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Ms. Haff (mshaff) | 2 comments Mod
As you all have been told, you should have a book you are going to read this month. You will post a response in this thread titled with your book title and author. In the content of your response, you should tell us what you predict the main idea of the book will be, based on the cover, the summary, and the first chapter. I will post my own example response.

**It should not be too easy or too difficult for you to read, and should be a reasonable read for a month time frame. If it is a large book, I will give you two months to finish reading. If it is too short, I will require you to read a second book. If you are reading graphic novels, you must read a minimum of 2 books this month.

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Ms. Haff (mshaff) | 2 comments Mod
This month, I am reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The description of the book talks about how the main character, Starr, has to move between her private school world and the world of the neighborhood she lives in. However, this balancing act ends when her friend is killed by police. Based on this information, I can infer that this book is going to be about the effects police brutality.

The cover of the book shows a girl holding a sign with the title of the book on it. Based on what I know from the description of the book, I can infer that the girl on the cover is protesting, and she may protest police brutality in the story.

After reading the first chapter, I have already learned that "The Hate U Give" spells out "THUG" and, as one of the character's explains is the first part of Tupac Shakur's acronym phrase for "THUG LIFE" (Google it!) One of the characters in the story explains how this saying means that the trauma children experience in their youth affects them permanently into adulthood, and then affects the community as a whole. I predict that this book will be tackling issues having to do with systemic racism, poverty, and trauma.

message 3: by Santana (new)

Santana | 1 comments The description of the book talks about how some demigods go on an adventure to stop Gaea from creating chaos and destroying the world.

The cover of the book shows a boy and a girl heading towards a door. I can infer that they are trying to escape from wherever they are at.

After reading the first chapter, I learned that In "The House Of Hades" the demigods are battling a giant turtle and they end up failing.

The main idea of the story is about how the demigods try to defeat Gaea to save the world from destruction.The House of Hades

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 1 comments The book I am reading is called "The message in the hollow oak" by Carolyn Keene. By the cover of this book, I know that there is going to be a mystery somewhere in the tree based on the picture and the back cover. The summarize talks about here adventure through the woods to solve the case.

After reading the first capture I know that Nacy will be leaving to finish a case that her friend started and couldn't finish. I predict that she will find the message and have an adventure through the woods.

message 5: by Camren (new)

Camren M | 1 comments This month I am reading, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, This is the third book of the series and, it talks about how Harry is in his third year of Hogwarts and there is a criminal called Serious Black, that is trying to harm Harry.

After reading the first couple of chapters it starts off with Harry going to Hogwarts on the train, and he gets sucked by a dementor.

The main idea of this story is how Harry survives his third year at Hogwarts with mischief and magic.

message 6: by Logan (new)

Logan | 1 comments The book cover shows a girl sitting by herself. The book name is "to all the boys I've loved before" its basically about a girl who writes love letters to boys that she has "loved" in the past, She writes these letters to basically get over the boys that she has liked. Her name is Lara Jean and she has a complicated life I guess with relationships and boys. Then, all of a sudden all of her love letters get out to all of the boys that she has loved before.

message 7: by Xailey-Ann (new)

Xailey-Ann Ilae | 1 comments The description of the book is about a girl named Hazel who has a tumor-shrinking medical miracle and meets a boy named Augustus Waters who completely changes her life.

The cover of the book shows thought bubbles. I can infer that she's thinking a lot.
The Fault in Our Stars

message 8: by Mele (new)

Mele | 1 comments The description of the book is about a dragonet named Sunny who is very serious about the dragonet prophecy and is willing to help no matter what. She worries about their destiny and what is going to happen. She believes that their fate is in risk but is hoping Five Dragonets are able to fix that.
The Cover shows a Dragon roaring in the sky and calling his or her fellow peers.

message 9: by Trinity (new)

Trinity Stevens-Langford | 1 comments The book I am reading is called "The 5th Wave" by Rick Yancey. By looking at the cover of this book, I can predict that the world is coming to an end.

The summary of the book explains how a different race is invading earth with different types of waves or attacks.

