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message 1: by ladybird (new)

ladybird | 5 comments The book is written in this very special way, which is my favourite thing about it. It doesn’t just tell the story from the perspective of the main characters, there are also chapters told from the people they sometimes only even come into contact with for a minute, showing that you can have a big impact on someone’s life without knowing about it. These chapters were the most special part of the book, at first you kind of don’t know why they’re there and by the end they’re tied together in this smart way to show that everything happens for a reason. I am really worried about the movie! REALLY WORRIED!!

message 2: by Nidhi (new)

Nidhi Parikh | 1 comments I'm currently reading it and even I like this concept.I didn't know there is going to be a movie.When is it coming out?

message 3: by ladybird (new)

ladybird | 5 comments It comes out May 2019, they wrapped it a couple of weeks ago. I’m both excited and scared at the same time!

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