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Martha Conway | 255 comments Mod
A Western tale of betrayal and forgiveness, SARAH'S SECRET was inspired by secrets that author Beverly Scott unearthed in her own family.

Follow the paths of Sarah and Will as they tell their stories of trust, secrets, and betrayal on the frontier in the old West. Their pioneer spirit helped to fuel the expansion into the Western territories of the United States.

“Readers who want a glimpse into the life of a pioneer woman will take joy in Sarah's tale as they get a flavor for the hardships one takes on in a new territory." - Maria A. Hughes, The US Review of Books

Sarah's Secret by Beverly Scott
Sarah's Secret

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Michelle Cox | 122 comments Sounds great! Can't wait to hear more!

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Dyana | 189 comments Fun to find out secrets!!

message 4: by Beverly (new)

Beverly Great! I am excited to share this week with you. Here is a little more description about "Sarah's Secret" with some perspectives and comments from readers and reviewers.

“Sarah’s Secret, A Western Tale of Betrayal and Forgiveness” was inspired by the lives of my grandparents. My grandfather’s hidden life became my grandmother’s devastating secret. When my genealogy search did not reveal the information I needed to write it as a true family story, I used the bones of the true story and drew on my creativity to complete the story as fiction.

“What happens when a widow is profoundly betrayed by the person she trusted most in her life?”

In Sarah’s Secret, set in the hardscrabble early 20th Century Midwest, Bev skillfully uses words to bring to life the physical dangers and the subtle emotional crises which confront Sarah, a widow trying to keep her family together in the face of poverty and illness. The historical richness of this Western story of struggle, betrayal and redemption provides vivid details of the culture, isolation and strengths of our pioneer ancestors.
“Spellbinding tale!”
With grit and determination, Sarah seeks refuge back in Nebraska after the death of her husband, Sam in New Mexico. The tedious and dangerous trip, with graphic descriptions of the beauty and hardship of the prairie, is fraught with challenges which Sarah faces with courage and strength. Sam’s story, set earlier in the post-Civil War frontier, reveals the roots of betrayal. The women who are touched by him are heroines of courage. With deep rich characters and a believable story, the twists and turns of the plot make this a stunning read.

“Readers of Western fiction who enjoy a solid blend of history and psychology and who seek more than just a frontier flavor in their fiction, will find I Sarah’s Secret an absorbing and revealing read.”

Bev’s descriptions paint pictures with clarity and passion in both her historical fiction work and her professional texts. This is a “great fictional debut from an accomplished scholarly author.”

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Stella McKissack (stellamckissack) | 38 comments Love pioneer stories, and family secrets.

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Aurora | 19 comments Love stories with tantalizing secrets :)

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Beverly Terrific. And I had a great time writing about the family secret during the pioneer times. I hope you enjoy our conversation this week.

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Angela Sanford | 82 comments I can't wait to read Sarah's Secrets. To be able to know a great deal about your past us amazing. I was never told much about mine. I guess everyone has the "hidden" secrets in their family, but I think it is important to know Where you come from. I am so looking forward to reading your book.

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Beverly Angela, I agree that lots of people have family secrets. So many people I speak with tell me about their family secrets. It was fun to explore mine.

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