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Charlene Morris | 1278 comments Mod
This is the discussion topic for Volume 3 which is the third part of Lady Audley's Secret.

Oxford Classics: Chapters 1 to 10
Penguin edition. volume 3 chapters 1-10.
42 chapter version: Chapters 33 to 42

Please no spoilers (use spoiler html if necessary). There will be a separate thread for entire book with spoilers.

spoiler html= <**spoiler**> (if using don't include the **)

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Charlene Morris | 1278 comments Mod
I am surprised that Lady Audley was able to go to Mount Stanning without anyone in the house knowing.

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Charlene Morris | 1278 comments Mod
I got too tired last night to continue reading when I got to the part where Marks was going to tell Robert a secret.

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