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Tanya (silverribcrushermoonstar) | 549 comments ((ty!))

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Tanya (silverribcrushermoonstar) | 549 comments Arthur had his bags full of stuff packed. He overpacked but he wanted to be prepared. He left his little cat at Hogwarts because he didn't want to bring the hairball on a trip. His two bags were filled with research material and clothes plus some potions and herbs.
"Ready to leave Saina?" He asked turning to her.

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Suditi (the_book_farer) "Yes". Arthur was carrying so many things and her stuff looked so less than her. It was going to be really memorable. She hasn't been on a holiday for a long time and she was going out with Arthur!!! "I am so excited about it!!", she said jumping up and down.

"What are we gonna do there?", she asked curiously her eyes sparkling

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Tanya (silverribcrushermoonstar) | 549 comments "Well, there's a carnival with rides and I rented an apartment out for three nights. There's also a dance performance we are gonna watch. But most importantly I will be with you." He said grinning. Saina was about to get into the cab when Arthur pulled her back up and lifted her off the ground. He put her back against the cab while her legs locked around his waist.
"Before we go..." without finishing his sentence he kissed her, almost like a goodbye kiss.

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Suditi (the_book_farer) She kissed him back again. "Yes, we are going to be together.", she said softly. They got into the taxi and it was such a wonderful feeling. She was going to miss Hogwarts. It was more like a home than a school.

She placed her head against Arthur's shoulder and watched the scenery sweeping behind them.

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Tanya (silverribcrushermoonstar) | 549 comments Arthur liked the feeling of her head resting on him. It filled him with a sense of importance. He pulled her closer and rested his head on top of hers.

When they arrived in front of the hotel, Arthur brought the bags in and checked them in. He left Saina sitting on a sofa in the lobby.
"Yes sir, I can pay in advance." He said to the man at the front desk. After collecting their keys, he left the bags with the trolley man, who would bring their bags to their room.

"Baby, would u like me to carry you up?" Arthur asked Saina. She was rubbing her eyes and could barely stand straight. Without waiting for a reply, he picked her up bridal style and carried her down the hall to the lift, and up to their room.

When they got to their room, at last, he put her down.
"One sec, let me get the keys." He kept one arm around her waist to help her stay standing and opened the door with the other. It was 11 at night and both of them were exhausted. He shut the door behind him and put the keys on the counter. Their bags were in one corner and he gently helped her sit on the bed. He unpacked her bag and found her nightclothes neatly folded on one side.
"Hey, here are your clothes, go quickly take a shower ok?" He murmured and kissed her cheek. When she was in and the water was running, he quickly unpacked his stuff. This hotel was a one night stay, just a break before they rent their car and head to their apartment further into the countryside.

Once she was out of the shower, he got in and quickly washed off before changing into his shorts and shirt for the night. He got into bed, finding Saina fast asleep on one side. He got in next to her and slept with ease for the first time in weeks.

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Suditi (the_book_farer) Saina got up the next day feeling fresh. She could barely recall anything. She remembered coming up in Arthur's arms, taking a shower, and then just going to sleep. Arthur was sleeping soundly beside her. He looked so childlike sleeping there. She thought of not waking him up.

She quickly took out her clothes from her bag and went for a shower. When she came out, he was still sleeping. She knew she shouldn't wake him up
but there was nothing to do so she jumped on the bed and pinched his cheek. "Wakey! Wakey! ",she said loudly. "It is already thirty past nine."

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Tanya (silverribcrushermoonstar) | 549 comments "Morning' beautiful.'' He said groggily. He reached his hand out and brushed her cheek lightly. Then without a second though pulled her back next to him.
"Why did u get up...your body was warm..." He said wrapping his arms around her and holding her there. He suddenly realized that they only had three hours before they had to check out.
"I'm gonna go get ready, you tidy the suitcases, ok sweetheart?" He asked grabbing his stuff and slowly walking into the bathroom. He combed his hair and brushed his teeth and changed into a fresh shirt and the same jeans as yesterday.

Once he was ready and their bags were packed, he picked up the room keys and lead Saina outside into the hall.
"They have a breakfast buffet downstairs, we can eat and explore the town before we leave for car rentals." He kissed her cheek and held her hand on the way down.

At the buffet line, Saina went ahead of him and grabbed some food. Arthur was three people behind her and was grabbing some toast when he noticed another man next to Saina checking her out. A small growl escaped his throat and he picked up his plate and cut the queue.
"Hey baby, would you take my plate for me?" He asked Saina. She nodded and carried it to their table. He gave the man a deadly stare and walked after her.

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Suditi (the_book_farer) Saina walked towards the table and settled herself down. The food looked delicious. She waited for Arthur to join her. She noticed that Arthur was full of rage as he joined her noisily.

"What happened?", she asked placing her hand on his, pointing towards the line. He told her about that man and Saina couldn't help laughing. "Oh Arthur! You can't stop every man who is staring at me." Although she was laughing, she was so happy that Arthur cared for her.

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Tanya (silverribcrushermoonstar) | 549 comments Arthur couldn't believe his ears. She laughed at that? He was overprotective in every way, but he never got mad at something like this. The realization hit him, he was changing because he had fallen in love.
"Okay.." He said sighing. He lifted her hand and kissed her knuckles and then her fingertips. He set her hand on top of his other hand and gestured to the food.
"Whoever finishes eating first and is upstairs gets two choose where we go today." He smirked, before biting into his toast quickly.

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