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25.9 - Delicious Dee's task: Women of American Ninja Warrior

In general, I’m not a huge TV watcher, however, I never miss a week of American Ninja Warrior (ANW) when it is on. There is something crazy about seeing these ninja’s fly through the air or run across balance obstacles. Over the last 4 years, there has been a huge rise in women competing on the show and completing rounds (each season is divided into a City Qualifiers stage, the City Finals stage, then up to 4 stages in Las Vegas for the National Finals.

This is a 2 book task and you are required to use TWO different options.

Required: State which options you used when you post.

Books with the Main Page Genres of Sequential Art, Comics, Comic Book, and Manga can be used for this task. No books with the main page genre Children or Kids may be used.

Option 1: This year 2 women from each City Finals course advanced to the National Finals in Las Vegas. Read a book where the author shares first and last initials with one of the qualifiers. Initials must be in the same order as the participant. Middle names should be ignored.
Dallas: Barclay Stockett (BS), Brittney Hanks (BH)
Los Angeles: Tiana Webberly (TW), Anna Shumaker (AS)
Miami: Jessie Graff (JG), Rachel Goldstein (RG)
Indianapolis: Jesse Labreck (JL), Jeri D'Aurelio (JD)
Philadelphia: Allyssa Beird (AB), Michelle Warnky (MW)
Minneapolis: Meagan Martin (MM), Abby Clark (AC)

Option 2: To date, only 1 female has ever completed a City Finals course: Kacy Catanzaro in 2014. Read a book first published in 2014.

Option 3: Season 8 saw for the first time four women, Rachael Goldstein, Jesse Labreck, Michelle Warnky, and Allyssa Beird all qualifying for the City Finals course in Philadephia. Read an anthology/compilation that was written by FOUR (and only four) authors.

Option 4: To date, only two women, Jessie Graff and Allyssa Beird have made it past Stage 1 at the National Finals. Jessie Graff is known for her superhero outfits that she wears (I mean, she is a stunt double for Super Girl). Alyssa Beard is a middle school teacher. Read a book from one of these lists:
Kickass women in superhero comics
Teachers Featured
Required: State the list and what page you found your book on when you post.

Option 5: To be successful as a Ninja grip strength is critical (as well as being fast on your feet) - so its no surprise the Pro Rockclimber, Meagan Martin, is one of the most successful female Ninjas. Read a book in which the first letter of every word in the book's title (and subtitle, if there is one) can be found in one of the outdoor climbs she has completed: Meagan Martin's Outdoor Climbs. Minimum 2 word titles. The name of the climb is found in italics. Locations should be ignored.
Example: Thankless in Death (TID) can be found in the climb Bierstadt
Required: State which climb you used when you post.

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Dee (austhokie) | 7911 comments mine

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Dee (austhokie) | 7911 comments mine!

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Dee (austhokie) | 7911 comments mine

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SRC Moderator | 5361 comments Mod
This thread is now open!

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Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 3976 comments Option 5 states we should use the title AND subtitle (if the book has one); but also has this requirement: Minimum 2 word titles.

So .. would Educated: A Memoir work? (Title is only 1 word, but a total of 3 words with the subtitle.)

Thanks for clarifying.

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Dee (austhokie) | 7911 comments YEs - you would need a climb with TEM in it

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Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 3976 comments Dee wrote: "YEs - you would need a climb with TEM in it"

??? I hope you mean I'd need a climb with E A M in it?
Educated: A Memoir ....

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Dee (austhokie) | 7911 comments yes that sorry - sorry shouldn't eat and type

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Brigia | 258 comments For option 1, if the book was written by two authors, is it okay if just one fits the task? Thank you!

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Sandy | 16711 comments Mod
Please note the FAQs :

"7. What if a book has multiple authors in a task involving author names or initials?
The general default rule is that books by a single author must be used. This can be varied by the task creator."

When a task does not specify something different, the default rule applies.

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Brigia | 258 comments Yay! :-) Thank you...

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Sandy | 16711 comments Mod
Brigia wrote: "Yay! :-) Thank you..."

That means that a book with multiple authors cannot be used.

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Brigia | 258 comments Lol - oh man, I was reading what I wanted to read. How embarassing! Thanks for clarifying again, Sandy!

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Marie (UK) (mazza1) | 2749 comments Dee just checking a two word title is acceptable option 5 so Live Bait would work initials in BUSH PiLOT

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Dee (austhokie) | 7911 comments Yes - it saysminimum 2 words

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