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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Doesn't anyone ever after reading her book start to day dream and wish to join in all the fun her characters are having? I'm only new, and you probably may think it's quite silly, but I've always wanted to role play with other people. You know, make up your own character and put them all into a story and play it like that? I think it sounds fun, though I wouldn't dare bring this up in reality. But this could be a personal game we play in this group. Does anybody want to try?

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I'll give it a go. Could be fun!

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments OK. well, then probably we'd have to write our character first. you know, name, age, appearance, personality, hobby, talent. that sort of thing. you can start if you wish.

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thanks, so my character is called Rose May. She is 13 years old and has straight brown hair. She is very perspective and sensitive. She wishes she would be noticed more and would stick out from the crowd. she lives in an average house and is not particually rich or poor. She wishes something dramatic could happen and her life would not be so boring. Nothing pleases her more than to sketch every thing and anything. (Your turn!)

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments ok, my character's Lily Rose. She's just moved into the same class as Rose May and is frightfully shy so is having a terrible time fitting in and making friends. She has soulful brown eyes and long pale blonde hair, plain and lank and "boring" as she so puts it.
Her parents are divorced, and most of the late nights her mother drinks and cry into her shoulder if she is awake and out in the hall or living room, saying things that scare her and makes her sad. She is forced into ballet, which she hates very much. She's been put there since 2, and put up with it, but now that's she moved she more than ever is lonlier and this time all the girls tease her and pull her hair when the teacher's not looking and call her names and leave her out of the group. She has a little sister, Dorothy, who is still innocent and knows nothing. Lily Rose wishes to let it remain the same for her, and protects her with white stories and covering up the terrible truth.
She likes scrapbooking, since the last school she's been to she's been friends with a particular girl called Lola Rose....

i'm terribly sorry for writing too much. i can't seem to help it. i'm just made that way. the way i go on and on and on it must drive you nuts! still, i can't help getting worked up all about it.
i think as we progress through the story we can talk more and more about things with our characters. ^_^

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments hey, they both have Roses in their names! :D

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I like your character!!

So Rose isn't particully popular or unpopular. She has a few friends she spends lunch and break times with. She meets up with friends every now and then on occasional weekends. Her best friend is a plain girl with limp, dark, brown hair and eyes wide apart, whose name is Claire. Claire is slightly lacking in personality but is kind and cares about her friends. Rose likes and cares about her few ordinary friends but secretly wishes they would be a little more interesting. Rose has noticed a girl in her class who is different, exactly the kind of girl she wishes could be her friend. Her name is Lily. Rose worries that Lily wouldnt want to be her friend because when they were paired briefly for ten minutes in an english lesson, Lily didnt seem to want to talk to her. Rose also worries that if she tries to befriend Lily, Claire will want leave her. Rose -beingg a perspective person- thinks that Lily is hiding something but she can do little about her hunch that Lily has more of a story about herself than many would assume after first impressions the self concious girl who says little.

Ok I've got to stop now, I can go on!!!! I hope you think its ok. I look foward to your next post.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments i think it's W-O-W! it's a clever plot. have you ever met a shy person before? did you ever really think that they don't really seem to want to talk to you or do you know that they're just shy?
do you think we should do the narrating or the character doing it? jacky usually makes her characters do it, but yeah. not so sure since it's more of a group together thing.

Lily Rose couldn't help glancing wistfully at all the other girl groups. She was the only one out. Even in the last school, and the one before that, she never had any proper friends, and hates herself for it. That's why she's only got Dorothy to talk to. Every day after school she furtively walks out of school, avoiding eye contact, and once she gets behind the door of her house and lock it and stand behind it, she lets a deep sigh of relief and shuts her eyes in bliss. "Lily? Lily Rose?" a small, childish voice called softly from another room.
Lily Rose skipped into the room, and said, "Hey, Dorothy! How was your day today?"
"It was fine. Mummy was clipping the hedges, but she didn't let me near them because she says it's too dangerous. She let me water all the roses though. What about you?"
Lily Rose shuddered, but Dorothy didn't take notice as she was still much too young. "It was fine. I was paired up with a girl called Rose May today in English, and the teacher Mrs. Ponder seemed pleased with our poster."
However, Lily Rose's eyes darted away, and grimaced at what MORE had really happened:
Lily Rose didn't know what to say to Rose May and felt so embarrassed and worried that she was displeased to be paired up with her she only just managed to mutter her idea. It was a rough brainstorm about the personality of the characters in a book they were reading that unit, and Lily Rose was so brimfull of ideas they only managed to squeeze the last phrase in the most smallest corner - in five minutes! Lily Rose felt Rose May's eyes on her as she wrote quickly most of it. When they finished, she instantly felt uneasily queasy. Now she didn't know what to talk about. She wished she had worked a little slower, so it could have lasted longer and now she didn't have to be stuck in this uncomfortable atmosphere. They sat there, in silence. When Lily Rose looked around, all the others were still chewing at the ends of their pencils and scratching their heads and scrawling some little thing they thought up of. When the last, long, horrible five minutes finally ended and the teacher called, she was relieved. Lily Rose wasn't so sure what Rose May thought when the teacher praised them at their remarkable work. She almost did all of it, and she wondered if she must have thought it was annoying, perhaps really she wasn't able to write in an idea edgeways and now she was mad at her? She blamed herself, and she still remained scarlet for the rest of the break after that all the way till the class were at their lockers collecting their books for maths.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments OMG! i can't believe it was THAT long!

