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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie | 2362 comments Can you guess books just from emojis? Below you’ll find emojis describing either a book’s title or its plot. See if you can figure them out.

As always, please use spoiler tags for your answers! And don’t link to the books or they will be shown on the right of the page, and we’ll have to delete your comment.

message 2: by dalex (last edited Aug 31, 2018 12:01PM) (new)

dalex (912dalex) | 2095 comments (view spoiler)

message 3: by Pam (new)

Pam (bluegrasspam) | 2783 comments I've got guesses on 1-8. I will have to come back to 9 & 10. They are not coming to me immediately. Fun game!
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message 4: by Rachelnyc (new)

Rachelnyc | 943 comments This is cute!

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message 5: by Joan (new)

Joan Barnett | 1665 comments Ha - this is so cute!

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I can't get 6, 9 or 10. I'll have to think about them.

message 6: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 265 comments (view spoiler)

message 7: by Emily, Conterminous Mod (new)

Emily Bourque (emilyardoin) | 8310 comments Mod
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Stuck on 6 and 10!

message 8: by Tracy, Constellation Mod (last edited Aug 31, 2018 08:58AM) (new)

Tracy (tracyisreading) | 2542 comments Mod
oh wow this is great!! I got through #1-5 quickly and stalled, then figured out #7...still have to think about the others....

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#6 was tricky Emily, but I think I've got it...still working on 9 and 10

You mods are doing an AMAZING job with this reading creative. I am having the best time😊👍🏼📚🙌🏼♥️

message 9: by Pam (last edited Aug 31, 2018 09:02AM) (new)

Pam (bluegrasspam) | 2783 comments Got 9 & 10 now! It’s been a long time since I’ve read #9 and I had forgotten about the title.

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message 10: by Chrissy (last edited Aug 31, 2018 09:14AM) (new)

Chrissy | 932 comments (view spoiler)
I'm stuck on 10 too... Pam's "hint" about 9 helped me out there. I'll keep thinking before I check spoilers.

message 11: by Chrissy (new)

Chrissy | 932 comments Ah!! I got 10 in a flash of inspiration!
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message 12: by Katie (new)

Katie | 2362 comments I'm glad to see people enjoying it so far. I had such a fun time putting this one together!

message 13: by Pam (new)

Pam (bluegrasspam) | 2783 comments Oops, I didn’t realize my comment had a hint in it! 🙄

message 14: by Tracy, Constellation Mod (new)

Tracy (tracyisreading) | 2542 comments Mod
Pam wrote: "Oops, I didn’t realize my comment had a hint in it! 🙄"

I must be missing the hint because i'm still pondering 9 and 10....

message 15: by dalex (new)

dalex (912dalex) | 2095 comments Question...

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message 16: by Katie (last edited Aug 31, 2018 12:18PM) (new)

Katie | 2362 comments dalex, in response.

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message 17: by Edie (new)

Edie | 981 comments (view spoiler)

message 18: by Tracy, Constellation Mod (last edited Aug 31, 2018 12:45PM) (new)

Tracy (tracyisreading) | 2542 comments Mod
Ugh! I'm about to give up and open spoilers....9 and 10?
9 and 10!!!!!!!!!

OH!!!!!!! I just figured out 9 OMG!!!
this is so brilliant Katie
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now I just need 10.

Ahahahahahahaha , 10 would've been easy if I had my symbols right. Duh. I had to google because I was all confused.

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I did it!!!!!!

message 19: by dalex (last edited Aug 31, 2018 12:51PM) (new)

dalex (912dalex) | 2095 comments Katie wrote: "dalex, in response."

Ah, I guess you have to know a whole lot more about that book than I do to figure out that one! :)

message 20: by Silvia (last edited Sep 01, 2018 02:02PM) (new)

Silvia Turcios | 1062 comments I have 7 of 10, I need to think a little more aboout the rest: 6, 9 and 10 are hard!!!! Although I'm sure if someone told me the answer now, then I would think it was easy :D
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Update: I have just realized what is the number 9 and I feel so bad, because is one of my favorite books :'( How couldn't I recognized it?!!!! :'((

message 21: by Rachel (new)

Rachel A. (abyssallibrarian) | 2816 comments Wow, interesting game!

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message 22: by Kathy (last edited Sep 01, 2018 09:34AM) (new)

Kathy | 2480 comments (view spoiler)

message 23: by Liz (new)

Liz | 509 comments (view spoiler)

The last one took me a while to puzzle out, but once I did, it was obvious. These were such great clues! I think I got all of them right. I'm not completely sure of #8 though.

message 24: by Chrissy (new)

Chrissy | 932 comments Hah! I showed these to my husband and he got them all but said #6 should end with a poop emoji instead!

message 25: by Tracy, Constellation Mod (last edited Sep 01, 2018 12:53AM) (new)

Tracy (tracyisreading) | 2542 comments Mod
Chrissy wrote: "Hah! I showed these to my husband and he got them all but said #6 should end with a poop emoji instead!"

LMAO 😂 ( i don't know if i would've figured it out then though).

I'm waiting to show these to my Aunt... I made her do the synonyms/antonyms over the phone the other day. She did pretty good!

message 26: by Hilde (new)

Hilde (hilded) | 813 comments Fun! I'm missing two, but think I got the others:

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message 27: by Jody (new)

Jody (jodybell) | 3468 comments I think I got them all! This was hilarious!

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message 28: by Johanne (new)

Johanne *the biblionaut* | 1668 comments I love this! I have all of them (if I guessed right).

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message 29: by Sara (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 933 comments (view spoiler)

message 30: by Veronica (new)

Veronica | 808 comments (view spoiler)
6 and 10 are guesses but I think I got the rest of them.

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