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message 1: by Valerie_rubio (new)

Valerie_rubio Bleeding Earth talk about a girl who has her world completely changed when the Earth starts to bleed. The book had a good concept but fell flat when it came to the execution. The writing was okay and was written in first person, which I personally don’t like. The ending was irritating because of the fact everything magically gets fixed with no reason as to why it started or stopped. It was as if she didn’t know how to end that book.
Overall I didn’t like that book, the plot simply wasn’t there to compensate for the amount of gore used, and the characters wheren’t consistent with their attitudes. I would not recommend this book to anyone and I would give it a 2/5.

message 2: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Oh no! Hopefully you find a book you enjoy more soon.

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