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message 1: by Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥ , Mircea's Moderatrix (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
This is a Dory/Pritkin crossover novella.

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
From FB.

Dragon's Claw is up at Smashwords! Here's the link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view.... Please do not download from Amazon yet, as I'm working out the kinks. Also, if you were the one person who downloaded from Smashwords while I was dealing with their drama, please make sure you have the latest version, okay? Thanks and enjoy!

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
From FB.

Finally! The Amazon version of Dragon's Claw is up! You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H2B9NDB.

There's also a paperback (because a few people wanted one and asked me to do one) available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/137045659X. The price diference is simply the price of the ebook plus what Amazon charges me to print a paper copy and mail it out. I hope you'll enjoy Dory's latest adventure!

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K (swiffervac) | 13 comments OMG she is totally part Irin. Wonder if she has any abilities that only work in Faerie?

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Mellifluous | 35 comments OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book ticked so many of my boxes I was practically crying with happiness in the second part (OK-so I love my books lol)

(view spoiler)

I am rating this book as 10 Gazillion Stars because seriously 5 stars does not describe its awesomeness enough.

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
You don't have to use spoiler tags.

message 7: by Oona (new)

Oona | 44 comments I really enjoyed this! Answered a couple of my questions (yes, I guessed right!) about what happenned to Pritkin's power levels apres "the deed" with Cassie :)

I did find the Irin's comment to Pritkin about accepting that he (Pritkin) is also a demon funny, and calling him "princeling". Hee hee. Also he has a nice ass according to Dorina?

I LOOVED the bit with Marlow at the beginning (hints of romance?) And was tickled at the tiger tat :) here kitty, kitty :) ROFL.

Besides that, it appears now that there is resistance within the demon realms over the vampire/demon alliance.

Also Pritkin's belief that dhampirs are a myth just got blown to bits... :)

And Ray, Ray grew up!! Just so many reason I loved this story,
and I can't wait for the Pritkin POV of Dorina/Dory (I'm not sure he understood that there were 2 separate beings in one body/mind...)

Oh, and the blue fire. Highly suspicious of that...fae?

message 8: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Heavens | 361 comments K wrote: "OMG she is totally part Irin. Wonder if she has any abilities that only work in Faerie?"

I agree with you K!

I think Dory is definitely part Irin, she glowed back in FK, and the fey plant reacted that way because of both Dory and the Irin.
I am still confused as hell over the last part of the novella, why must there always be an epic battle that's almost impossible to follow? Anyhow, I am not complaining, and KC is amazing.

I think what the Irin did was enable Dory to take on an Irin form at the end, and she probably would not have been able to assume such a form (glowing and whatnot), if Dory had not been part Irin, not part fey.

And well, we all know what that means, right?
Elena with her Irin blood. Maybe when Drac killed her, she turned into a glow with no form. If it works similarly to the demons, Elena might have gone to the Irin world (which I am betting is an upper heaven beyond Faerie). I think Mircea might have been looking for Elena in all the wrong places (Pythias who can bring him back to the moment when she died). No, what he needed was a demi-goddess with the power to open the gates between the worlds. Good thing he has one now, and she wouldn't even have to screw with the timeline to save Elena, if Elena is really in the world of the Irin.

The worldbuilding got insanely expanded in this novella, and even the overall plot moved forward more than it did in Shadow's Bane. But if we get another 60k novella with this story from Pritkin's PoV, we will get a total of 120k words, which I am calling a novel. (Honestly, considering that Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews topped at 110k words, more or less, KC has a novel here, and I wish KC's publishers are paying more attention to KC and what she writes).

I loved seeing Pritkin in this one, and I wish we saw Cassie too, although I assume Pritkin must have left her behind just like Dory left LC behind. If sup HK is phased, Cassie's power would probably not work there, and I don't see Pritkin taking her along for the ride and risking her like that in a place where her power doesn't work.

If the Irin are supposed to be Watchers, then their presence on Earth, Faerie, Shadowland and the other hells might come with some restrictions. If Elena had broken a rule (don't interfere, just watch) by marrying Mircea and having a seemingly only dhampir daughter with him, then she might not be allowed to come back after her physical form was destroyed. That leaves the problem of her wings, which we've never seen in Mircea's memories, although, considering that Mircea was either human in her presence or recently turned into a vamp, he might have been fooled by glamor, or maybe not even see it since he wouldn't have magic sight while he was human. And if the Irin are anything like demons, then maybe the appearance of the Irin with wings is just a form he chose to take, while Elena could have masquerading as fully human. And if she broke the rules, maybe she is not allowed to come back (just like every demon on earth has the rule of three possessions - Rian subverted this rule by possessing a vamp). Letting Dory grow up alone.
However, Elena did not die immediately after Dory was born. First she gave Dory away, and then, several years later, she asked Drac for help. If Elena had been fully Irin, she could have found Dory on her own. So, that means that maybe Elena was part Irin, yet even so, she would have had the power. It still doesn't explain how Elena ended up seeking out Drac to help her find Dory/Mircea, when she could have done that on her own.
Unless Drac captured her when she found him during her search, not knowing that Drac was fucking crazy and would entrap her and kill her.

