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message 1: by Meli (new)

Meli (melihooker) | 3682 comments You probably can't go wrong with an Agatha Christie title when you are in the mood for murder and mystery, but I can't speak to that with much authority because this is my first Christie novel and this particular title left me a little underwhelmed. However, in Christie's defense (as if she would need that from this humble reader!) there are two key reasons this wasn't a "love" for me.

First, this story has been parodied and copied extensively since its first publication, so readers experiencing And Then There Were None for the first time may feel its predictable. Of course, I can't exactly fault Christie for that, after all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Despite my criticism of predictability, what I had guessed to be the catalyst for the torture of the Ten Little Indians on the island was not exactly right, and for a book published in 1939 I found it to be quite shocking.

Second, the book is dated and we need look no further than the original title to understand that it would be. Feel free to google it for yourself, if you don't know it already. Interestingly, although it feels like an old timey mystery, human fear doesn't change much with the times and all the characters reactions and actions to their situation was quite realistic and relatable.

Despite those two points, this is a quick burn clocking in at only 300 pages and you could easily read it in a day or so. For that reason, there is no excuse not to check it out because no significant time will be wasted and according PBS's The Great American Read this is one of the top 100 books in America. I would think there is another Christie novel better than this... Murder on the Orient Express or others, but this being my first of her titles I couldn't say.

It's a light mystery with a great twist, but for this desensitized and jaded reader it was just OK. I wouldn't steer others away from this book, however, and for fans of mystery it's a no-brainer.

message 2: by Elise (new)

Elise (ellinou) I was also not impressed by this one, so you're definitely not alone on that one!

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