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Who is Aman Mehndiratta?

Aman Mehndiratta is working as a philanthropist to cure the situation. He has firmly committed himself to action, related to charitable giving and philanthropic services.
We are living in a world where helping others is not usual. People often give help to those with whom they have some vested interest or selfishness. One can barely find someone who is willing to give without any selfish intentions. But some people act like a blessing in disguise, yes we are about the person who never fails to help, the man with a golden heart- Aman Mehndiratta.
We are aware of the notion that at every stage of our species and its development, giving has been with us always. Even if one sees this phenomenon as an evolutionary manifest from the pro-social behavior or may be an urge from deep within our souls, the ultimate fact remains that giving has been one of the greatest factors in the success of humanity in all its forms and also it spans all the domains of human assets. It includes the experience, intellectual knowledge, cultural arts and language, emotion and insight, economic and social assets.
We have talked about the philanthropy and philanthropists so far, now let’s start about their role in our society. To begin with, we are taking a brief introduction of philanthropy and the work assigned for philanthropists.
If we discuss the fundamental nature of philanthropy by looking at the reason that why do these phenomena exist together with their impact and role on our society then first we have to talk about the people who are willing to bring these kinds of stuff in the society means about the philanthropists, their individual journeys in philanthropy, what innovative ideas they have and also how do they and their organizations are aiming to tackle some of society’s greatest problems, by the means of philanthropy.
Philanthropists play a vital role in uplifting the society, the nation and the standards of living.
Today, around the world, there a growing number of people who have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth and who are exploring every single the possibility of their philanthropic journeys. They have an incredible and solemn opportunity to encourage each other to become philanthropists so that more people can contribute the world to have a positive impact. Aman Mehndiratta finds it’s his great fortune that he has got the privilege to come in such profession which allows him to earn blessings along with profitable returns.
The thing that excites him the most about philanthropy today is that he does not have to stand still. As continuously, he is busy in finding new ways to pursue and measure his impact on the society and he never stops to do more and more for the sake of his people, his society and country. He is sharing the best practices he can do. He is getting better at what he does. He is always looking forward accelerating the progress in the process by encouraging greater transparency, embracing technology, and engaging our partners, grantees, and critics as a team.

Welcome To Our Philanthropy Aman Mehndiratta

Philanthropy is an act of giving society what it deserves to have for a better future. Aman Mehndiratta is one of those who have realized their actual duty as a part of the humankind, the duty to serve the society with selfless intentions, the duty to give back society whatever they are given by it.
Philanthropists not only vision of a better world, but also they take actions to make thatvision a reality. Their solutions challenge the status quo and they act as a force for innovation and change in a complex world.
Aman Mehndiratta has created a buzz over the town by stepping into the field of philanthropy and getting enormous success in no time. He believes that any individual acquiring some talent with a little support would surely become a trailblazer. He believes in becoming helping hands for those who are appealing and talented but have a lack of resources. This allows him to make a profound difference in someone’s life.
Measures were taken for the betterment of the society
Aman Mehndiratta wanted to be a change maker for the world just to turn his vision of a better future in a reality. For the same, he started making effort in this direction. Various measures were taken by him to tackle major crises and problems which society is suffering with.
Actually, we live in the world which needs a great deal of positive improvement in each and every sense. May it be societal, political, or specialized; a profound advancement must be done all around to improve our society so that it can be made a better place to live in for the coming age.
Aman Mehndiratta is such an individual who is working towards this path. He is willing to do a considerable amount of hard work and makes every effort for the advancement of our country which will further enhance the state of both living and upcoming ages. Aman is donating both his time and resources to different forms of philanthropic services and also through corporative assessments towards various causes.
He is providing different philanthropic services. These services are, in the form of impact investment, donor-advised funds, private foundations, charitable trusts, and direct gifts. Apart from these, benefactor prompted stores, affect ventures, and coordinate endowments are also on the list. By adopting these measures, Aman is willing to bring economic empowerment in the society.
He works efficiently and never contributes in an indiscriminate manner. Firstly, he inquires really well on the issues and plans to contribute only if there is the genuine and deserving need. A definite assessment of issues and even some charitable associations help him to be confident about his giving and donations. With these assessments, he gets a crystal clear idea about the quantity and quality of need and when and where he should be donating. Also being an investor, he provides support to the startup and individuals on the ground level as they turn creative energy into form. If someone is already successfully on his or her path, then he helps re-energize them at a critical moment for good.


