuters were sarin gassed. Asahara and 11 other members from the violent cult were arrested and in 2004 Asahara was sentenced to death.

A month after the subway tragedy the cult’s science and technology minister Hideo Murai claimed at a news conference:

There is a strong possibility of the activation of an earthquake using electromagnetic power, or somebody may have used a device that applied force inside the Earth.

The brilliant science guy Hideo Murai knew all about the power of electromagnetic technology like nobody else. Prior to his joining the cult, he worked at a top secret lab under the cover of Kobe Steel as the mastermind behind the development of a highly advanced laser-powered seismic device that could generate powerful earthquakes. And the very epicenter of that Kobe quake was his old Kobe Steel lab.

Yoichi Clark Shimatsu through his publication Archipelago was among the few journalists that focused extensively on uncovering the high-powered concealment of the link that the criminal cult enjoyed with powerbrokers atop both the Japanese and Russian governments. Asahara had unusually close ties with Russian Premier Boris Yeltsin’s Security Council Chairman Oleg Lobov. Under the front of Russia-Japan College, Asahara courted and recruited top Russian scientists and gained full access to Russia’s advanced hardware including a gas laser for making plasma weapons. For a time the cult also maintained Japanese allies in high places, like Japan’s head of foreign intelligence service Toshio Yamaguchi. Even the current cabal owned Japanese President Shinzo Abe and his father along with a former Tokyo governor all played key roles as strong government backers of the WMD Aum cult. At its peak Aum was worth a billion dollars, and owned vast amounts of land in Western Australia where it test fired its weapons of mass destruction.

This unholy trinity’s purpose was the proliferation of WMD’s ostensibly to be deployed against the US at which point Aum’s leadership saw themselves ruling Japan. The geopolitics chessboard at that time had grown upset over the US as the world’s only superpower developing too cozy of relations with neighboring China vis-à-vis David Rockefeller’s globalist deal-making, re-colonizing venture with Beijing to export Western corporations to China in exchange for exploiting the fertile, limitless supply of Chinese slave laborers inhabiting the most populated county on earth. Hence, both the Russian and elements within the Japanese government were feeling left out, left behind and threatened by the shifting alliances, and subsequently employed the violent cult stooges to do their dirty bidding, not unlike the same way US Empire uses al Qaeda and ISIS even to this day.

Within weeks after Hideo Murai’s April 1995 news conference, he was suddenly stabbed to death on live television (unlike the staged, false flag fakery of the recent Virginia shooting that US government never fails to amateurishly use as mounting leverage for its unlawful gun confiscation). The Japanese crime syndicate Yakuza murdered Murai as apparent payback for publicly disclosing his firsthand knowledge of the EMP weapon used to level Kobe. Thus Defense Secretary Cohen’s cry of foul play over earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes less than two years later came in reaction to the secret Japanese-Russian skullduggery.

But in 1997 it’s not like the United States was simply an innocent bystander. The inner circle of elitist power in America was caught playing catch-up to the Russian KGB jump on deployment of geophysical weapons not unlike the space race a few years earlier. A full two years before his assassination JFK stated, “We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control.” Back in 1958 the US military announced early success with weather modification by emitting strong electromagnetic beams into the atmosphere to heat up the ionosphere (the outermost layer of our atmosphere extending from 30 to 600 miles above the earth) as a precursor to the infamous HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska and now spread elsewhere as well.

With Operation Popeye the Pentagon for a half dozen years seeded clouds over the Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam War in its failed attempt to make the muddy trail impassable in order to slow down and cut off the enemy supply line. In fact top secret US military deployment of weather warfare causing floods and droughts as well as other “natural” catastrophes like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes and extreme weather events have been conducted with increasing frequency over the last several decades as a dominant, highly secretive and infinitely destructive brand of twenty-first century warfare.

Less than a year prior to Cohen’s admission of existing geophysical weather warfare, the US Air Force had published a comprehensive research paper entitled “Air Force 2025 The Final Report.” Under the section “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” weather modification and control was touted as offering “the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary” that includes triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis:

Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.

Global Research director Dr. Michel Chossudovsky has written extensively on weather warfare. His response to the US Air Force overtly sinister plans:

An analysis of statements emanating from the Air Force points to the unthinkable: the covert manipulation of weather patterns, communications and electric power systems as a weapon of global warfare.

