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Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock, and Fear... and Why
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Jean Menzies (jeanmenzies) | 115 comments I hope everyone is excited to get there non-fiction back on - I know I am! This is the thread for discussing our September/October 2018 Book Club read, which is Trainwreck by Sady Doyle. The premise of this one sounds fascinating to me, I've never read anything like it, so I hope it lives up to my hopes :D.

Jean Menzies (jeanmenzies) | 115 comments I'm about half way through the audiobook just now and really enjoying it. I say enjoying it but it has had me feeling quite emotional. I just feel so angry and upset when I think about the way women and girls are treated in the media but I'm glad I'm reading the book all the same. I was interested to discover it isn't just about 21st century women but also explores the public treatment of women like Mary Wollstonecraft and Billy Holiday. I think going back and examining the long time existence of these tropes does a good job of explaining how deeply routed and sexist the portrayal of women's mental health amongst other things is. Anyway I'm looking forward to continuing on, just thought I'd share some of my thoughts so far :).

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Alice (girlofyarn) | 1 comments I think I'm having a lot of similar emotions to reading this. I'm glad to be hearing more about the women from the past. It reinforces this is not a modern issue, although clearly the modern media brings everything to a whole other level.

Rita (cifose) | 5 comments Finished this yesterday and it was really interesting. Sad, but interesting. I also enjoyed the fact that we could see the bridge between now and then, and how these issues have evolved. Being a 27 year old I also remember following some of these women, specially Britney Spears, and it's curious how I thought about her "downfall" then, when I was just a teenager, and how I think about it now. I remember thinking "I don't blame her, but couldn't she at least try to avoid some of these situations?". That's blaming her.

Majo (majogonto) | 2 comments I have so many mixed feelings while reading each chapter. At the beginning, I tend to agree with the topic and identify myself with it. But as I continue reading I feel confused, attacked and even, sometimes, angry because I have had some of those judgmental thoughts about other women too. And finally when it comes to the end, I feel ashamed and start to see us, women, differently and understand how wrong I was. I am liking and enjoy this book, it has made me analyze myself.

Claire (cmargerison) | 5 comments I'm listening to the audiobook at the moment, and I absolutely love it. Like others have said, it definitely starkly makes me aware (and ashamed) of things that I have said or thought and I think it's so interestingly critical of the attitudes we've had towards women throughout time. I also saw a twitter thread talking about apologising to the women we've talked/thought about in that way and it made me look into the women discussed and find out more about their actual stories and lives - as Trainwreck is doing!

Karolina | 1 comments Hello. I've just finished the book, but I've mixed feelings about it. In general I do agree with Sady Doyle; however, some of her thoughts are not explained sufficiently for me. I got the impression that these are her general impressions (sometimes) without deeper insight; for instance, Marie Antoinette's case. I just didn't feel convinced in some parts.Maybe because I'm not American and in my country, which is Poland, Britney, Paris, Tara are not so famous like in the US.
Additionally, I'm wondering who (besides Hillary Clinton) is a celebrity trainwreck right now?

Julie | 11 comments I am still waiting to get my hands on a copy. The problem of being a loyal library user is it is hard to keep up with these online book clubs. Especially the more obscure titles. I am hoping to get it soon.

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