Philanthropy or altruism can be said as voluntary efforts to increase the well-being of the humankind. Aman Mehndiratta adopted the idea of philanthropy and became the grantmakers or social investor because wanted to give back whatever he has taken from the society. As soon as he knew the real meaning of altruism, he started taking social investment decisions, further shaping the grantmaking's approach.

Actually, philanthropy has become the need of our race, and we must understand that raising a child with philanthropic values would do much good for the whole world.

As a famous notion says, ‘children are the future of the nation’, we must put every possible effort to make our future bright and secure. We must raise our children to understand the importance of giving back like Aman sparked other’s philanthropy by motivating them to stand for the welfare of the human race. He knows how worth full this practice is for us. There are enormous ways parents can shape and nurture a child’s idea about the community by pervading in the responsibility to act with compassion towards their fellow humans.

Different ways to raise a philanthropic child:

Remembering his earlier times, Aman says that philanthropy has dual nature, either it may come from within or it can be developed by some incident or taking some measures. Here we will discuss how to develop it within your child so that they will be raised as a philanthropic child.

Show them the real world we are living in

Our first instinct is to shield our children from anything negative happening around, which is a good thing, but we should make sure they know that there are people in the world who need our help. To be very clear, we don’t recommend exposing children to the horrible things that exist in our society! Rather than, make sure they are getting involved them in all the ways in which philanthropy is included as a helping remedy these problems.

Ask them to use technology in a judicial way

Technology is always evolving and promising to keep us “connected,” but it’s only a partial truth, we are getting connected to the virtual world by compromising our real-world connections. Let your child learn the importance of real proximity, build real communication skills and develop their mind to empathize with others. Actually too much screen time and not sufficient other activities, like reading, playing games and getting into imaginative play, will in making them less or not more, prepared to thrive.

Don’t differentiate between your saying and doing

For your child, only you are the role model. They will follow you only, so be the same as you want them to grow as. Be precise with what you say while you are doing it. The best way one can evoke a sense of ultimate pride for philanthropy in their children is to exhibit that pride in their own actions.


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Being a developing country, India is going through a lot. One of the biggest threats to its development is the unemployed youth with talent. In this context, the idea of entrepreneurship has come out as a ray of hope in ultimate disguise.

Entrepreneurs like Aman Mehndiratta are counted in the list of successful entrepreneurs because they procured all the skills and attitudes essential to excel in this field.

Although, many of them believe that their experience and skills in the niche area are the most important factors that will determine their level of success with a startup. Yet, the most successful entrepreneurs never to fail to develop a certain set of skills and aptitudes that could help them reach their goals. While one definitely needs nerve and patience to introduce and run a brand new business. Here, we will talk about some of such skills with reference to Aman Mehndiratta, which will focus on nurturing the future of your business. These skills will become integral to your future success in very important ways.

Essential skills to excel with your startup

A set of relevant skills works as a tonic for every profession. Taking the best entrepreneur, Aman Mehndiratta, we are providing some uncommon yet essential aptitudes which one can have priory or can develop at some stage.

Firstly, let’s ask a very obvious question to ourselves.

What is the initial but most important stage to achieve any goal?

Yes, you got it right, its Ambition.
Most successful entrepreneurs salvage every hurdle because of their ambitious nature. They thrive on reaching small milestones that are like stepping stones to their major goal.

According to Aman, if you always do the same thing, then how can you enjoy new and better results? One must always try new things to find what works best. Each new experience that you have can prevail to new opportunities that will make your startups flourish.

Courage and Risk Taking
One must have the courage to act on your great ideas and plans harness the power of creativity. One must have the courage to take an unknown step and try things that are unfamiliar to them. Aman says that risks are like thorns in the plant of rose. If you are dreaming the flower’s aroma, then you must go through the thorns, defending yourself.

We all are familiar with the notion that, most successful business owners have suffered most devastating defeats and failures. Even Aman had to deal with this kind of situation from time to time, but rather than looking at negative events as an end to a situation, he looked at these events as important learning moments. Maintaining correct optimism and perseverance always helps in entrepreneurial business. Remember, you fail only when you stop trying.

At last, wrapping up on the note that all the entrepreneurs must take relevant steps to develop the right combination of skills, traits or aptitudes and knowledge to be successful with their endeavors. If one focuses on nurturing these traits, then he/she can enjoy better and get success with future entrepreneurial efforts.