This full speed ahead approach toward US Empire’s “full spectrum dominance” globally comes less than two decades after the United Nations General Assembly explicitly prohibited all nations from using any military force to manipulate, modify or otherwise alter the natural environment. But then has the UN or international law ever stood in the way of America’s “might makes right” exceptionalism unilaterally and willfully defying the rest of the world with complete impunity?

Outside a handful of courageously honest, independent scientists, among them Dr. Leuren Moret, Dr. Nick Begich and retired LTC Tom Bearden, no serious debate, challenge or open opposition against this immoral turpitude or the disastrous global consequences have ever been raised in either the scientific community or the globalist-controlled mainstream media outlets. So the malevolent misuse of science for covert military WMD’s continues ruling the day and this modern age, often funded through the feds’ money laundering-drug profiteering machine and then granted free reign of absolutely no oversight.

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James Morcan | 7747 comments Part 2 of same article:

Yet despite its ultra-secrecy and free reign, occasionally information does leak out, but of course largely goes unnoticed. An October 24, 2005 BusinessWeek issue matter-of-factly addressed weather modification in China:

Rainmaking and hail prevention are considered established arts in some countries. China has 35,000 people engaged in weather management, and it spends $40 million a year on alleviating droughts or stemming hail that would damage crops.

But the relatively “benign” use contracted out in America to mostly civilian companies like Weather Modification, Inc. of Fargo, North Dakota is suppressing hail in Argentina, stabilizing snowpack in Idaho or cloud seeding in Nevada – a far cry from harnessing powerful Tesla-like bursts of energy that can kill hundreds of thousands of people in an earthquake or murder millions more by destroying a nation’s vulnerable power grid infrastructure. Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald, Associate Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at UCLA in a 1968 book called Unless Peace Comes wrote:

The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.

An expert in Tesla’s wave energy technology, Dr. MacDonald would later became a Council on Foreign Relations and Board of Directors member of the powerful elitist non-profit company MITRE Corporation. As a key policymaker he was riding high on the inside track of the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned that without citizens’ vigilance would take over America. Way back in 1968 Dr. MacDonald cast an ominously foreboding future that’s now unfortunately already here:

By the year 2018, technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be apprised. One nation may attack a competitor covertly by bacteriological means, thoroughly weakening the population (though with a minimum of fatalities) before taking over with its own overt armed forces. Alternatively, techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm, thereby weakening a nation’s capacity and forcing it to accept the demands of the competitor.

And with the US busily gaining patents on the most deadly strains of the Ebola virus after classifying it as bio-warfare, through geoengineering creating the longest, most severe drought in the nation’s bread basket West in 1200 years, along with the slew of other unnatural disasters piling up worldwide, including the recent volley of chemical explosions in China and a US armory in Japan, the visionary scientist whose words near a half century ago ring so dead true today proved all too prophetic. In 2002 Dr. MacDonald likely paid with his life for his uncanny honesty and startling truths. Similar to another honest man about to blow the whistle on more WMD’s who was suddenly murdered while also a CFR member and MITRE Corporation consultant Jack Wheeler.

As a fellow neighbor of the CIA in McLean, Virginia and one of the elite’s interlocking entities that holds no-bid contracts with the FAA, Homeland Security and Defense Department, the MITRE Corporation can readily issue exemptions to such private contractors as Evergreen International Aviation. Evergreen’s the little Oregon firm responsible for raining chemtrail poisons down on much of the West Coast, producing that unmovable ridge of high pressure blocking all Pacific storms from reaching drought-stricken California for the last couple years. At the top of this predatory food chain, should anyone on MITRE’s payroll suddenly act on his or her conscience and attempt to do the right thing by humanity, they might well be sealing their own fate and casket.

March 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Turning to the disaster of disasters with toxic radiation levels still continuing to spew across the Pacific Ocean and the northern latitude land masses through the jetstream four and a half years later, the Fukushima nuclear power plant was severely damaged by a nearby magnitude 9 earthquake that also caused the deadly tsunami in northern Japan. Instead of 9/11/01, this day of probable manmade reckoning is 3/11/11. During the preceding four days leading up to 3/11, scientists have detected significant heat spikes directly over the known fault lines. Specifically the number of electrons in the ionosphere that’s part of the earth’s upper atmosphere suddenly soared in the days just prior to the earthquake, peaking three days before while the increasing heat caused by infrared radiation peaked just hours prior to the disaster. Additionally, the research team has also analyzed over 100 other earthquakes of 5.5 magnitude or higher and with high correlation found this same heating phenomenon present.

