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Freedom, 25,000 BC: Out From the Shadow of Popocatépetl (Pre-Clovis Archaeological Sites in the Americas Book 1)
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Free codes for review --YA Prehistoric Fiction Novella

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message 1: by Bonnye (new)

Bonnye Matthews | 3 comments Freedom, 250,000BC makes it clear that unless camels or mammoths or some other animal can carve images of 4-tusked elephants or large pre-Ice Age cats, people were alive and well in the inhospitable wilds of Mexico a very, very long time ago. This YA novella tells the story of Wing, a frail young man abused by his hunter father. Wing leaves home alone as the male American lion does. How he connects with a carving artist and reconnects with his family after having one of his own is the substance of this tale. For free code email me at

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Pressley | 1 comments sounds good, when will it be out?

message 3: by Bonnye (new)

Bonnye Matthews | 3 comments Leslie wrote: "sounds good, when will it be out?"

Hi, Leslie. The book is out and listed on Audible already. If you want a free code, I have some left.

message 4: by Evelin (new)

Evelin | 1 comments The Ship of the DeadI absolutely love it and remind me why I loved readind books by this author.

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