Aman Mehndiratta is one such leader and entrepreneur. He isn't just helping organizations succeed with his investment programs but at the same time is working of the improvement of the society for the general public. Aman, dependably, had a tendency towards innovation. With his leading abilities and by putting resources into tech ventures he continuously helps them achieve awesome positions. As a philanthropist, he gives his money and time for different social causes and gives society back what he has taken from it.
No doubt Aman is working really hard for the welfare of the society. He is trying his best to put in maximum efforts from his side for the help of those how are in need. He is doing more than just providing temporary relief. He is trying to uproot the cause of the suffering itself. The process of uprooting the cause is slow but it will help to do away with the problems and will provide permanent relief to the society. Aman, with the help of many philanthropic organizations, identifies the issues which need immediate action and plans out his donations. The analysis helps him to be sure that his efforts are going in the vain.
Aside from this, Aman Mehndiratta has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. His interests incorporate fever of extravagance autos and going to new places. He jumps at the chance to invest his energy with his family and companions and he has belief in: Do good and good will come to you.

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Altruism is by everyone, for everyone
Aman Mehndiratta had decided to be an altruist or philanthropist at a very young age when he didn’t have many resources to spend on others. He chose to be like this because he is extremely passionate about helping others and giving them what they cannot afford. The reason behind the same is, he wants the nation to grow better than yesterday. Aman has a deep concern about the society so that he is up to give back society whatever he has taken from it.
Before we start to sculpt the whole scenario here, let’s just explore the world of altruism first. So, in simple words, we can explain the altruism as an unselfish concern for other people. Doing things simply out of a desire to help, not because you feel obligated to out of duty, loyalty, or religious reasons these all things come under the acts of altruism.
Our everyday altruism
This fact may be unknown to everyone of us but it’s true that our everyday life is filled with small acts of altruism. YES! It’s true.
From the guy at the grocery store who kindly holds the door open when you rush in there from the parking lot to the woman who gives twenty rupees to a homeless man begging sat streets, each and every one is having a part of an altruist within them.
This is what Aman Mehndiratta says about altruism. It is an emotion. It should be felt from inside out. Everyone must have an altruist spirit; only then our nation will become strong, in every manner. Being like this doesn’t require your bank balance or your financial status to be very high. This is all about being nice and helpful according to your capabilities to anyone who is in need.
Well almost in all news stories often the focus is driven on grander cases of altruism, such as a man who dives into an icy river to rescue a drowning man or a generous donor who give a huge amount of money to a local charity. While some of us are may be familiar with altruism, but some of us maybe not. Our much-known altruist Aman Mehndiratta took interest in understanding that why it occurs? What is behind that inspires these acts of kindness? What motivates people to risk their own lives to save others?
The result came was really a satisfying stuff for this knowledge appetite.
Empathy -Researchers suggest that people are more likely to engage in an altruistic behavior when they feel empathy for the person who is in desperate need or distress. Researchers have found that children can become more altruistic or develop their altruistic thought process if their sense of empathy has been worked on and developed
Helping relieves negative feelings – Researchers have also proposed that altruistic acts help relieve the negative feelings created by observing someone else in distress. Well, this is very obvious that on seeing another person in trouble or in problem causes us to feel upset, distressed, or uncomfortable, so helping the person in trouble helps reduce these negative feelings simultaneously gives us an inner peace and happiness of satisfaction.

Aman Mehndiratta is a much known altruist of the country. According to him, altruism is not a very grand procedure; it is an everyday duty of all of us.