January 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Going back to the January 12, 2010 to the horrendously destructive 7M Haiti earthquake, death toll estimates vary widely from US estimates of 100,000-160,000 while Haitian authorities believe as many as 316,000 people in the capital city of Port-au-Prince perished. By the way, it’s no accident that Haiti’s earthquake came on the 15th anniversary of the Kobe quake. The global crime cabal network work that way, meticulously plotting dates and numbers by occult calibrations. In any event, Haiti’s considered the most deadly earthquake of the last 20 years.

A team of MIT scientists from the MIT Technology Review reported that again there were strange anomalies occurring during the entire month preceding the event. A French satellite captured a huge increase of ultra-low frequency (ULF) radio waves during the month leading up to January 12th. The satellite named for its acronym DEMETER (Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions) was sent into orbit by French geo-scientists in 2004 to observe and measure precise atmospheric changes over earthquake zones before, during and after earthquake disasters. In the month prior to the Haiti quake a spike in ULF electromagnetic waves was recorded dramatically rising by 360% and then after the event slowly dissipated.

These findings are again consistent with other recorded measures of raised radiation heat levels prior to other large earthquakes suspected to be caused by manmade means primarily using electromagnetic pulse weapons. Nine days after the Haiti earthquake, RT, Fox and Press TV were covering Venezuelan media that had reported the quake “may be associated with the project called HAARP, a system that can generate violent and unexpected changes in climate.” The US defying Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had just gone on public airwaves denouncing the US Navy for triggering the quake with a “tectonic weapon.” Chavez attributed his information to Russian intelligence sources within its Northern Fleet. Venezuelan press also blamed the HAARP facility in Alaska three days prior to the Haiti disaster for initiating a 6.5 quake off the Eureka, California coast, and further implicating the US as the perpetrator behind the 2008 7.8M earthquake in southwest China that killed nearly another 90,000 people.

According to Russia’s Northern Fleet, the Haiti earthquake was the result of US Naval testing its secret earthquake EMP weapon gone wrong. Though the enormity of death and destruction may not have been expected, the US had to be fully aware of the potentially catastrophic consequences its testing would risk in easily causing an earthquake. In fact the SOUTHCOM Deputy Commander General P. K. Keen, normally stationed out of Miami, was suspiciously already prepositioned in Haiti ready to launch yet another US military invasion of the poorest Western Hemisphere nation. Less than 24-hours after the earthquake, America’s first planes began arriving with Air Force Special Operations forces followed by 2000 Marines and another 3500 troops from the 82nd Airborne Division ready to be deployed. An aircraft carrier was also immediately dispatched although it showed up less than 48 hours after the earthquake proving that it was not in Baltimore harbor as claimed but already en route at the time of the manmade disaster.

With the Haitian government literally toppled, the demolished presidential palace was the actual epicenter of the quake that weeks later still had rotting corpses laying in the streets. So much for America’s helping hand. Or more like so much for US sending its armed forces to protect its oil interests. Haiti has a vast wealth of untapped oil reserves. Of course US Empire has a long shameful history of inflicting numerous coups, assassinations and military interventions on the half-island nation and is using this US-induced disaster as its convenient excuse to once again wield total control for yet more plundering of a thoroughly ravaged, defenseless nation for years to come.

Yet another anomaly associated with both the 2008 China earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake are images caught on video by unsuspecting witnesses of a large bright orange glow or ball observed in the sky just prior to both earthquakes. This phenomenon has never been found to co-occur with any naturally occurring earthquake. In all likelihood, this strange coloring effect is a plasma discharge from a scalar electromagnetic weapon.

February 2010 Chile Earthquake

Right after the Haiti quake many South American nations like Venezuela’s Chavez saw that US imperialism was destroying one of their own in Haiti with the preplanned destruction and further plundering. Immediately they went into action to seek strength in unified numbers against the destroyer from the north. Six weeks after the Haiti disaster, a 24-nation bloc brought together the Latin American states with the Caribbean states in a show of solidarity and strength to ward off the destructive power of the United States. At the meeting in Mexico, host nation President Felipe Calderon announced:

We have decided to base an organization on shared values including sovereignty and the non-use of force, including threats of force, international cooperation, ever closer integration of Latin America and the Caribbean and permanent political dialogue.

