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Volunteer: Limit three teachers' assistants per subject.
~Library book shelver (Darby MacMillan, Madeline Chen)

~Library check-out job (Amber Wolfe, Light)

~Nurse assistant * (Victoria Collins)

~Teacher assistant:
Creative Arts: Yoongi Min,
English: Theia Order,
Sign Language: Autumn Williams & Victoria Collins,
Art: Natalie Montgomery,
Math: Summer Montgomery
Chinese: Shen Wang

Off Campus Jobs These are not volunteer work and do receive a salary. The number of employees that can still join is in brackets. Marked with an asterisk (*) is closed to new employees.
~*Employee at Icy Delight (Tevi Velasco, Nijae Rodgers, Noah Brown) [0]
~Employee at Chester's Comedy Club (Alex Harps, Jeff Anderson, Tatum-Lindsay Oliveira) * [0]
~Employee at Brian's Books (Xander Craft, Rodney Barrientos, Catarina Henriks)* [0]

~Employee at a mall shop or food stand (August Pines, Sebastian Maximus Kurosawa, Lucy Charleston, Kenneth Ouyang,) [1]

~Employee at We Knead Donuts (Chloe Jones, Adrien Sebastian Vontre, Tobio Blaze Kurosawa)* [0]

~Employee at Vinyl Record Café (Merlin King, Arthur King, Avery Tomms)* [0]

~Runners of the beach drink shack (Joshua Seltzer, Eli Leopold, Woodrow Olkin) [0]

~Waiter at Lily's Chinese Restaurant (Astrid Baker, Kael Longthorn, Jonas Hugo)* [0]

~Employee at Starlight Cinemas (Gunner Karlsson, Melitta Reed, Colt Fullerton, Joel-Emberly Oliveira) [1]

~Employee at Rockin' Rolls (Indy Fullerton) [2]
~Employee at Cowboy Cafeteria [3]
~Employee at American History Museum [3]
~Employee at Art Museum (Elzie Moreau)[3]

~Employee at Natural Science Museum (Greene Phillips & Carys Liu) [0] *
On Campus: Receives a salary
~Lifeguard (Catarina Henriks, Elizabeth Grey, Matthew Markland, Nova Alexander, Alyssa Whittaker, Desiree Thomas)*

~Cook assistant (Aria Jones)
Internships Students can learn about professions by volunteering under the guidance of a professional. (Suggestions welcome.)
~Firefighter (Kade Watts)

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Cynthia wrote: "Elzie Moreau - employee at Art Museum
Carys Liu - employee at Natural Science Museum



-hailey {>_<}

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CallmeTony | 991 comments Sphinx Kadici, Art Museum. Thank youuu.

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