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Christopher Rodkey (cdrodkey) | 8 comments * Title - The World is Crucifixion: Radical Christian Preaching, Year C
* Author(s) name(s): Christopher D. Rodkey
* ISBN (or ASIN) - 978-1934542545
* Publisher - Noesis (The Davies Group, Publishers)
* Publication date - 2016
* Format - Paperback
* Description

With a foreword by Katharine Sarah Moody and an afterword by Carl Raschke, The World is Crucifixion is a collection of sermons, written and preached from an American radical theology perspective, that demonstrate post-Christendom.

The sermons follow the liturgical and lectionary year C, so clergy may use the book for their own preaching and easily reference it in their professional work.Laity will also find the sermons a challenging alternative to read and live through the liturgical cycle.

From the text:

“There could be no more offensive faith to this world, or its Christian expressions, than an authentic and radical proclamation of the death of God, of radical theology.”

“Radical preaching is an act of reversing the reversals, of exposing and illuminating the reversals which need to be reversed by telling stories, reciting songs and poetry, interpreting sacred texts which aid and inspire the reversal of reversals. This act of reversing reversals is not always consistent, not always intellectually clean, not always politically correct, and is never socially polite. Preaching calls forth and enacts these reversals, and hopes to inspire others to similarly de-center, sublimate, kenote, Spin, reverse.”

“Why bother with Christianity? Imagine what this world would be like if we Christians who love to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ began to practice amazing grace. What would this world become if Christians practiced Christianity?”

* Page count - 218
* Link to book page - http://www.thedaviesgrouppublishers.c...

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Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 5570 comments Already in the database since 2016/05/23; added cover image from description and number of pages added:

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