We just don't know, and I can't wait to find out, honestly.

I loved the supernatural city, the origins of the vampires, weres, and other supernatural humans in general, and how they were made.

And the characters. Marlowe was as usual a joy to read about, and his reaction to Dory/Dorina was great. Ray is amazing, as usual, and as Dory's second too. How many times will he have to save everyone's asses before they learn to appreciate the guy, I have no idea.
But I can't wait to see Dory and Pritkin hopefully interact more in future books.

I just can't wait for future books, period. KC is too awesome!

message 9: by Oona (new)

Oona | 44 comments PS. Pritkin's staff - Caedmon's staff? Hum. How'd he get the staff, I thought he gave it back to Caedmon when he found it last time? Unless Caedmon gave it to him in turn to use in this situation?

Trishla Jain (bookieverse30) | 38 comments I thought it was destroyed by ares ? In ride the storm?

message 11: by Oona (new)

Oona | 44 comments Well if its not Caedmon's, then is it gasp, the MERLIN'S staff? ROFL. He could you know, have powered up his power level (fae and magic sides having had that exchange with Cassie?) and made his own staff...did sound like the storm listened to him / it though...

Nancy | 493 comments Mod

We have the beginning of the dearly beloved Marlowe matchup, but it will be with Dorina. I don't know how KC will write this, but she can carry it off with panache, I'm sure.

After all, she penned the famous (and lost) two Mirceas sex scene which was censored by her publisher. Many of us have long wished that KC would re-create that famous deleted scene, since she insists it is lost. I was happy to pay twice for DC, but I would pay whatever KC wanted to charge for THAT scene.

That weird solicitude from Marlowe after the close encounter with Dorina just fascinated me. Good times! *rubbing my hands briskly*

message 13: by Oona (new)

Oona | 44 comments Ha. I think everyone noticed that, hee hee. After the Zombie Bite story, I was saying that the was alot of chemistry ROFL.... And I'm tickled pink because I called it a long time ago that the vamps were made by a god or gods (description of the inital vamp Master that the consul and Anthony dispatched seemed to fit, esp, as that Master Vamp did not have any problems with sunshine and in fact seemed to feed off of it. Also the description way back of what it was like to be pushed - Gillian and Marlowe's story I think?).

I'm waiting for Mage Pritkin's side of things - he's the one breaking the "spell" although he doesn't "kill" the demon, Dory / Dorina does that part...And I'm hoping the whole "power level" problem will be explained? As in he's ridiculously over powered now and maybe tapping some of the Pythia power?

message 14: by K (new) - added it

K | 63 comments I have to admit I'm not sure what Dory realized at the end of the story when used the Dragon Claw and she said she wouldn't forget. Did the Irin use the last of his life energy and die in using the Dragon Claw to give Dory a dose of Irin powers?

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
@ K

I think the Irin died at the end. He admitted having lied about leaving for the Irin world, instead staying to deal with demon who possessed Marlow's "trumpet" vampire.

I think the only thing that Doryna recognized was the Irin's sacrifice for others, and she recognized his injunction to remember him. He said that being remembered was the only chance for eternity.

In one of the early short stories, Rosier "treated" Emrys to a purchased memory of existing as another creature. I think the creature whose memory (and death) was captured for Emrys to experience was an Irin. The revulsion he had to the casual disregard for sentient life led to Emrys/Pritkin being exiled from hell to Earth.

It's late, and I didn't check out the story to be sure of the details, but I think that was the way it happened........

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
It's so wonderful to be discussing SB and DC, which have advanced the time line to September. Also, we have Siren's Song coming in December, which will be dealing with another aspect of the war.

Cassieverse keeps expanding with greater and greater world-building, new creatures, new talents for beloved characters, new entanglements among the characters, and just aaarrrggghhh! So much awesomeness!

My next step is to re-read Tomas' story to see when it takes place. I just remember KC (or someone) saying it was several months in advance of the rest of the books/novellas/shorts.

