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The Higher Self

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Peter Rogers (peterrogers) | 4 comments As we trust in our Higher Selves more and more, we will come to a place in our consciousness where life becomes a loving experience because we’re constantly being guided by a power that has our best interest at heart. We will begin to observe the world as our instructor and every experience will be presented to us as one of lifes many lessons that gently leads us back into our true selves. Sooner or later, the ego will lose its grip over us and what we think we are dies and gradually the real self comes into clear view.

Our Higher Selves will establish a stronger pattern that we will be able to feel and sense at every turn. We will become an adept at feeling the right choices and knowing when to act because the Higher Self knows what lies ahead. Fear dissipates in the light of this awareness and in every challenging situation we will find ourselves eagerly anticipating instructions from within. Wilde says that once we establish a constant flow from the Higher Self that it becomes addictive. In fact, we will become frightened at not being a part of it, for we will find ourselves abandoned in the world, with all its uncertainties and fears.

Dr. Peter C. Rogers, Ultimate Truth: Book I

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Margaret | 1 comments I plan to read this real soon, thanks

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Peter Rogers (peterrogers) | 4 comments enjoy...

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