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Wow, your a great writer!!! That was a really fantastic post. I think we should continue how we are going and we can change it to writing in first person later if we feel like it.

Rose woke up too early. She tried but couldnt get back to sleep. In the end she gave up. She tried to do everything in slow motion and to keep herself distracted. Still, as she washed her hair, as she pulled on her ugly grey school uniform, as she nibbled through her small bowl of cereal, and as she brushed her her teeth thoroughly, her mind wandered. She thought about her bad plan for the day ahead of her. She had sworn to herself that today would be the day that she would really and truly try to befriend Lily. She wanted nothing more than to be able to spend her well deserved break and lunch time with Lily Rose. She was sure there was more to this silent girl, who stared wistfully at the the groups of friends but never dared to go anywhere near them. As if Lily feared they would bite her head off. Rose only feared that Lily was actually quite mean. What if she really didnt want to be friends with anyone? What if she was horrible and that was why she had never made any attempt to make friends, because she had in her previous school and they stoped being friends? What if one of these alternitives was true and then her current friends found out she was tring to become friends with a loner. She Knew she was being a little shallow now, but these thoughts still involantraly accored to her. She grabbed her scruffy school bag and picked up her ipod from the counter. She would use it today on the long bus ride. She put on her favourite arist. and plugged the headphones in as she walked toward the bus stop.

The journey seemed to take forever, but finaly, FINALY, it ended. The school gates seemed taller, the older kids looked bulkier, meaner. And standing there leaning against the brick building was lily, looking awkward. OK, Rose thought,just give it a go, let the chips fall where they may.

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I cant believe i just wrote so much !!

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments wow! i never thought i'd meet someone who wrote as much as me. cause, to tell you the truth, i've been alone on this one for years. are you striving to be a writer as your future proffesion as well?

Lily Rose saw Rose May approaching her. Oh-oh. What had she done? It must have been yesterday. Yes, and she was angry about it and was going to hate her for it. She winced as she watched the girl draw up in front of her.

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Same, My mates think Im mad because of it. When I was 7 i decided that I wanted to be a author. I would like to write novels when Im older.

Rose May looked at Lily Rose, She was flinching and unintentionaly and grimacing. Ok, here goes, it'll be ok Rose thought, comforting herself. Instead of looking angry or annoyed as Rose had expected, Lily looked up at Rose sheepishly, as if waiting to be told off. Rose felt concious as she stuttered through the few words she had already planned and rehearsed in her head a million times. " Em, I was ahh w-w-well w-w-w-wondering if you emm well ahh, wanted t-to sorta hang around with m-me"? Her voice broke an octave on the last word. she was caught off guard by Lily's expression.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily looked up at her, amazed. Her face was of utter astonishment. Her?Who in the world would want to hang out with her! Nobody, nobody had ever bothered about her, nobody cared, nobody wanted to be friends with her and - and -
Lily Rose suddenly felt hot behind her eyes and she could do nothing to prevent it. Stop being a baby! It's so stupid to cry over nothing! You should be happy! You idiot, I'm an idiot - and Lily instantly regretted what she had thought to herself. She thought then instead, No! No, I didn't mean that, oh - and poor, embarrassed Lily Rose now had tears welled up in her eyes and trickling down her cheeks.
Through the blur in her eyes Lily still recognised the shocked look in Rose's eyes. She tried to speak, "I - I'm s - so so-orry." She suddenly hiccuped, and became very red in her hot cheeks indeed! She is not making a good impression, Rose will definetely see what a loser she is and run away. She still strove to talk: "I - I don't th-think you'd e-even want," - a hiccup and Lily was positively scarlet in the face - "to - to h - hang out with me."

