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I'll get the book from my library soon!

Fluffy (flufflicious) | 0 comments I really enjoyed this :) Would take this version over the movie any day.

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I can't wait to read it! The movies was soo good, I just hope the book does it justice! I sorta broke my number one rule by watching the move first but, oh well! 😂

Fluffy (flufflicious) | 0 comments They're not based off the same cannon so don't stress! The movie is with the Justice League arc and from the comics, I haven't read them so I don't know how it compares. This book is a separate thing. I just didn't really enjoy the movie (personal opinion) so I preferred this story :)

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Nice! If the book is better then I need it now! 😂

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Theresa Stouder (alwayslovingtheresa) | 3 comments I've been a little curious about these too

KatiEllen | 34 comments I'm really looking forward to reading this, it's been sat in my shelf since it's release

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Line | 1 comments I read the book earlier this year, and I really liked it! It is well written with strong and interesting characters! :-)

Umairah (Sereadipity) (sereadipity) I liked the book. It had a pretty good plot with quirky characters and loads of action!

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Character personalities are my favorite sometimes, just to see how they differ from others is entertainment

Christina (batgirl39) | 23 comments I read the book earlier this year and really enjoyed it! I loved the cast of characters and thought that a young Diana was written perfectly. It was definitely more fun than the newer darker movies.

Katie (katieisalovebug) | 4 comments I just finished this one up yesterday and I loved it. Very few books I’ve read this year have that diverse of a cast. Young Diana was awesome but it took some time to stop picturing her as Gal. 🤣

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Yay! I finally got it! Starting soon

KatiEllen | 34 comments Just started, read the first few chapters and a strong start so far.

katherine (anonymous_penguin) | 72 comments I loved this book! I just finished and oh my god it's amazing. I love Leigh Bardugo. Also, I'm definitely and MCU fan and don't really know anything about DC but I did see the Wonder Woman movie and liked it and then I read this and now I love Wonder Woman. She's awesome. I'm lowkey wondering if I should just go ahead and read the rest of the series or wait for it to be of the books of the month...

Shyuan (shyuanie) | 1 comments I really really loved this book! The plot, the writing, the diversity, and the characters, everything here is so good! Loved the fact that there are so much girl power and positivity on girl relationship in here. So so so so good!

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I just started and I already love Diana's character!!

Sheilu (sheilsyy) | 1 comments I just finished reading this and I want to say Leigh Bardugo's storytelling is a gift!!!

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Yay! I'm twenty pages in and already can tell it's gonna be great

KatiEllen | 34 comments Im so close to finishing and holy shit!!!

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KatiEllen | 34 comments Wow!! I feel like the plot of this is something I so should have seen coming, yet I didn't.

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Those books are the best!!

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