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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Olson Michel (readmorescience) | 6 comments Mod
Welcome to the group! I want to start off with sharing two books that got me hooked on science nonfiction. I loved Michael Pollan's THE BOTANY OF DESIRE and Ed Yong's I CONTAIN MULTITUDES. They made me realize that anybody can read and enjoy books about science.

What books got you interested in science? Which one is your favorite?

message 2: by Briley (new)

Briley Lewis | 1 comments Neil DeGrasse Tyson's book of essays - death by black hole and other cosmic quandaries - is actually how I ended up starting on a career path towards astronomy!

message 4: by Bradley (new)

Bradley Roth | 1 comments My favorite science books are those by Isaac Asimov. Yes, I like his fiction, but I especially love his science nonfiction, particularly his collections of essays for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. If you are looking for more science book reviews, see

message 5: by Timothy (new)

Timothy (professor-chaos) | 1 comments My favorite science book from my earlier days of reading would probably be "World of the Atom", Basic Books. I only ever read half of it (like most of what I read) But it was great. It's all kinds of chemical and physics topics and fairly easy to understand. Another one of particular interest was "The Nature of Things" by Lucretius. Original latin title was "De Rerum Natura" It was very interesting what he wrote back then. That could even make a good one for book club reading I think.

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