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She stared at Lily in disbelief. Was she really crying? This was the very last reaction she had expected. Rose stood there like a moron, too shocked to say anything. She was so startled Lily Rose's crying. What could of she done to reduce the girl to tears? The senario baffled her. "Emm, well if you dont want to then..."
"No, no its not that its well, I'm in ahh, see I'm in shock and emm and, so.." A loud bell rang then, interupting her mid baffle. "Come on, lets go to form," Rose said, and started walking towards the right block. After a few seconds, Lily followed, shuffling her feet along the ground. Lily looked up at rose with a baffled expression across her face. Rose sighed to herself. Now she had no idea how she stood with Lily, and she clearly must of offended this girl.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily knew she blew it. It was a big blow. She was wordless. They departed at the hallway, as Lily said she needed to go, and both were barely able to give a word for it. Lily had whispered bye but she wasn't so sure she heard it. She stopped at the bathroom and washed her face, drying it with her carigan and did breathing exercises. She just hoped that her eyes didn't look red as she entered the classroom.
It did.
"What happened to you?" a boy said rudely.
Lily blushed and sat in her seat.

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When Rose had to go a seperate way, she walked along the corridor in a trance like state. She was utterrly baffled. She was so out of it that she didnt realise that she walked into class late.
"Nice of you to join us Rose May," her teacher commented sarcastically, annoyed that she had interupted his speach on the complications of evolution. Rose flushed and went to her seat. The day passed in a blur, and Rose did not have another lesson with Lily Rose. What was she going to do now?

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Every time they passed coincidentally in the halls (not really, they were in the same year afterall, but Lily felt that Rose May was appearing more often than ever), in the classroom or the library or the girls loo, Lily Rose would duck her head, making sure not to meet eye-to-eye, even hide from her. Lily was so embarrassed, and so sure Rose was going to look at her with so much disgust she trembled.

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This is just plain dumb, Rose thought after waking up from yet another dream about Lily. Lily had seemed to be avoiding her at school, she was sure of it She seemed to be permenantly blushing in Roses' presence. What had she done? It seemed like an impossible scenario she had gotten herself into. She remembered the promise she had made made to herself last night, and groaned. She had to confront Lily Rose today. As she willed time to speed up throughout the early hours of the morning, she kept feeling a very strong sense of De ja-vu. It was exactly like last time she had tried to confront Lily. Lily Rose seemed to have a certain effect on Rose May. Grabbing her ipod off the counter she felt another wave of very strong De ja-vu. remembering herself last week she sighed and put on the same artist she had the morning she had last time she tried to befriend Lily Rose. Maybe traditions were forming, was her last thought as headed out of the door and went to face the dangers of the world that awaited her.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily Rose sighed. Her cheeks burnt as she tossed and turned in bed. She got up. She sighed again. She dragged her lumpy schoolbag across the floor of her bedroom, leaving the room with a dismal face. The bag thumped with each steep drop as she treaded down the stairs. Just as she was reaching the end, she heard a rushing sound.
She turned around, and Dorothy was thumping lightly down the steps like a meagre clap of thunder, desperate to have a last hug with her before she left. Lily Rose couldn't help but smile, and held out her arms for her at the bottom of the stairs. She braced herself: Dorothy leaped from the third last steps and made a landing swinging into her arms, nearly toppling frail Lily Rose over. Dorothy was only three, and Lily Rose already in her teens, yet she staggered as she tried to regain her footing properly on the wooden flooring.
"I have to go now, Dorothy," she said quietly, though really she would have liked nothing better than rolling over, tousling and messing her long, limp hair and ruffling up the clothes she ironed herself and remain at home with Dorothy, coloring and playing.
"I know," Dorothy told her innocently, "But I hate it when you leave. It's as if I'm all alone, and I have to play and draw and color and read my books all myself." Though she was thirteen, she expressed herself a very enthusiastic young learner and already could read all the words in her picture books.
"Don't worry, I'll be back soon when school ends."
"Yes, but it takes forever," she sighed.
Lily Rose leaned down, pressing her forehead against the smooth and young surface of Dorothy's. "Tell you what," she said, almost whispering. "Don't say it to Mum, OK? If you've been a very good girl and wait at home for me till I get back, I have a secret to show you when I get back. Remember, don't tell this to her."
"Is it a real secret?" Dorothy giggled, furtively.
"Yes, so don't tell. Promise?"
"Promise." They linked fingers, and Lily Rose stood up and went out the door with the bloated bag slung over her skinny shoulder. Too much books in fact.

