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Kaisae's mates

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Marce IH I just finished Dissent and couldn't help but notice that in the glossary at the end of the book there is the definitions not only for ahnor, dernor and taunor but also for cinnor and viernor (fourth and fifth mates).

During the book Zep is talking to both Jase and Kolt, and says "If we're supposed to be her support, then is three enough?  Never heard of a table with three legs or a building with only three points of foundation." Their conversation is then interrupted by Tyr and then Jase says "I do na think ya need ta worry. More will show up.  If she needs them, she will find them."

SO I might be reaching but I think/hope Tyr will be Cinnor, #teamtyr , it would also make sense with the whole "The human who is iliri, and the iliri who was human", I read in one of the reviews that "it would honestly make sense. Zep the human who always wanted to be Iliri, Kolt the iliri who always pretended to be human, Jase the Iliri who was almost pure, Tyr the full human who learned to love and respect the Iliri."

As for the Viernor I am absolutely clueless? Maybe he is already part of the Blades? Razor, Shift or Geo?

Doit In the author's Facebook group she did say it would eventually be 5. But it would go to 4 then drop to 2 first. I'm not going to spoil it for you 😉
If you're on Facebook you should really join the group, Auryn usually interacts with us daily. Along with dropping hints and providing background info that won't be in the books. The group is called Auryn's Literary Army.

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