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Darius the Great Is Not Okay (Darius The Great, #1)
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Jenna (jenna_marie58) | 86 comments Will this debut novel receive a shiny Printz sticker? What did you think about it?

Tegan (therowdylibrarian) | 31 comments Sorry for the delay in my post. I LOVED this book! I think it is a great contender. It has mental health, LGBTQ, illness, and family relationships. This book is very relatable on many different levels, that I think a lot of readers will be able to connect with it one way or another. I felt like I knew the characters and I found myself crying at the end. I wanted to pick it back up and start over again! I'm curious to hear what you all think.

message 3: by Jenn (last edited Sep 27, 2018 06:28AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jenn (jennmonk) | 42 comments I also really liked this book and think it is a contender. I only finished last night, so I am still thinking over my full review, but I was struck by how well it dealt with depression, both how it effects those who have it and those who love them. On many levels, I think it did a much better job of discussing mental illness than last year's Turtles All the Way Down.

There were a few small points that kept me from loving it completely, like repetitive language and tell not show. But I think these might have been purposeful. It succeeded in making me want to visit Iran and in clearly communicating who Darius is and who his family is through his descriptions and actions throughout the book. I would be surprised if this doesn't get recognized by the Printz committee or the Morris committee.

Robyn (robyn_bravi) I hope this one gets some serious attention. There's so many fantastic elements to this book. The conversations about depression, the relationship between Darius and Sohrab and Darius and his family, the detailed setting, and Darius' search for identity.

Tara Kenny | 9 comments I'm only halfway through this book and it's making me soooo happy. It's been months since I've loved a character and writing so much. I feel like it's giving a great voice to so many teenage boys who feel like they don't fit the norm. it's small things like his relationship with his sister, the star trek analogies and the fact that he always refers to his father by his first and last name when we he doesn't feel like he has a relationship or kinship with him at all.

I really hope this gets recognized.

Anne Bennett (headfullofbooks) | 81 comments I loved this story especially once the family got to Yazd and the talk of the setting, the food, the differences in how Iranians handle issues of friendship, mental health, disease. I did find the repetitive phrases to be annoying after a while and since I was listening to the audiobook I couldn't skip my eyes over them. I was forced to listen each time..."minions of orthodoxy"...grr. I wonder if this book would be a better candidate for the Morris Award? But in defense of this book, I think it has some really important messages for teens about acceptance and mental illness.

Reving | 53 comments I really did like this. Still Swing is my pick but I wouldn't be sad if this won!

Maureen (mhsquier) | 79 comments I also really enjoyed this book! It is well written and deals with more than a few issues without reading like an "issues book". Darius's voice is very authentic to the teen experiences he is living. Khorram portrays a very beautiful Iran, different from what I think most American expectations are - I found myself entranced, and looking up more than a few Iranian/Persian references.

As far as the repetitive language/phrases go, I think that is very normal. I know I sometimes get certain phrases in my head, and use them more than once. It could also be a manifestation of his mental health issues to use phrases repetitively. Honestly, I didn't even realize how repetitive some of the language was until reading through this thread.

All in all, I would not be sad to see this get recognized. I would think it will be a strong contender for the Morris award too.

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