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message 1: by Liam (new)

Liam Llewellyn (liamauthor) Hi there,

I'm a small publisher looking for a reader to give honest feedback about a 180K word gay fantasy novel. Not looking for edits or feedback about content; rather looking for feedback regarding the ease of reading the novel, whether they would have paid to have read it, whether they would have been happy that they paid to read it, and if they would want to read another novel by the author. I can send the novel in epub, .mobi, doc, or PDF. Looking to receive feedback a month after sending it.


message 2: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 199 comments Mod
This sounds like a request not for a beta read (which is feedback about content) but a review. I don't think that this kind of post is relevant for this board. There are a bunch of other review boards out there on GR and FB. If you are looking for a beta read or a critique, that's fine, but this sounds an awful lot like a request for a review.


message 3: by Liam (new)

Liam Llewellyn (liamauthor) Not a review because it's not published yet, nor am I going to solicit a review from the reader once - if - it's published.

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