Bolivian President Evo Morales added, “A union of Latin American countries is the weapon against imperialism. It is necessary to create a regional body that excludes the United States and Canada.” Probably the one continent where the US military presence is least evident is South America where trust towards the US is completely lacking. Diplomatic, trade and even military relations with both Russia and China are far closer.

Almost as a concession to the mighty giant to the north, the nation selected for the first two years to lead the alliance had perhaps the least antagonistic relationship with American Empire – Chile. But that made no difference a day after the group alliance was formally declared when a massive 8.8 M earthquake suddenly rocked 80% of Chile with the epicentre less than two miles off the central coast. It was the sixth largest earthquake ever recorded by a seismograph and also produced a tsunami that caused damage as far away as Japan and San Diego, California. Over a million and a half Chileans were displaced. For a quake of that size because it was relatively deep at 21 miles, fortunately the death toll was anywhere from 525-802. Again, the timing of this event with Chile becoming the leading nation in an alliance exclusively formed to protect itself from the aggressive malignancy of the US death grip speaks volumes. Do you see the pattern? Means and motive match every time.

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James Morcan | 7747 comments Part 3 of same article:

2004 Niigata Japan Earthquakes

Former Forbes Magazine East Asian reporter Canadian Benjamin Fulford has written extensively and made videos documenting his observations from Japan. In an interview with former Japanese Minister of Financial Services Heizo Takenaka, Fulford asked why he “handed over control of the Japanese financial system to a group of American and European oligarchs,” and Takenaka replied that it was “because Japan had been threatened by an earthquake machine.” Since Fulford as a journalist then began exposing this shocking evidence of international extortion, Japanese security police approached him saying that his writing on the internet had caused Japan to receive information that the city of Niigata would soon be struck by an earthquake. Two days later on October 23, 2004, a major 6.8 M shaker followed hours later by a second 5.9 M tremor killed 39 people with an epicenter very near Japan’s largest nuclear power plant in Niigata, which sustained a fire and leaked some radioactivity.

These highly disturbing events cannot all be coincidence. It confirms what William Cohen had said seven years earlier, except this time it was the United States who was the rogue state carrying out lethal acts of terrorism as a viable and effective form of covert warfare to silence, intimidate, threaten and destroy any nation or person opposing the US into brute force submission. This is how the Empire game of hegemonic control is played. There’s a reason why for so many decades the US poured near as much money into its military budget as the rest of the world combined. Fulford chose not to go silent but has courageously defied Washington pointing the finger at rogue state America that decided six and a half years later to strike Japan once again with an even bigger lethal force at Fukushima. The US commits heinous and demonic high crimes against humanity on a regular basis and so far with complete impunity. The evidence is undeniably clear.

2004 Indonesia Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

Two other brutal acts of war that are crimes against humanity were propagated against Indonesia in December 2004 with its M 9.1-9.3 earthquake and resultant Indian Ocean tsunami killing a total of 230,000 people in 14 nations followed in May 2008 by Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis as its most devastating “unnatural” disaster in history with over 138,000 fatalities. Two questions to always ask in solving any mystery is does a potential suspect have the means and the motive to commit such a crime. And for each and every one of these so called natural disasters the US as the prime suspect has both the means and the motive.

Regarding Indonesia’s earthquake catastrophe, the Jakarta government had maintained steadfast refusal to open up the narrow Strait of Malacca to the US Navy. During the first half of 2004, the rate of acts of piracy in the Strait had increased to that of 2003 when the 150 vessels attacked accounted for one third of all global incidents of piracy. Always looking for an opportune excuse to flex its military might and muscle, the United States threatened to unilaterally assign its Pacific fleet to monitor security in the main artery separating the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Weary of America’s hegemony infringing on the sovereign rights of the two coastal nations holding responsibility for safe passage through their waters, Indonesia and Malaysia refused to permit the US access to control over their waterway. Determined to keep America out, Indonesia and Malaysia stepped up their naval patrols during the second half of 2004 to bring the number of incidents in 2005 down to just 79 and in 2006 down to 50. It was a win for regional cooperation and autonomy.