Philanthropy is an idea to bring good changes in the society striving for a better world and a better tomorrow. Philanthropists like Aman Mehndiratta have proven themselves as trailblazers in this path. Being a philanthropist, it’s his duty to brighten and enlighten the world with his helping deeds and philanthropic services. He opted to be like this because it furnishes him with the utmost felicity and makes him feel complete as a human. Generally, humans lack love for humankind but in his case, the scenario is totally different, he is a great lover and admirer of the humanity which he shows by the means of philanthropy.
Aman Mehndiratta had enormous choices to choose from, as a career but he chose to be a philanthropist.
Well, some of us think it’s is not even a profession.
Aren’t we?
Okay, then we are here to vanish this misconception. Just trying that, by the end of this article, your concept on ‘philanthropy as a career option’ will get changed to affirmative. Here we will try to brief about philanthropist jobs, salary, and a relevant degree.
Philanthropist’s degree, job, and salary
Generally, philanthropists are wealthy people with a concern for human welfare and a generous nature. But that is not all. This delusion should be changed that only wealthy people can pursue their career in philanthropy because, it’s all upon your will and passion to be of some help for others, mere money is not mandatory. It’s like giving up on your expensive sandwich to prevent a child from starving.
According to Aman, everything turns out to be simple sailing if you have the determination to it. Actually, one of the biggest myths about altruism is, it's all about donating funds for any cause. But it is a high time to look at it quite differently. Philanthropy is all about 'giving' - not just in some monetary terms but in non-monetary aspects also, like ideas, time, or being a volunteer, because donating money is just a small part of altruism.
So, pursuing the career in philanthropy demands determination, will, passion and hard work. Apart from this, entrepreneurial altruism is the most famous one of all. Aman Mehndiratta pursued entrepreneurial altruism or grant making and now he is prevailing in it. In general, philanthropy is adopted by magnates and tycoons as a side business, they consider it as their duty towards the society and nation.
Eventually, many courses are available in the field of grant making to provide one a proper bachelor's degree in philanthropy, so that high job opportunities can be acquired. If you are wondering that what can you do with a philanthropy degree, then know that, after completing under graduation or other relevant course and programs in philanthropy, one can go for job options in the same, like corporate philanthropy careers, this is as like as any other normal job in corporate sector, NGOs, foundations, Management, social working hubs etcetera.
Talking about philanthropist job description, many people seeking a job at a philanthropic foundation are primarily interested in the position heavily responsible for grantmaking that is a program staff member. Program staff is actually responsible for creating and implementing a grant-making portfolio for the corresponding foundation that effectively addresses the foundation's core mission. Conducting thorough research, analysis of potential programs, evaluation, partnerships, and initiatives allows program staff to determine the course of action that helps the foundation address its primary issue areas to work with philanthropy.
So, these were some of the best careers in philanthropy which one can pursue to make their passion, their career.

How to serve the community as a social worker
For over millions of years, social work and philanthropy have been practiced on a large scale. If we talk about India, then in this developing country this number is on a terrific hike. Social workers and philanthropists like Aman Mehndiratta are leaving their footprints on this path which is surely inspiring for all of us in every manner.
See, the thing is that there are many unprivileged and needy people who are craving for a little help from those who can. It’s just we have to realize the worth of our help for them and start giving that much, which is neither less for them nor more to give for us.
Aman Mehndiratta is fond of doing social works and different philanthropic services, he can be said a true social worker in all manners. Making his contributions and helping the community to grow gives him an eternal felicity and satisfaction. According to Aman, no one is less or small to do social work. It’s just the passion to help and you too can get that felicity by your own.
Here, we will discuss some services by which one can serve the community and make their inner social worker come in front.
• Let the cleanliness rule
We the humans are called social animals, it is obvious that we are bound to be clean, live clean. But the biggest irony is, the more we need to live in a clean environment, the more we contaminate it. So, if you are concerned about the environment, you can coordinate several types of environment-friendly community services. You can organize a beach or park cleanup day, recycling drives or a river cleanup. Choose everything like location, day and type as per your convenience and start the cleanup day.

• Give possible help to homeless
Giving does not go waste ever. Whatever you give you the needy ones, it always comes back to you in unexpected ways and there are several ways you can help unemployed, struggling financially or homeless people who are in need. To begin with, you can volunteer to feed the homeless at your local food pantry, food bank or something. You can also make rescue kits from travel-sized items or food items to donate to homeless shelters. When winter approaches, you can give blanket or coat drives and even your old winter clothes to the slum area people or to the homeless in your community.

• Hunger- no longer
Food is the most important among everything necessary to be alive. Not everyone I as fortunate as us to have two-time meals. Though we cannot provide them with fortune but at least providing them with food is in our hands. It does not like you have to give your share to anyone, but it’s like not wasting food in the garbage and giving it to someone who is starving. Try doing it and believe me, that little smile on their face will make your day. Also, motivate others and make a chain so that anyone in your community sleeps with an empty stomach ever. And you know what! Good deeds are meant to be done right now.

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Aman Mehndiratta is one of those philanthropists who have adopted the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in their business models which make difference.

