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message 1: by Allan (new)

Allan Evans | 12 comments I'm looking for a few beta readers for my middle grade (ages 7-12) manuscript.

12-year-old Henry Davenport is writing a joke book. It’s all fun & games until Henry discovers he’s being haunted by a doll with a wicked sense of humor. Bwah ha ha!

There's Nothing Funny About Being Haunted is complete at 22,000 words.

message 2: by D.T. (new)

D.T. Henderson | 24 comments I'm available to beta read. The premise sounds interesting. Is this horror or comedy?

message 3: by Allan (new)

Allan Evans | 12 comments There's definitely both, but the horror is middle grade horror. Think Goosebumps. I can send you the manuscript.

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