As of ZB, Alejandro was still SA consul. His masters are running amok (and planning to blame everything on him), but I hope he gets taken out! It may not happen, what with the war and all, but if he is cooperating with the Rasputin faction........ I hope he goes down nastily with the greatest amount of HURT possible.

Can't remember for sure, but I don't think Tomas planned to oust Alejandro yet, but maybe that will change. Hope so!!!

message 17: by Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥ , Mircea's Moderatrix (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
From FB.

Fun news! I just heard that Tantor, the group that does the audiobooks for the Cassie and Dory series, is considering recording "Dragon's Claw" and "Siren's Song"! I'll be really happy if this turns out to be the case, because some people asked for the audio, but having even a novella recorded is very expensive. Especially since "Dragon's Claw" is half the length of a book! I couldn't afford to do it, but it looks like it might work out anyway. I'll let you know more when I hear for certain.

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
In re-reading DC, I keep finding little side mentions that I REALLY wish KC would write. Dory mentioned that she heard Mircea's and Ming-de's first meeting was memorable!

Now, that's a short story I would love to read (and to savor). I would happily pay a good price for that bit of prose!

I can't help feeling that there's a lot more of Ming-de to come in the next books of each of KC's series. With her mental abilities, she REALLY fits in with the new adversaries that are causing trouble in the Cassieverse. The only thing I can't figure out if she'll be a good guy or a bad guy........

message 19: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne | 20 comments For those who wanted a paperback, and don't live in the US - Book Depository now sell it, and ship worldwide!

I live in Australia, and Amazon recently opened Amazon Australia - with far higher prices, much smaller selection, and banned shipping from Amazon US. Apparently 'free trade' is only a stick used to whack Australian companies and governments.

Anyway, enough of that - my copy is somewhere enroute to Melbourne!!!

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
@ Anne

I live in the USA, but I've heard other people complain about Amazon UK before, as well.

Do libraries get special perks or exemptions? Maybe that could be a resource for you.

message 21: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne | 20 comments Nancy wrote: "@ Anne

Do libraries get special perks or exemptions? Maybe that could be a resource for you."

Unfortunately, Amazon is punishing us because of a rather unpopular change in the tax system. Libraries do not get any exemption at all.

I already use my local library a lot - with the amount I read, I couldn't afford to only buy the books I read, and I couldn't fit them in my house! They usually take a few months after release to arrive in my library, by which time I've either accidentally read too many spoilers here, or had to avoid Goodreads altogether :-(

And I do want to support Karen Chance as much as I can.

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
I just re-read Dragon's Claw, and I wonder if Dory's tiger tat died when the demon attacked him or her. I hope the tat just reattached to Dory instead of being "killed". Dory needs a pet tiger as backup!

That tiger was awesome, and it is a tie to Lords Cheung and Zheng-zi. I never knew before DC that the tats could detach and protect Cheung's family vamps. Before, Dory had only noticed them as a gang identifier.

KC just keeps increasing her awesome universe, and I'm really enjoying the new information.

Claire (claire1) | 4451 comments I read Dragon's Claw a few weeks ago and just forgot to comment. The tiger tattoo is officially my favorite thing ever and I want one very, very badly. My gosh, just imagine how amazing that would be.

I feel like I need to re-read it though, because I am not keeping up with this conversation at all!

I agree that Dorina might be part Fey. The way the Irin react to her is very telling.

The battle scene definitely got a bit hard to follow. I can't wait for the follow up novella where we get to see things from Pritkin's side. I've been spending more time with the Dory books as of late, because I think that plot development has been more fulfilling.

And as much as I love Dory and LC together a silly part of me really likes her with Marlowe. I know it makes no sense and yet here we are.

It seems like the Cassie and the Dory plots are slowly starting to converge...I wonder when those two will be introduced to each other.

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
As long as Cassie is angry with Mircea, I can't see how Cassie and Dory will be officially introduced. Of course, Cassie was shifting to Mircea at the end of Ride the Storm, so she will be interacting with him in Brave the Tempest. She is furious with him over the "gift" of the book about the Arthurian legend, because she interprets it (correctly) as sly blackmail over Pritkin's identity as the actual Merlin in the legends.

Maybe she will finally break up with Mircea and quit equivocating about her love for Pritkin. I'm ready for her to woman up and drop her deluded pretense of loving Mircea.

BTW, how strong is a tempest? Less than a storm, do you think? Anyway, dare we hope that BtT will be a little less action-packed?

Whatever, I am sure it will be entertaining.

