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Digital libraries, donations, etc.

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message 1: by Persnickety (new)

Persnickety | 13 comments ***** Curious about dealing with personal digital book collections. A lot of people have to have paid significant dollars for all those e-books. So... how do you pass them on to someone else? Especially after you've "passed on". I haven't run across anything in an estate sale yet, but why not?

Donations to libraries? I'm pretty dedicated to Kindle Unlimited offerings due to budget constraints. There are some few series, however, that I'd consider purchasing to donate to our local/county library because I'd like more people to find them. I haven't yet checked to see if that's a possibility. My concern is how that would impact an author. Is an e-book donation any different than donating a hard copy book?

message 2: by Miss M (new)

Miss M | 31 comments If you’re purchasing from any of the major vendors, Amazon, Kobo, etc., you’re not actually buying the book, you’re buying a license for the book. And the license prohibits any third party transfer. Read the Terms and Conditions sometime (for a headache!)

I’ve seen some conflicting answers about leaving your ‘digital estate’ behind but haven’t seen any straightforward solutions beyond just letting someone quietly have your account login information. Again, there’s no legal way to transfer ebooks, unlike your paper copies. Also no way to donate specific digital books to libraries (though I think authors/copyright holders might be able to through specific distributors.)

message 3: by Effie (new)

Effie Kammenou (effiekammenou) | 720 comments I've donated my print books to many libraries, but unfortunately, because I am exclusive with kindle unlimited and audible, I cannot donate those formats to the library. Nor can they purchase those formats when readers have requested them. As far as a reader who has purchased them donating it, that would be against third party transfer, much the same way it would be when people copy movies and distribute them.

message 4: by Persnickety (new)

Persnickety | 13 comments Wow! This is really discouraging. So why would anyone invest in a digital library? I keep thinking "ephemeral" and wonder about the eventual, inevitable loss of so much wonderful work product. I always thought of libraries as the keepers of written art, thought, etc. But looks like that's being closed off.

Maybe authors will see a need and come up with some way to preserve these works.

message 5: by Effie (new)

Effie Kammenou (effiekammenou) | 720 comments The person who bought the digital copy gets to keep it an have it in their library. They just can't share it with anyone. I suppose that's the benefit of a physical book. You can lend or give it to a friend when your'e done reading it.

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