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The Sheep Look Up
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message 1: by Art, Stay home, stay safe. (new) - rated it 2 stars

Art | 2546 comments Mod
Group Read #17

message 2: by Bryan, Village Idiot (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bryan | 480 comments Mod
I'm nearly finished with this book and it's just depressing. It's pretty good, though I could do without so much racism. Of course, that is a product of that time and it would be foolish to believe that kind of racism isn't happening anymore.

The way the world is described with all the health problems, wars, famine, super bugs and super diseases it is not so difficult to see happening in the near future. Honestly, this is probably one of the scarier books I've read in a while.

message 3: by Kateblue, 2nd star to the right and straight on til morning (new)

Kateblue | 4060 comments Mod
I read it or at least started it years ago and remember that I didn't like it. I think I will put it last

message 4: by Ed (new) - added it

Ed Erwin | 722 comments Started it. Wow! It is bleak! 😱

message 5: by Art, Stay home, stay safe. (new) - rated it 2 stars

Art | 2546 comments Mod
Been extremely busy and besides that also had a streak of being too lazy and/or distracted to read. Started on this novel, trying to catch up. So far so good, the writing is not too bad but I am not a big fan of characters switching in and out at random.

Allan Phillips | 2344 comments Mod
I've decided to skip this one, as I prefer to read the Club of Rome quartet in order. I know they're not continuous, but I want the perspective of the writer as he wrote them. Instead, I'm covering Six Wakes and just finished The Dispossessed, both of which I think the group read before I joined.

message 7: by Art, Stay home, stay safe. (new) - rated it 2 stars

Art | 2546 comments Mod
Allan, please add to our discussion of both the novels. I felt rather strongly against one of them (not saying which) and the other one didn't get as much discussion as it deserved, so it'd be fantastic to refresh my memory on both accounts.

message 8: by Oleksandr, a.k.a. Acorn (new) - rated it 2 stars

Oleksandr Zholud | 3988 comments Mod
I started it yesterday, so far roughly 25%. I cannot say I enjoy it, the language is hard and the setting is depressing, but in a few days I hope to join you people in spoilers section

LuthienDillon | 24 comments Not nearly done, but I liked the book so far. Pretty amazing what people already expected in the 70s regarding the impact of environmental pollution, and that nobody acted on that knowledge.
I am also positively surprised that this male author addressed sexual harassment at the time.

But it's definitely not an uplifting read.

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