Cameo | 1045 comments Mod
I don't think Cassie and Dory will ever have an OFFICIAL introduction, given how both their lives are, they will meet someday by accident, especially now that Pritkin has met Dory, Cassie is sure to follow. Both of them have a knack for meeting people they need - knowingly or not - and as the storyline progresses, they're gonna need each other.
I'm more interested in how they will behave towards each other, but that can go ANY which way, lol.
But totally agree that Cassie needs to get some girlballs and just break it off with Mircea. Their relationship isn't healthy for either of them. And in my opinion Cassie deserves to be with someone more loose, not as rigid as Mircea can be (calm down Mircea fans, I know he has a fun and cuddly side, but it rarely sees the light of day okay!), and now that Pritkin is no longer under the chains of the demon counsil and he can tell his father properly to fuck off, a massive weight has been lifted from his shoulders, so I think we're gonna see a lot more of the mischievous and fun Pritkin.

lol I don't think KC is able to write an entire book without action in volumes.

Tempest definition, a violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow. (from dictionary.com) .... so yeah, next book isn't gonna be a slow one XD

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K | 63 comments I'd love a Dory/Cassie team up. I was going to say I don't know how KC would write it, since they're both first person books, but maybe the Dory/Pritikin team up will be a good example of making it work. Can't wait until December...

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
We really need Siren's Song. I know KC is finishing

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
Here's the rest of my comment - - -

Brave the Tempest, but I think Siren's Song would make a lovely Christmas gift from my favorite author. Her world-building just keeps expanding in delightful ways. Seriously, it is wonderful to (possibly) have a novella at the end of 2018, and the prospect of BtT in August of 2019.

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
From FB.

The audio book for "Dragon's Claw" is now available! Joyce Bean, who does the regular series books, narrates. Also available at Audible.com.


message 30: by Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥ , Mircea's Moderatrix (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
From FB.

Contest! I was not expecting this, but just received 10 copies of the "Dragon's Claw" audiobook, out of the blue! These are not physical copies, but downloadable links where you can obtain it. But that works, right? Anyway, if you'd like one, send a note to KarenChance@hotmail.com with "AudioBook" in the title. I'll do a random draw at this time tomorrow and send them to you via email. Sounds fun? All right then. You know what to do.

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
Dragon's Claw, Shadow's Bane and Ride the Storm have emphasized mental powers more and more, for both sides in the coming conflict.

Ming-de is supposed to have great mental powers, but her actions in the present-day have been very small potatoes: a losing attempt to lead the vampire Super Senate, a juvenile gift to Cassie (out of jealousy over Mircea), and a possible cover-up of her role in the action in Supernatural Hong Kong.

I hope we get more information on her real intentions in Siren's Song and Brave the Tempest. With her mental abilities, Ming-de could be a great ally for Mircea (the Vampire General), or she could be quite damaging to the war effort. She could sit in on strategy sessions and give inside information to the Dark Side mages, demons, fey and vampires.

I wonder which side she will be on as the enemy closes in?

message 32: by Scarlet (last edited Mar 03, 2019 05:19AM) (new)

Scarlet Heavens | 361 comments Man, I feel like I need to re-read Ride the Storm, because damn it if I did not get out of it convinced that Cassie HAD broken it OFF with Mircea, and the reason why he attempted to blackmail her in the last chapter was basically the start of a personal war between the two of them.

Cassie is very very determined about not saving Elena.
Cassie meeting Dory can potentially change that if Cassie feels sympathetic for Dory. Mark my words, if Cassie does decide to help out with Elena, it will not be because Mircea manipulates her into it or blackmails her. Or maybe that's just what I want.

Dory is not part fey. Dory is part Irin, and probably gets it from her mother. If her mother is any part Irin, would not that allow for Elena to go to the Irin world after her death? Perhaps she was not allowed to have children in this world and now is under some kind of punishment - prison? Maybe Elena is not ALLOWED to come back to Earth. If that's true, then Cassie does not need to change any timelines to bring her to the present. Cassie just needs to open a door to the Irin world. Which I think she can do, because Cassie's goddess power (that she gets from Artemis/Hel) is her ability to open doors to other worlds.

I don't know about Ming-de's motivation and possible role in the war, but dammit if I did not get a major chuckle out of the mention about her giant feet - especially when I remember Cassie feeling insecure around dainty Ming-de and her dainty little feet clad in silk slippers or whatnot.

Nancy | 493 comments Mod
Ming-de has played a minor role so far in both series and all the shorts and novellas. In fact, she has almost been pathetic in her petty squabbles over Mircea's "attentions". Maybe she has made herself a laughingstock to the other Senate heads.