After reading the first chapter, I know that Aliens, or the others, has now invaded earth. I can predict that Cassie will be able to get past the others and save her brother.

message 10: by Serenity (new)

Serenity Wond | 1 comments the book I have read is called stolen. it is about a 12-year-old girl that shows up to a village with no memory. the village believes that the girl could be Isabelle, the girl the witch stole 6 years ago. the only thing the girl remembers is a chant that runs through her head:
old as dirt,
dirty as dirt.
ugly as sin,
mean as sin.
don't let the old witch catch you!
Isabelle's parents believe the girl is Isabelle, but Isabelle's older sister honey claims the girl is an imposter. honey knows that the real Isabelle is gone. does honey know something that the parents don't? will the girl remember who she is? read the book and find out. Stolen

message 11: by Kainoa (new)

Kainoa Wetters | 1 comments The description of the book is about a boy named Percy who has a hidden power and does not even know it yet until a huge mythical war starts and Percy finds out who he really is and meant to be.

The cover of the book shows a boy with a sword. So I think he is a bad guy.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians( The Lightning Thief)

message 12: by Hoomanawanui (new)

Hoomanawanui | 1 comments I am reading 806 by CYNTHIA WEIL and the book cover shows how the people will be going on a road trip to someplace and they will have a problem or they will be having fun...this book is a road trip novel and the characters are Mike Mullin.

message 13: by Dale (new)

Dale | 1 comments The description of the book talks about a young boy who goes on a break from boarding school and is staying with some relatives but, then 2 men's who was killed by a plague but the young Sherlock finds out that these 2 men were murder.

The cover of the book shows a young Sherlock and a picture of a train and a mansion also there's a fire behind young Sherlock and the house. I can infer that there will be chaos in the book due to the plague.

After reading the 1st Chapter, I can learn that in "Sherlock Holmes Death Cloud" young Sherlock wants to stay with his brother but can not and end up going to his aunt and uncle manor.

The main idea of the story is about battling others with your wits and mind

message 14: by Makyla (new)

Makyla | 1 comments Abbi GlinesLosing the Field
The book cover shows five people on a football field looking up towards the horizon. The books name is "Lossing the field" Its basically about a girl and a boy who never thought they'd fall in love because of things that happened in their past, then they start to get close and fall for each other.

message 15: by Jersey (new)

Jersey | 1 comments The book I'm reading is " This Love Of Mines " the book is about a boy and a girl who has the same dreams and the girl has only a few years to live. the boy wants to kill himself. This book is also about living and dying and surviving grief, guilt, and heartache while discovering love and hope in the midst of sadness.

message 16: by Pohaku (new)

Pohaku | 1 comments I am reading big surf, deep dives and the islands by Ricky Grigg. this book is talking about big waves and many legends that caught big waves, also dives the deepest and the history of our islands.

message 17: by Jaedon (new)

Jaedon | 1 comments I am reading The Call of The Wild by Jack London and the book is about a dog named Buck who is born for luxury and sold to become a sled dog he faces enemies, he rises and stands up to himself

message 18: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Tapeni-Lave | 1 comments I believe that this book is about a woman named Miss Peregrine and very special children living in her house. These children are so special that no one can explain what they can do. On the back cover, it says that a girl named Cassandra might be able to make a portal to someone else's mind.

message 19: by Davlyn (new)

Davlyn | 1 comments This month, I am reading Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau.
Independent Study (The Testing, #2) by Joelle Charbonneau

In the description, it talks about how seventeen-year-old Cia Vale (the main character) is eager to start her studies at the "Commonwealth Elite University." So as Tomas, the boy she loves. In the description it says, "Their bright futures are threatened by the past, however, when violent nightmares that feel more like memories force Cia to question reality and the true motives lurking behind the friendly faces of her classmates." In addition, the book Independent study (the second book of "The Testing" series) is probably going to talk about how Cia is going to face hardships and is going to find out what happened in the past.

After looking at the cover, I predict that it is going to be about different symbols that were given to the main characters in the first book. So this book is probably going to talk about how they all come together and stop the United Commonwealth.

While I read the first chapter, it talks about how Cia Vale takes the test to see what career she can get into, which is chosen by the Commonwealth. Also, how she met this guy who is apart of this Union to take down the Commonwealth.

message 20: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy | 1 comments I am reading the book called "The Unwanteds" by Lisa McMann and the book is about a community, Quill, that doesn't allow any type of creativity. The people who are caught being creative are sent to their deaths. However, in secret where the people are sent to their deaths is actually alive in a magic world that allows creativity. I can infer the book would deal with being creative and full of life is better than being cold and silent.

The cover shows a stone-winged cheetah, a boy, a girl, and alive origami dragons.

Āfter the first chapter, it shows what kind of community Quill is and basically introduces many new things to reader.

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