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Katie LeJeune The book that I read over the summer is called Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. This book is a collection of poems and drawings by the author that tell the story of her abusive relationship history and how she has learned to love herself in spite of what she has been through. I really enjoyed this book because it was very honest and full of amazing poetry. While the overall topic of the book is her recovery from abusive relationships, there are several poems that tell parts of that story that you normally would not think about. For example, there are poems about learning how to love yourself when the world tries to tear you down; likewise, there are poems about how important it is for you to be so confident in who you are that you no longer seek validation from others. It was poems like those that really captured my attention as I was reading and stuck with me even after I had finished the book.
I believe that Kaur's purpose for writing this book was to inspire young women to not be ashamed of who they are and to teach people that loving yourself is vital, not vain. When I was reading this book, there were things in my life that were not going in favor and in turn, causing some major problems to occur. I can really connect with some of the poems that Kaur wrote about loving yourself and how important that is. Loving who we are is a struggle that all of us face, but I am on the upward trend of that journey myself, so her poems really spoke to me.
I would absolutely recommend this book to girls because it has a lot to say about embracing who you are and that's something that a lot of high school girls struggle with, even years after graduating.

Jenny Powel Yes! LOVE HER!

You should check out Lang Leav and Hailey Riely.

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