Additionally after 9/11 fighting on two warfronts against its recently designated, secretly created enemy – Muslim terrorists, under the guise of fighting terrorism, America was imposing its Empiric will on smaller Muslim nations like Indonesia, home to the most Muslims on earth and Malaysia, another Muslim nation. Their resistance to not allowing the US to gain a military foothold in their backyard waterway to “root out” the pirates and terrorists (like it’s rooting out ISIS), angered Washington to no end, which was quick to accuse Indonesia as a potential state sponsor for terrorism even though America’s far guiltier of spreading terrorism around the globe than any other nation on earth. Nonetheless, still fuming over being locked out of the Malaccan Strait and so used to punishing nations that do not readily succumb to its pressures and demands, and now armed with its favorite new form of twenty-first century punishment causing earthquakes and killing thousands of innocent people, the day after Christmas 2004 the US Empire sent its brutal holiday message to Indonesia with an over 9 earthquake just off its Sumatran coast that carried an extra wallop to 13 other nation victims with a tsunami bonus. Thus, the international crime cabal government sitting at home in Washington still gluttonous over their Christmas dinner the night before had both a means and a motive for committing the crime. Unfortunately after the earthquake and tsunami, desperate to receive economic assistance and humanitarian aid, Indonesia was no longer so resistive and US Empire got what it wanted, rewarded for murdering near a quarter million Asians. Empire aggression works to keep other nations in line and America atop in its full frontal assault/dominance over humanity.

2008 Myanmar Cyclone

The Myanmar story centers on a military junta government led by a general that was bent on having a referendum election to push through its military constitution scheduled on May 10, 2008. But enter the massive Cyclone Nargis on May 2-3 that devastated the coastal areas especially. The timing of the disaster so close in advance of the election if maliciously planned by an outside force had an obvious aim to disrupt or cancel the constitutional vote altogether. It also could have intended to topple the regime. The junta went ahead with its election anyway on the 10th, though in hardest hit areas voting was postponed for two weeks. But the constitution did get approved.

The Myanmar government was hesitant to let outside humanitarian relief into the worst hit areas prior to the election fearing its impact and ties to the outside world would present further challenges to the oppressive regime. But here is the strange part. Similar to the prepositioning of the South Command general already physically stationed in Haiti at the time of the quake and an aircraft carrier already in transit, the disaster relief forces from the US, Britain and France were already in place immediately at the time the cyclone hit the populated coastal zones.

The running theme here is it appears that certain preplanned preparations were already organized at both Haiti and Myanmar locations at the time the so called natural disasters hit. Though by itself it’s not sufficient empirical proof of US culpability, when all these co-incidental factors are taken into account together and important dots are connected, a very suspicious and dark picture emerges that strongly suggests that scalar electromagnetic weapons possessed by the superpower that holds both the means and the most to gain are conspicuously present in all of these catastrophic events. Especially when scientific anomalies and observations of manmade electromagnetic and discharging plasma are also factored into consideration.

No nation will create a weapon and never test or use it. The nature of these powerful sinister forces, as the Air Force openly admits, is its gainful advantage for either coercion or defeat of the enemy. The US is not alone in this new age of dark techno-war destruction. Be it nukes, HAARP, CERN, or an EMP electrical grid attack by ISIS, China, Russia or some other force, and in an instant life as we know it will be lost with estimates of 90% of us dead in America within a year.

Like the Soviet Empire before it, the United States has also over-prioritized allocation of its resources to building and overextending a military killing machine Empire to do the globalists’ diabolical bidding. Its hegemonic power and control come at the expense of the people of the United States and all its perceived and imagined enemies of the world. And for all its death and destruction it has perpetrated on this planet, like all empires it too is doomed to fail. For every action, there is a reaction. For every killing, there is only more killing. With madmen at the helm driving a rotted out system crashing and ready to burn at ground level, the demonically controlled lunacy in charge is self-destructing right before our eyes. In the ashes of destruction, let us rebuild and connect with our hearts, not blindly with our minds, and let us realize our spirits transcend the physical to embrace the infinite.

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James Morcan | 7747 comments MAYOR OF ANKARA: "EARTHQUAKE WEAPONS ARE BEING TESTED ON TURKEY" https://gizadeathstar.com/2017/02/may...