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The traffic jam wouldnt budge. Rose May groaned internally as her mother talked in a loud and frankly very irritating voice into her new minute mobile. Her two younger brothers fought in the back of the car, although her mother was oblivious to this fact. Rose leaned into her Jacket pocket and produced her sketch pad. She began sketching Ralph, her oldest, younger brother. she knew that she would be late for school but she still hoped she wouldnt. She concentrated on getting her brothers nose right then. She thought of nothing else until she reached the school gates fourtyfive minutes late. Thats when the thought did occur to her.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily Rose sat, quiet and forlorn, at her empty, white desk as usual, while all the others grouped in pals at the other ones. She was the only desolated one; with no one. It was difficult when the teacher told them to pair up with someone or form into groups. Often she had to do it herself, or even the teacher did it for her! She especially hated Captains, where they picked their teams. Pathetic Lily Rose always came last. She miserably joined the team who she knew were reluctant in taking her. Nobody wanted her.

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The thought that had occured to Rose made her panic at first and then she thought she was being silly. she had forgotten to meet up with Claire on the way to school. She had said she would yesterday. Claire would of usually text her though, Claire always text her or phone her if they were supposed to meet up and she was at all late. She had even once phoned her for being thirty seconds late. This was out of character for Claire. It alarmed Rose more than it rationaly should. she checked her phone anyhow. Realising there really was nothing she switched it off and trudged along to the office to sign in late. she got her late slip and went to her lesson in a daze. In her usual seat was a girl who always got picked first for sports and seemed to of gone out with every boy in the year group. Her name was Becca. She looked up at Rose May, her face plastered in makeup.
"What, you finally made an apperance there?" she sneered at Rose.
"What you looking at?" Claire remarked at her rudely, startling Rose with her tone. Rose handed her slip to the disaproving teacher and scanned the classroom for an alternative seat. There was one beside the girl she was sure positively hated her guts. An empty seat by Lily Rose.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily Rose looked up, surprised, as Rose May slipped into the seat next to her. She sat there in silence for a moment. She couldn't believe it. Rose May wanted to sit with her? She took the courage to look up and said shyly, "Hei."
A simple word barely heard among the crowded noise around them. She thought Rose May wouldn't notice, as all people usually wouldn't, but to her immense astonishment there came a reply of "Hei" back.

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Rose decided to walk home instead of taking the bus to give her time to think. She tried to get her feet in a steady rhythmn but they seemed to thunp on the ground at an irregular pattern.she gave up and started to thinkabout the wrong things, still trying to avoid the questions she knew she had to answer to herslf at some point. She gave up on that too after ten minuets. So she had obviusly been disgarded as a friend by Claire after what she had said to her in the classroom, and then those horrible things she had said too Rose in the playground when Rose had tried to tag along after Claire and Becca. She was upset to lose Claire as a friend and she thought she would of been more loyal than that, but still Rose would of thought she would be more lonely and upset with Claires absence. She knew that her progression with Lily rose was the reason behind this but she tried not to conciuosly admit it, even to herself. She and Lily Rose had said an awkward hei to each other and commented on one or two minor things to each other. Rose had also gone and seated herself next to Lily in History, which they had together. Lily had gently elbowed her in the ribs when the teacher had said something really funny and they had both giggled quietly together. things might not be so bad if things continued this way with Lily. She hoped they would, Rose May thought as she reached her front door.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily Rose's heart thumped. Her cheeks were rosy. And her eyes sparkled.
She hurried inside the house, and immedietly run to the living room. "Dorothy! Here's your surprise!"
There came thumping on the floor, and to her startled bewilderment she was jumped from behind! They both toppled forward, thus almost smashing the wrapped parcel in Lily's hands.
Dorothy only scarmbled to get the package in her hands, and she skipped excitedly. "What is it? What is it, Lily Rose?"
Lily Rose smiled secretly. Dorothy undid the string and peeled of the tape cautiously. She unraveled the colorful green striped wrapping: and to her delight there it was, in full form, a lovely little dark ceramic doll with blue eyes. Dorothy caught her breath. "Oh, Lily! She's lovely!"
Lily brushed off the dust bunnies and looked up. She smiled faintly. "I loved her hair," Lily said, walking over. "It's so fine and glossy and black... Unlike mine." She looked sadly at her own ragged drapes.
"But Lily, I love your hair," Dorothy said earnestly.
"Dorothy, trust me, it's not. I would much prefer your thick, brown hair. Like nutmeg," she added, eyeing her teasingly. Dorothy hated nutmeg.
"Can you say cinnamon?"
"Without sugar?"
"I preffer cinammon."
"Alright, my cinnamon-haired little sister."
"Lily, what should I name her?"
"What about Sara from A Little Princess?"
"But she has short hair, the illustrations show she always has short hair."
"So? Sara can always grow it."
Dorothy considered this for a moment. She shrugged. "Ok." Then she smiled. "Can you read me and Sara that book, Lily? I think she knows nothing about the real Sara Crewe! What a pity it'd be if she didn't."
"Then sit here, my little princess."
As she read the opening paragraph Lily couldn't help remembering and feeling the moment's warmth and light again. Lily hadn't meant to jab her elbow in Rose May's ribs in History lesson, it was an accident. She was about to apologise, when Mr. Adams said something rather hilarious, and they both giggled. And Rose May hadn't minded at all! It felt as if they were a bit like friends... Of course, Rose may not think that, but still, Lily Rose couldn't help thinking....
She shivered with the tingling excitement, one of happiness. It was as if the sun's yellow rays had wrapped her around them, keeping her in that happy glow forever and ever.

