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message 1: by Viel (new)

Viel Nast | 4 comments * Title: hills of the silent cries
* Author(s) name(s): viel nast
* ISBN (or ASIN): B07DY83QYT
* Publisher: talbot epic press
* Publication date: June 21, 2018
* Format: ebook
* Description: In the rugged hills in the north of Tragis there is a place of dread and terror. An unholy land infested by those that died in a great battle centuries ago. Lovecraftian horror unseen, unheard and unfelt by the senses, except in the mind... The third book in the Great Old Ones series is a tribute to the author of the Chtullu mythos H P Lovecraft. Hills of the silent Cries brings horror fantasy to the epic fantasy world of the Land of Oyr.
* Page count: 66
* Link to book page:

message 3: by Viel (new)

Viel Nast | 4 comments thanks allot!

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