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message 1: by MargieD2017 (new)

MargieD2017 | 276 comments I have had this book on my shelf for a while. I was intrigued by what inspired the formation of the FBI not knowing anything about the Osage murders. I must say that the Osage murders stole my attention and heart. I am lucky to have been raised in a part of the country that was not directly subjected to separation of folks by their nationality, creed or color and therefore find myself highly disturbed when reading in this book what happened to one of our country's native people.

Having enjoyed the income of the oil fields found upon their land, the Osage people were overrun by others who would beguile them and manipulate them to gain their confidence. Then once won over would be systematically poisoned or 'accidentally' murdered to gain their oil rights. The pervasiveness to which this criminal activity was found is astonishing. It is as if all people that lived in this small town conspired against the natives for power and money.

Criminal justice in the area was compromised where the people in law enforcement positions were often conspirators themselves. This lead J. Edgar Hoover, looking for his own spotlight and fame, sent Agent White into this area to organize a team to disclose these criminals and bring them to trial. While this lead to an ultimate conviction it was far from addressing all the murders and wrongdoings that had occurred.

An astonishing expose that is written so very well.

message 2: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte | 1663 comments Great review!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well!

message 3: by Hahtoolah (new)

Hahtoolah | 439 comments I loved this book. I heard a review on NPR last spring. It intrigued me, so I sought out the book. It was a slice of American history that I had never learned. Also intriguing about the early years of the FBI.

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