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message 1: by Roman Clodia (new)

Roman Clodia | 327 comments One of my favourites - we can add additional views when we come to discuss Daphne and Apollo:

message 2: by Roger (new)

Roger Brunyate | 419 comments Thanks, Roman Clodia; it's a lovely statue. Even better when you can see it close up, with her hair and hands turning to leaves, and the bark inching up her thighs like tight-fitting denim:

message 3: by Roger (new)

Roger Brunyate | 419 comments And then, also in the Borghese gallery, the other Bernini two-person sculpture, The Rape of Proserpina. In this case there is no immediate metamorphosis (though Ovid includes the story), but the way Bernini, like another Pgymalion, turns marble into what you would swear is yielding flesh is a miraculous transformation all on its own!

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