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Joni | 625 comments Wow.....what a book. Very gripping and emotional at times. Some of it was hard to "listen" to.....I did this book in audio.

This book chronicles the lives of three women, Caroline Ferriday (a real person), Herta Oberheuser (real person), and Kasia Kuzmerick (her story is based on the experience of a lady in a German prison camp).

Caroline, is lives in New York and works at the French consulate. Her passion is orphaned French children. Her story stretches from New York to Paris following a new love that she can't have. I feel that she has a heart of gold and compassion for people.

Herta is a young German doctor, who desires to be a surgeon during a time where there were no women surgeons. She takes a job at what she thought was a camp for women, that is actually a German prison camp for women, where she is charged with doing experimental studies on these women....crippling many of them for life.

Kasia is a young Polish girl who went to the German prison camp, after being charged with helping the resistance. She falls into the hands of Dr. Oberheuser and her experimental surgeries. Kasia is known as a "rabbit" because the surgery leaves her crippled and she "hops like a rabbit" in order to get around.

At the end of the book, these ladies are connected forever. I really enjoyed this book. I gave it 4 stars only because parts of it were very hard to listen to.

Below are a few links of interest:

The authors research for the book:

And a historical site for Caroline Ferriday. She was known as A Godmother to Ravensbrück Survivors.

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 8432 comments Very nice review! I have this on mt TBR list....which is way too long!

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