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Rose woke up, after a good night and a few hopefull thoughts in her head she felt much better than she had in ages. She rose quickly from her bed and skidded silently to the bathroom. She showered and dressed in record breaking time and packed her bag for school. She was ready and she had half an hour left, right- she thought to herself- what now? She picked up her favourite novel which she had placed daintily on the edge of her desk. It was in tatters from the extent that it had been read. The book fell open in her palms onto her favorite page because she had read the particular page more times than she had fingers and toes.She looked at the damaged binding of the book. the page was of a modern gothic horror that was starting to get a little young for her, but she still loved it. The page was when everything stayed exactly the same but the character whose point of view it was from had realised that absolutley everything was differnt than she thought, the other way around, alternate untill you looked at it into closer detail. Maybe it had been her sub-concious tying to tell her that things hadn't been what she thought they were. perhaps not she thought again putting the book down.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments *(What book is it? Unless of course it's just a made up one. :) )*

Dorothy had slept with Sara clutched in her arms, and in the morning she woke with the same pose, her dear rosy face smiling. Lily Rose couldn't help but look at her adoringly. She took a picture with her digital camera. She looked at the image for a while. She looked back down at the camera. The silver device wasn't originally hers; her mother had given her an i-pod and a mobile at least, which was a relief, but there never was a need for a camera. This camera once belonged to her father, her father that had left her when she was only seven.
She treaded her pale feet across the cold floorboards to her own room. She opened the bottom drawer of her chest that stored all her undergarments - to reveal a whole treasure trove of her most precious items.
There was some of her most favorite books, the rest were sitting propped on a small shelf by her closet supported by a white mohair rabbit that lopped loosely. There was a silver locket that contained no picture inside, a little white notebook threaded with beads and los angelis designs on gauze (with some private thoughts from her childhood within), a T-shirt her father had forgotten on his departure that was only just washed and still smelled exactly like him, a wedding ring she rescued from the smelly garbage her mother threw into, and a collection of pictures of their smiling faces inside an album she bought with her own pocket money. Her lips quivered when she held the shirt against her face, inhaling the fatherly, comfortable smell, and silent tears poured down. I miss you, she thought, without speaking. That was how her world was always harbored inside, leaving her a bottle too full of terrible things never let out.

