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CCC | 71 comments Please add this book to the library, many thanks!

Title: 老少女基地
* Author(s) name(s):Stella So
* ISBN (or ASIN):9789620428135
* Publisher:三聯書店(香港)有限公司 (Joint Publishing HK)
* Publication date:2009/01/01
* Format
* Description:
漫畫家Stella So懷舊香港以外的個人情懷。以可愛的圖畫及幽默的文字,紀錄一個年約三十的老少女單身生活點點滴滴,例如她如何為粉飾香閨四處”拾荒”、單身自救法分享、與媽媽的地盤爭奪戰、男主人丁丁貓的惡行......
* Page count: 152
* Link to book page: (This is the publisher's page)

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CCC | 71 comments Could you help add this book to the library?
The link is the official publisher's link.
Many thanks!

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