It's hilarious that she ISN'T dainty with tiny feet. Instead, she's bosomy and bubble-butted with huge feet. She sure wasn't Cheung's type, anyway!

My only concern is if she is a great villain that Ms Chance has been carefully hiding from us while Ming colludes with or manipulates the enemy forces.

Just on another note entirely, I've always thought that the white scars on Pritkin's shoulders are from the time he experienced the death of an Irin in one of the short stories. Before Pritkin was ejected from the Hell worlds, Rosier bought him the memories and death experience of an unknown creature who could fly.If vampires can choose not to heal some wounds, I bet Pritkin can do that as well.

I thought it was really funny that Louis-Caesar didn't heal the love bites Dory gave him. He probably displayed them proudly to anyone who asked about them.

I hope we get Siren's Song right away, I need to know how Pritkin perceives his life and goals after recovering from the demon curse that would have killed him if Adra had not intervened. I wonder if there is some plot-point spoiler for BtT that is holding up the release of Siren's Song. I hope not......

message 34: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Heavens | 361 comments Nancy wrote: "My only concern is if she is a great villain that Ms Chance has been carefully hiding from us while Ming colludes with or manipulates the enemy forces."

Oh, I've been excited for Ming-De being the villain since Embrace the Night. Yes, the Codex was a powerful magic book that everyone wanted, but most of them wanted it to undo Artemis' spell and bring back the gods.

Nancy wrote: "I thought it was really funny that Louis-Caesar didn't heal the love bites Dory gave him. He probably displayed them proudly to anyone who asked about them."

^^^^Yup, LC totally did this in the epilogue of Shadow's Bane. He strutted about like a peacock looking extremely pleased with himself. I thought it was amazing that it was Dorina/Dory who claimed him in the vampire way. One of my favorite things about Dorina's series is how (I think) there is no love triangle. Sure, maybe Dory gets curious about other guys, especially Caedmon in SB, but I don't think there will be a major shift in there, and I'm kinda fine with it.

Nancy | 493 comments Mod

I've been haunting Pc's website hoping to read that Sirens Song is available to buy. I can't wait to see Pritkin (Merlin!) in action with his new but somewhat uncontrolled powers.

I follow a few series, but no other author equals Karen Chance......just no one! The excitement for a new release just carries me away. COME ON SIRENS SONG!!!!

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Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥  (mylheage) | 6031 comments Mod
I really enjoyed Dragon's Claw.

I never really cared about Ray but for some reason I started to like him in this book.

I also think the graffiti were interesting. Not sure I want to "meet" them though.

message 37: by Tatayoyo (new) - added it

Tatayoyo | 17 comments I dont know if we spoke about it before, but i have two theory. I remember this two parts:

« But know this: the gods whom your enemies seek to bring back to this realm once controlled all of it: Earth and Faerie, as well as much of the hells. But they were a greedy, restless people, constantly warring with themselves, each seeking to claim the whole. In the course of those wars, they sought allies to aid them in their quest, but were never satisfied with their quality, always striving to make them better. Thus were many of the dark fey born in Faerie, and on Earth, were created the weres, vampires and such monsters as live in your myths and legends. »

So if Gods are their BIG creator then they can be consider like the BIG vamps's master. Then could they use this link to return/control somes vamps (lower) againts their own people during the war ?

«It was not a disease the gods gifted you with, but an . . . upgrade . . . if you like, to make you better warriors »

Then if it's an upgrade wich can be removed like we saw with Cassandra. Could it be possible if all Gods die, this upgrade will disappear and then all vamps will become human again? And then we have our happy end Mircea/Dory have a normal life with Elena(if she is saved).

I am sorry for my english it's not my native tongue.

Have a nice day !

Nancy | 493 comments Mod

Your English is fine, and the points you made are interesting.

Gods could control vampires, werewolves, and other monsters they created, I suppose, but vampires are not easy to possess or control unless they are very young vamps. That is how Rian was able to possess Casanova, who was a new vampire. Their relationship became a sharing, rather than a controller (Rian) and a controllee (Casanova).

At least, that is the way Karen Chance has presented them to us.

I don't think all the gods are going to die, because Cassie wants to save the ones who may not wish to take over the hells and the heavens. Maybe enough will die in the war to control their over-population problem, and they won't need to invade the hells and the heavens.

I think it's wonderful that you are thinking about more issues than how often Cassie and Pritkin have sex. In my opinion, their relationship has derailed the entire storyline.

Anyway, please keep on sharing your ideas and your reaction to these books. It has gotten very quiet on Goodreads in the Cassie topics.

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