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Wondering where she wasgoing when her dad came to take Rose May out again, she trudged out into the unseasonable rain. her dad started talking to her younger brothers in that annoying way adults sometimes talked to little kids. Rose sighed lightly to herself as she thought about what she would be doing today. Another day at the zoo she expected. Maybe she was getting too old to keep seeing her dad like this, too old.
(the book was refering to the begining of New moon by Stephenie Meyer, In the dream the character Bella Swan dreams about her grandma)

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments *( Oh cool! I've only ever read Twilight so far. I've got too much homework for that precious spare time! )*

Lily Rose stared blankly at her mobile. She never had any friends, so there really wasn't any reason for owning one, even if her mum had said herself they would both be in contact to where they were. The truth was, her mum hardly cared while she was at work and Lily Rose never managed to connect to her, her mum's mobile was always busy.
Lily Rose's mother worked on the weekends as an accountant at a prestigious bank fifteen miles off into the big city. Sometimes she came on extra days on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, when it was a school holiday for Lily Rose, but mostly she stayed with Dorothy while Lily Rose was at her school. When Lily Rose was at home however, she would leave for work. Not until late dinner time she would return. Lily Rose mostly cooked.
Lily Rose usually woke earlier in the mornings than any of the household, and therefore she would hear the bustle of her mother leaving her bedroom and the crackle of the gravel path as the car veered off onto the road. Then Lily Rose and Dorothy would be alone.
The upper floor consisted of steep, old wooden steps that lead to Dorothy and Lily Rose's room, that were placed side-by-side, so that when they were both awake each in their own rooms they would make a knocking signal with their own special code. If you walked along those still cold, still wooden floorboards, there was a door that belonged to the long white bathroom with cold tiles and a polished toilet and bathtub with silver taps, where her mother usually cried if she needed to "go." If you took a bend and still walked all the way with the unreliable wooden fence to your left and the white, bleached walls to the left, all the way until the end, there you would find the forbidden door. Their mother's bedroom.
There was no other door on the wall to the side of it, nore was there a neighbor to that space to the next, or the next, or the next, until the door that led to the large, cold bathroom, as if to state the more godly and restricted of its regal regulations. Lily Rose no longer abided by her mother's drunken rules. She was never frightened once her mother left, and when Dorothy was still asleep, she'd creep inside for a look. She made sure Dorothy never saw it, made sure that she opposite of her would still stay pure and never once enter it.
Everything was cold and wooden of the house, and white. Empty, empty cold polished white. But what to see in their own mother's bedroom, she would never show Dorothy.

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Staring blankly out of the window, Rose tried to cut out the sounds and sights of the history classroom around her. She had been looking foward to a monday morning, which she hadnt done since the age of six. Now it wasnt turning out not so good. Claire had spread ridiculous rumors about her which people believed because she was now near the top on the pupil body hierarchy. This was really non existant in physical form. However something was really nagging at her more than Claires infantile behavour, Lily Rose had not turned up for school today.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments "Lily? Lily Rose!"
It was as if an electric current shot through her. Lily Rose sat up with a lightning shock. She stared blankly at the silver clock on her beside table. 9:13.
She must have fell asleep again without noticing. She was surprised at herself when she woke up five in the morning, lonely. Her mother had cried again last night, and again she thanked God that Dorothy at her young age was only allowed to wake up till seven and go to bed. Her mother went at it all the way up to one in the morning, but that was no surprise, the latest was past two.
Her mother shook her. "What are you up to, young lady? Sleeping in like that!"
Lily Rose took no notice of her. She only looked toward the person standing behind the doorway to her room, Dorothy. Holding the doll Sara in one arm, she snuffled in her flowery hankie against her nose. It deciphered her anxiousness.
She forced a smile on her face just for Dorothy. "I'm sorry, Mum, I must have slept in. I'll get changed and quickly run to school."
"You better."
Her mother's slippers slap shuffled along the floorboards as she walked back to her own bedroom. However, Lily Rose did not stir from her bed. She did not rise either. She only stared at Dorothy. "Good morning," she whispered.
"Good morning," a shy voice whispered from under the silky veil.
"I wonder how long you're going to keep your cuddle blankie. Until six?" Dorothy was four.
Dorothy made a slight shrugging gesture. It was then Lily Rose got up.

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Rose wished for about the millionth time that her life was more interesting, had something different about it. It didn't. She sat in a small corner of the playground, hugging her knees against herself and humming along with her ipod to herself. She opened her large rucksack and dug around in it a little until she produced a packet of crisps from it. She opened the bag and began absent mindedly eating them, still humming. That was when the usual group of boys who never failed to come and find her within the same ten minutes every day. here they go again, he thought to herself.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily Rose pushed the wrough iron gates, which was a rather impressive performance considering her thin little weak back and her stick-like arms. She stared at them as she strained to inch them open further. They were pale, and bony. She hadn't eaten much lately. She sagged under the pressure, and when eventually a small opening was made fitting for her lithe figure to slip through, slip through she did, and once again she braced herself as she pushed closed them again.