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James Morcan | 7747 comments Excerpt from Coast to Coast:

"Researcher and activist Dane Wigington has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment he attributes to the practice of "geoengineering." This includes various weather modification techniques including chemtrails and projects such as HAARP. He began his three hour segment by telling George and the listeners that the Earth is headed for "omnicide," or the elimination of all life on the planet because of what he says are secret climate control projects that stretch back to at least 1947. The reports of China boasting that they controlled the weather during the recent Beijing Olympics is just the tip of the iceberg, according to Wigington. He believes that weather modification has caused far more damage to the atmosphere and contributed to global heating than simple pollution and carbon emissions.

Wigington believes that the climate changes that are coming are "past the point of no return," and wants people to be aware of the causes. The reasons for governments engaging in weather modification are purely to control populations by controlling the food supply, he contends. He cited documented evidence of chemical spraying from high-altitude aircraft, and added that pilots are silenced with non-discosure agreements that include a provision for "use of deadly force" if they do not comply. He thinks that the spraying is designed to block sunlight and cool regions that have become too hot. In spite of this seemingly exact control of the weather, Wigington believes the evidence he has gathered proves that things are so out of balance at this point that fixing the climate is like "trying to put out fires with buckets of gas."

Wigington’s research has proved to him that earthquakes can be caused by directed energy weapons (such as HAARP) which bounce streams of electromagnetic waves off of the upper atmosphere, which superheats the air over "seismically sensitive" areas such as California and some areas of the midwest, causing unstable fault lines to rupture. He says that there is evidence for this in the correlation of weather and earthquake records from such areas as Haiti, Fukushima, and New Zealand. He also contends that areas where anomalous cold weather and snow are present are being engineered through the use of "chemically nucleated" cloud seeding. Wigington characterizes the global efforts at weather control as a "climate engineering Manhattan Project."


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James Morcan | 7747 comments Weather modification programs have been run by the US government since 1953 http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-05-10...

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Lance Morcan | 1985 comments We have set the date for the next open house at HAARP: August 19, 2017. Mark your calendars! http://www.gi.alaska.edu/haarp

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James Morcan | 7747 comments HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare http://www.globalresearch.ca/haarp-se...

GEOENGINEERING WATCH: Possible HAARP Locations Around The World http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/po...

GPS Coordinates for 20 of the Top HAARP facilities http://goldenageofgaia.com/accountabi...

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James Morcan | 7747 comments Space Fence: Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreed...

The Space Fence

is a massive, planetary-wide, space surveillance system currently being constructed that aims to monitor you all the way down to your DNA. Officially, the Space Fence is, according to Wikipedia, a 2nd generation space surveillance system being built (started in 2014) by the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin to track artificial satellites and space debris. Its budget is US$1.594 billion, it’s expected to be operational in 2019 and the Space Fence facility will be located in the Marshall Islands along with an option for another radar site in Western Australia. The Space Fence is a resurrection of a program started by Reagan in the 1980s called SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative), commonly known by its nickname “Star Wars.” However, like many exotic weapons of the New World Order, it has a cover purpose and a real purpose. This article exposes the grander implications of the Space Fence – and how it connects to other technology that could be used to enslave you.

What is the Space Fence?

Although the USAF and Lockheed Martin tell us that the purpose of the Space Fence is to detect, track and catalog space debris, we must acknowledge that the MIC (Military Intelligence Complex) is at the helm of the New World Order and is routinely engaged in psychological operations against the rest of the population. The Space Fence is the answer to the prayers of a control-freak conspiratorial class. It will have the capacity to surveil everything on Earth. Like Skynet in the fictional Terminator films, it could become surveillance beyond comprehension. How? The Space Fence is designed to operate in LEO (Low Earth Orbit). It is designed to be one big interconnected machine, run by AI and joined to current (weaponized) technology by interacting with cell phone towers, Gwen Towers, Nexrad Towers, metal particulates and more to create a giant wireless network that manipulates us through the ionization of our atmosphere.

According to Elena Freeland, author of Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth who is soon to release a book on the topic, the Space Fence will eventually develop into a conductive Saturnian ring around the Earth’s equator. From there, it could be used to facilitate a complete lockdown on planetary communications (including our DNA communications, since we are electrical creatures), in line with the MIC’s C4 objectives (Command, Control, Communications and Computers). Freeland states that the Space Fence will have the power to totally transform the entire environment of the planet. It thus is a tool of the AI/Transhumanist agenda to merge man into machine.

