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Ashton Shipman Ashton Sep 20, 2018 07:33PM
In As She Fades, the main character, Vale, and her boyfriend get into a car fatal accident. In result, Vale's boyfriend was knocked unconscious. Vale sat in the hospital waiting for him to wake up from his long lasting coma. While waiting in the hospital one day, she met a boy named Slate. Vale's brother has been friends with Slate for a while and warns her of his reputation with girls. Vale was nice to him, but she also knew her boundaries. After spending over a month waiting for her boyfriend to wake up, she was encouraged by her family to begin college. She finally gives in, and begins moving her things into her dorm. She is roomed with a girl completely opposite from her, and she is very uncomfortable with this situation. Come to find out, this girl has been hooking up with Slate. Slate and Vale are very close friends, so Vale becomes slightly jealous of her. Vale is still upset about her boyfriend, but she is slowly beginning to catch feelings for Slate. As she learns more about Slate, she realizes how he could be toxic in a relationship. She just cannot avoid the feelings she has for him. Her and Slate start to hangout more, and their relationship grows stronger. Just as her feelings are at a climax, the book takes a strange twist. Everything changes, and the book becomes more intense. I originally chose this book due to my interest in romance novels. I enjoyed the constant drama. I did not enjoy the sudden change in the middle of the book at first, but then it got even better! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance and drama. My favorite quote in the book was "This was the change in my life I never saw coming. It was the gift I didn't know I wanted. My path had just turned into something different. And I was happy" (Glines 162). This was my favorite quote because Vale already felt a change in her life right before there was a huge plot twist in the book.

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