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the boys, Daniel in front and a few members of his clique followed. Lily groaned internally, something that was becoming more and more common in her every day life.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily's eyes widened as she saw the boy group nearing. Her eyes travelled the whole range of space around her for a passage to escape, but they were closing in straight from the front. She was a hopeless runner, and boys were always fast. If she ran aimlessly, the gang would spread out and catch her in no time at all. She stood there, frozen.
"What, cat got your tongue?" Daniel cat-called.
The boys sniggered and laughed ruefully at her in her face. She didn't flinch. She kept a composed expression that revealed nothing of what was trapped inside of her, a heart that fluttered that beated to escape.

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Rose could tell when Daniel had had enough of beating her up, but he carried on for a little while longer. Rose suspected he was just trying to show off and she suffered her sentence in almost silence, only yelping once or twice invoulantarily. They left her there with a few people staring, but she had chosen a place around the back where there was less of a swarm alike in the main area of playground. Maybe she should try and hang around in the main area she thought to herself but she knew that they would still find a way of getting her.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily suddenly involuntarily fell to the floor, breathing heavily, her shirt clinging to her wet back. Her eyes swarmed with the the tears she tried hard to supress. Her long hair fell forward, hiding her face from view. Two or three drops dripped to the dry ground below her, her hands clenching at the crusty sand.
She got up, careful to keep her head low as to keep her face hidden. She picked up her school satchel by an arm, and walked away from the spot. She felt all eyes that were pryed upon her. But hidden by her curtain of her hair, she felt safe and did not blush. She kept walking, silent, all the way to the safety of the building.

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Lily faked illness for a few days, just a few days, she thought, then she'd go back.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments There came a furtive knock at her door. It was drawn open without a moment for a reply, which revealed, as anyone would expect of such knock, Dorothy.
"Mummy said I'm not allowed, but I wanted to see you ever so much, Lily," she whispered.
Their mother had already left for work, as was the custom when Lily was at home - even when she was sick - ; and they had the home to themselves. Despite this, Dorothy whispered, most likely out of guilt.
"It's alright, Dorothy, come in," Lily said, and held out a thin arm for her.
Parents are normally never fooled by children's sickness, unless those sort of children were chief pranksters, and with the exception that the parents themselves aren't very attentative of their children's notions. Lily and Dorothy's mothers are one of such many exceptions, and this made it more convincing by reason of Lily's very pallor and scrawny waif conditions, purple circles under her brown, sick eyes, and her drawn face. It wasn't a wonder people teased her.
As Dorothy walked forth, padding along the boards with her light feet, long raven black hair brushed along her short waist and Sara was shown to be with her.
"Why don't we listen to that song again?" Dorothy said, meekly. "On your i-pod?"
"Sure," she smiled.

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Her mother forced her to go back in after a few days, if she hadn't Rose knew she wouldnt of gone back. She pulled her uniform on. picked up her bag, which had now been dragged along the floor and scrapped the motif on the front. Her hands were shaking a little as she shut the door. She caught the bus and sat at the back corner. She tried to convince herself it was just another day at school, she had had many. The bus came to a hault at her school. She rose and stepped awkwardly off. The school stood there like a death trap. She walked in with her head bent, so it was just touching her chest. She moved swiftly into class as the bell rang. No one -not even the teacher- looked up. She slid silently into her seat. Just like she was invisable. Pherhaps she was.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments In actual truth, she wasn't invisible at all. Somebody was looking at her, somebody was thinking about her, somebody was always wondering what she thought herself. Both were anxious, afraid to approach one another, a little nervous about what was to happen. If the world was a place that was less cruel, less critical, and more positive in its opinions, such things wouldn't happen. But as it is, this is how the world revolved.

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Another day back at school,was like she'd never been away. If pherhaps worse. Her bag was in bits so she carried her exercise books through the rain, wincing slightly as each raindrop fell on her left arm, which was badly grazed. She had no idea what to tell her mother. She had no idea what to so next. All she knew was that it couldnt get worse. She had to talk to someone. At this thought a single face flew into her mind. Lily Rose.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Lily was surprised and alarmed to hear a knock at her door. Her mother always kept her own key, besides also never coming home so early - even in emergencies - so she knew it couldn't possiblt be her. Lily crept suspiciously to the door, and placed her head close to the eye-piece, peering in. A girl. She looked in bewildered wonderment. It wasn't just any girl. It was -
Rose May.

