The Raven Cycle (spoilers)

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message 1: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments Heeeeey people! Anyone else a Raven Cycle fan or is it just me?
If you are then what da heck happened with the whole Gansey - Noah - Glendower thing?! Like, Noah gave up his life for Gansey and said it was Glendower, but when and how and it’s just so confusing!

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I just reread this series it’s so good!! I think that Noah as a ghost went back and made sure that Gansey survived the hornet attack but since time is circular it doesn’t really matter when he went back to do it. He was probably also influenced to do it because he heard about it happening from gansey so it’s a little bit of a paradox which is cool to think about.

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Wiktoria | 20 comments Noah is my favourite character, he is just the sweetest!
When you think about it, Noah saw Gansey die for the second time, didn’t he? Even though he knew it would happen, seeing it made him feel he should save 10 year old Gansey, so he went back to that moment as a ghost. That’s my theory. I thought it through and understand it now.

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Yeah Noah’s a really good character. It’s so sad how he decays so much in the last book :( and we don’t ever get to say a proper goodbye to him

message 5: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments I know right! It’s so sad how even though he’s already dead, it feels like he dies for real :( god the Raven Cycle is painful

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah! At least Gansey doesn’t end up dying thank god

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Wiktoria | 20 comments Yesss!! I was terrified about his death! And the constant wonder “is he ACTUALLY going to die?”

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I know!! I was pretty sure he wasn’t but I doubted it at times. Also I’m kind of upset we didn’t get more in the epilogue of blue and Gansey being a cute couple or any interaction Brown Ronan and adam. I wanted more!

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Wiktoria | 20 comments I had my doubts too! And yeah! I was kinda disappointed with the epilogue. It should’ve been more about Bluesey than about Adam. And honestly, It’s not really Blue and Gansey is it? It’s Bluesey + Henry haha. Also the dream trilogy is going to come out relatively soon, I can’t believe we won’t get any Blue and Gansey there!

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What’s the dream trilogy? I haven’t heard anything about it

message 11: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments So basically, Maggie is writing a trilogy about Ronan (and Adam). It’s a continuation of the Raven Cycle but also a separate thing. So the d characters won’t be there. The only TRC characters are Ronan and Adam (and opal and chainsaw I think).

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Omg how did I not know about this! I really hope that blue and Gansey at least make a cameo at some point!

message 13: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments Yessss same! She can’t just completely cut them out! They’ve got to show up at some point!!

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah well just gotta keep our fingers crossed I guess

message 15: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments That’s the best we can do! At least we’re getting a continuation-ish though!

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Omg wait I just saw that there’s gonna be a raven cycle tv show too!! I hope it’s good

message 17: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments I KNOW!!!! Maggie is writing it, so It will be perfect! <3 the whole fandom is buzzing about it!

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Wow I’m so out of what’s happening in trc fandom bc I read the books a while ago and only just reread them and remembered how good they are! It’s gonna be such a good show I’m so excited

message 19: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments Its gonna be Great! I can’t wait! I am so excited to see the cast too! But I’m also scared!!! Like what if they mess up Adam’s accent, or if Gansey isn’t the pretty boy he is described as or what if Noah is badly CGI-ed :| I’m so excited but I’m so scared!

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Yeah I get that it probably depends on how big of a budget the show has too. Also I’m not too worried about aesthetic as long as they get the characters are accurate and plot is too. Also they’ll probably still make Noah a person not cgi I bet

message 21: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments Yeah I’m not worried about aesthetic either, just the characters and staying true to the books. What I meant by Noah’s CGI is for moments when he’s putting his bodyguise on or appearing and disappearing.
But yeah, it does depend on the budget.

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Yeah I get it like Noah’s a really interesting character and probably a harder one to do like you gotta make sure he’s not too dead and that people get invested in him

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Wiktoria | 20 comments Yeaaaaah. And like you gotta make him look worn out and not super ghost-like coz you only find that out later.
So many things can go wrong! Ah! I’m so nervous!!!

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Yeah but at least Maggie is writing it w them so it should be good. Do you know when it’s gonna come out?

message 25: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments I have no idea... she wrote the pilot episode though, so I’m guessing the casting will be soon and then... just give it a year, I doubt it will be sooner.

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Nooo that’s so long to wait :(

message 27: by Wiktoria (new)

Wiktoria | 20 comments I knoooow :( we’ll survive through it!

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah I guess we’ll have to!!

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