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Ms. Haff (mshaff) | 2 comments Mod
As you all have been told, you should have a book you are going to read this month. You will post a response in this thread titled with your book title and author. In the content of your response, you should tell us what you predict the main idea of the book will be. I will post my own example response.

It should not be too easy or too difficult for you to read, and should be a reasonable read for a month time frame. If it is a large book, I will give you two months to finish reading. If it is too short, I will require you to read a second book. If you are reading graphic novels, you must read a minimum of 2 books this month.

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Ms. Haff (mshaff) | 2 comments Mod
This month, I am reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The description of the book talks about how the main character, Starr, has to move between her private school world and the world of the neighborhood she lives in. However, this balancing act ends when her friend is killed by police. Based on this information, I can infer that this book is going to be about the effects police brutality.

The cover of the book shows a girl holding a sign with the title of the book on it. Based on what I know from the description of the book, I can infer that the girl on the cover is protesting, and she may protest police brutality in the story.

After reading the first chapter, I have already learned that "The Hate U Give" spells out "THUG" and, as one of the character's explains is the first part of Tupac Shakur's acronym phrase for "THUG LIFE" (Google it!) One of the characters in the story explains how this saying means that the trauma children experience in their youth affects them permanently into adulthood, and then affects the community as a whole. I predict that this book will be tackling issues having to do with systemic racism, poverty, and trauma.

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