Corporate social responsibility and India’s economy

We are living in a country which is under the ongoing process of development. Presently, India is a developing economy, in where agriculture, industry, telecom, services, infrastructure and everything related to generating revenue or is occupational, is on the developing stage. Mr. Aman Mehndiratta, who is a much-known philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur, has his points about the corporate social responsibility in the countries with developing economy like India. Being an unparalleled part of the corporate world of this country, Aman Mehndiratta has learned a lot about the impact and effect of various business models on the economy. Also, he has figured out which is the best model would be the best suited for the economy like India.
Indian economy
Well, when we are this must also be taken in concern that, when the Indian economy was opened for the world economy and most of the international companies were allowed to do business in our country and invest in different sectors, the scenario of industrial development has seen a drastic change in a pretty good manner.
Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy
While there may be no single universally accepted definition of CSR, each definition that currently talks about the crucial impact and importance that businesses have on society and the expectation that society has from those corporate activities. The roots of CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY straightly lie in the philanthropic activities of corporations such as charity, donation, relief work, etc. The concept of CSR has evolved very much and now encompasses all related concepts as well. This is evident in the definition given below that CSR is good for the country with a developing economy like India:
Definition- CSR
The CSR can be defined as the responsibility and impact of the corporate world on the society. To completely meet their social responsibility, the corporates should have in place a process to integrate ethical human rights, social, environmental, and consumer concerns into their business operations in close collaboration. This comes under the category of philanthropic services Aman Mehndiratta supports on a very large scale.
Impact of CSR on India’s economy
If talking in some traditional aspects, then CSR in India has been seen as a philanthropic activity. In keeping with the Indian tradition, it was an activity that has been performed for years but not deliberated actually. As the final result, there is very less or limited documentation on specific activities related to this concept of CSR.
However, Philanthropists like Aman Mehndiratta has adopted this model in order to make societal development more evident and prominent, but still, there are more than half of corporations which are not able to accept this concept in its true form.
As an observer Aman has pointed out, the practice of CSR in India still remains within the philanthropic space but has moved from the institutional building that is educational, research and cultural institutions to community development through different projects which are good but not at its best. While CSR remains largely restricted to community development, it is getting more strategic in nature than philanthropy, and a large number of companies are reporting the activities they are undertaking in this space in their official websites, annual reports, and even the sustainability reports.

Give more than you receive & help society grow
The act of giving is the act of making differences. It is the way of life which gives us eternal bliss. Philanthropy is the name given to selfless giving. Under this process, a person gives the philanthropic services to the ones who are in desperate need for the same and these all things are done to show the love they have for the humankind. Aman Mehndiratta is such a true philanthropist with all the necessary aptitudes for this title.
Giving is the need for today’s society. Trust me, It’s not as hard as you think, you just have to make a commitment to your inner self that I would not purchase any more new shirts, trousers, or shoes unless I really need to. Actually, the thing is, wanting more than our needs would come from the desire to look good and to win the praise of people— this is the desire that should be put to death. If we want to learn to steward our money wisely, then start taking the path of giving- philanthropy, like the inspiring philanthropist from India, Aman Mehndiratta.
Find contentment with the act of giving
Giving is such an act of kindness which has a great potential to felicitate you with joy and contentment.
“Do I really need this?”
This question is very obvious which immediately strikes in our head whenever we struggle to give anything, to anyone.
Sometimes, it happens when one can find himself/herself reluctant to do any act of giving because she/he could feel they didn’t have enough so whatever they have, why and how to donate others.
During such moments, you have to ask yourself, “Do I really need this to do?”
That’s when you get a realization that regardless of your needs, their need for the money or anything is definitely greater or they would not be in this state to seek help.
After all, what will you lose by giving enough to someone as per his/her need?
-Only a part of your desired amount but still you have more than enough to survive with. Just think about others who are not as fortunate as you are.
‘When everybody gives, then everybody receives’
Imagine the world where everyone is happy and rejoicing whatever they have. Have a belief that we can make this world in real, just a small promise to yourself that you will start giving and motivate others to those who are needy if you have enough because when everybody will give then everybody will receive and the world will get a decent betterment.
This can be done by some small steps. You can just spend a bit less on food a month, for instance. And believe me each time you will give your savings to anyone in need, you will experience the joy of giving.
In doing so, we can channel our money to areas where there are real needs and simultaneously, we can be a part of this noble cause.

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