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Janet (goodreadscomjanetj) | 96 comments Post your comments with spoilers here.

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Janet (goodreadscomjanetj) | 96 comments I finished this today.
Five stars for the emotional gut punch of the story. Three stars for the characterization of the boys. So I will average it out at 4 stars. I grew up in this time period but I grew up in a rural area. There were definitely the cool, really well-to-do kids and the not so well to do kids whose parents did not have the elite college and hospital jobs. However, there were never the gang fights and beatings that this book portrayed. It was a much more innocent environment and I am definitely glad that I grew up in such a protective environment. Since I did not grow up with kids quite like this I might have misperceptions but I have a hard time believing that the greasers would have been talked to each other like these boys sometimes did(one even called the other honey and it was not used sarcastically or in any homosexual context). That being said, this was written by a sixteen year old girl, and that is admirable.

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