Everyone loves the acronym of HAARP – but it was just one installation/project. These days it’s more accurate to call these weapons “ionospheric heaters”. According to HAARP insider Billy Hayes, there are 200+ of them worldwide.
Space Fence: Ionization and Conductivity

The Space Fence seems to tie many aspects of the worldwide conspiracy together. Two aspects to pay attention to are ionization and conductivity. To ionize is to create polarity within a substrate. Some things are naturally non-ionized, so to ionize them is take them out of their natural state. To make something conductive is to change it so that it can conduct electricity. The NWO controllers have been unleashing a torrent of light and heavy metals (aluminum, barium, strontium and more) into our environment – and thus into our bodies – for decades via industrial output, chemical-laden products, vaccines and chemtrails.

Ionization and conductivity crop up again and again when investigating the Space Fence. The reason the NWO conspirators are so obsessed with these concepts is because they have weaponized them. Ionization is linked to weather control. Ionospheric heaters (the most famous of which is HAARP) are now deployed around the world to heat and ionize layers of the atmosphere. Once ionized, it can be directed in line with geopolitical goals of the controllers, which can equate to earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods and droughts. In 2014, we were told that HAARP was being shut down, however since HAARP-like technology is the ultimate weapon of the globalists, does anyone in their right mind really think they are just going to give it away due to lack of funding or because they are supposedly finished with it? Former HAARP insider Billy Hayes (who worked on constructing the original installation in Gakona, Alaska) claims there are over 200 HAARP-like facilities around the world which are fully operational.

Conductivity is linked to both mind control and holographic manipulation (a la Project Bluebeam). It is theorized that, with nano metal particulates everywhere including inside of people’s bodies, the masses are easier to mind control, since the metals act as receivers of wireless transmissions. There is evidence that the more metal particulates in the air, the easier it is to project holograms onto it (e.g. see the 36:30 minute mark of this Elena Freeland presentation). As this Leak Project video revealed, HP (Hewlett Packard) is literally releasing billions if not trillions of nano sensors (smart dust) into the environment. Is one of the purposes to prepare for a Project Bluebeam scenario?

The ionization of our skies means that the air is transformed into plasma, the 4th state of matter. Plasma is defined as “an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically at low pressures (as in the upper atmosphere and in fluorescent lamps) or at very high temperatures (as in stars and nuclear fusion reactors).” In simple terms, it is ionized air. Plasma keeps our atmosphere thick. It is a medium where electrons can be moved around. Altered plasma means dramatic earth changes via the troposphere and magnetosphere. According to Freeland, the Space Fence will also ionize the outer part of our planet.

Was the SDI only put on hold until they worked how to ionize the atmosphere (see Bernard Eastland’s patents for HAARP), then re-activated?

In this context, you can look at Space Fence as the controlling hub which is designed to capitalize upon and control the tremendous transforming and terraforming of our planet which is happening right before our eyes. How can inundating our world with billions of metal particulates, nano chips and smart dust possibly be a good idea?

The Space Fence is not only connected to HAARP; it’s also connected to geoengineering / chemtrails, GMOs and vaccines. How? Because all of these things are delivery systems by which metal nanoparticles are injected into our atmosphere, water, food, air and, in the end, our bodies. Look at chemtrails – now coming out of ships as well as planes – infusing the air with all sorts of toxic metals like aluminum, barium and strontium, as well as synthetic biological lifeforms. Look at GMOs – all sprayed with toxic metallic and synthetic pesticides which invades our bodies. Look at vaccines – the injection of aluminum, mercury and more straight into our bloodstreams. The net effect of all of this is to create one huge wireless metallicized network to surround, engulf and permeate us.

Final Thoughts: Ultimate Aim of the Space Fence

In conclusion, it’s vital to look just beyond the Space Fence project and see the bigger picture. The Space Fence involves absolute control over space, chemtrails, nanotechnology, terraforming, genetic alteration, transhumanism and AI. The endgame is to control our nervous systems and our very DNA. The question for an awakened humanity is now: what can we do to thwart this agenda?


Harry Whitewolf | 1736 comments James wrote: "Space Fence: Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreed...

The Space Fence

is a massive, planetary-wide..."

Really fucking scary stuff. Skynet's coming... and we didn't do anything to stop it...

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James Morcan | 7747 comments “TOO PERFECT TO BE NATURAL”: THOSE STRANGE SEISMIC WAVES https://gizadeathstar.com/2018/12/too...

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