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Lily looked through the eye piece suspiciously at her. Rose leant on her other foot and wondered warily if Lily Rose would let her in. Lily's eye left the eye piece and Rose hung on suspension. Finally, the door opened a fraction of an inch. Lily's eye and nose peered around the side of the door. "hi," Lily finaly let out, breaking a few seconds of silence.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments "Hi," Rose May answered nervously.
"What are you doing here?" Lily asked, surprised.
"I - I..."
Why indeed? Rose May didn't know what to say, what to explain. She really had no purpose nor reason to be here. In the moment's silence a relief-becoming interuption in the form of a little girl's voice came from behind Lily Rose at the door way.
"Lily? Who is it?" The girl's inquisitive, luminous eyes shone out to Rose like stars. "Is this your best friend?"
The "best friend" shattered between the two. It left Lily speechless with shyness and embarrassment.
"Oh, Dorothy - " Lily stuttered, "This is - Rose May..."
"Rose!" Dorothy cried out in delight. "So you are her best friend! Come in, Rosie! We're making snow-white icing for the cupcakes!"
Lily looked at her with horror, but quickly disguised it before Rose May noticed. What would she think of her now?
As Dorothy caught her little hand on Rose May's, and pulled her inside and through the floorboards, Lily dithered helplessly, shut the door, and followed quickly after them. "This - is - my little sister," Lily said nervously.
"She's sweet," Rose May smiled.

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Rose May found herself icing cakes with Lily's sister. Dorothy seemed to know her personaly, which plesantly suprised Rose. Rose thought that Dorothy was extremly sweet and she got the impression that she was smart for her age. Lily hovered near looking awkward and uncomfortable. She seemed at unease about something which Dorothy seemed oblivious to and Rose couldn't work out what it was.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments Just as they set the iced cupcakes at the table, Dorothy proclaiming them the lovliest sweetest little cupcakes ever made and iced, Lily anxiously peered at the white clock on the bare white wall. It was almost time. She could not escape it anymore, she was no longer sick to her mother nor anyone anymore.
Lily picked up an embroidered satchel from a corner, and said shyly, "I shall be going."
Rose heard her again. "Where?" was the surprised reply.
Dorothy was already turning around with plainitive sorrow on her face. "Already! Don't go to ballet, Lily!"
Lily didn't want to go anymore than Dorothy didn't want her to go, in fact more. But she was forced to, and she had to. Shyly, because Rose May was standing there, she leaned across and said to Dorothy, "I'm only getting better. We'll have a performance soon, and you can come and see if mother lets you and comes too."
Lily knew her mother wouldn't allow Dorothy and knew she wouldn't come herself. Lily was relieved. She hated performances, she hated ballet, she hated it all.
She straightened as stiff as a poker, and nodding shyly again to Rose, she muttered a "bye" and with her satchel of ballet clothes and shoes slung over her shoulder she left.
Dorothy sighed. "She always is hardly ever at home," she said sadly to Rose.

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Rose Tried to tear herself away from Dorothy but she was wasnt having any of it. Dorothy seemed to never pause for breath as she rambled on and on, Rose pretended to listen but she was really only there physically. She didnt know what she had done to offend Lily again. Dorothy obviously wasnt upset with her. Rose nodded, to make it look as if she was listening to Dorothy. She glanced at her watch, registering the late time. She saw the darkness from the open window, which matched the late hour. There was a rustling sound coming from the front door ang the sound of someone putting keys in the lock. Rose peered towards Dorothys now ghostly white face. "mummy's home," she whispered at an almost unadiable voice. Rose May still heard it.

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Reika Hayashi (windcatcher) | 65 comments "I'm home," came a weary voice from the front door, but Rose May was already shoved under the table out of view.
"Wha - " her exclamation was muffled by Dorothy's little hand. For a little girl she did a splendid strength performance.
"We're not alowed to bring friends home," she whispered, "If Mummy knew - "
"Dorothy? Where are you? You're still not doing that daft drawing of yours, are you? Is Lily still at ballet? Oh goodness those people always keep her long," and polished fur-rimmed boots clunked at the doorway to the living room. "Dorothy?"
Ghostly silence.
"Over here," Dorothy whispered low, and together they crawled from under the table and out the other end of the door of the kitchen, then she quickly on her hands and feet opened the back door, saying, "Hurry, you have to get out! I'm sorry - but you'll have to."
Rose didn't need any telling to. She went straight out, and the door shut silently behind her.

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