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message 1: by Emelia (new)

Emelia  | 3 comments Hope this is ok to post here.
I have an, odd, question and thought this would be the best place to ask since Pagans are a wee bit more open minded about odd happenings.

Has anyone ever had a strange experience with a book?

I had one yesterday with the book "Mythago Wood" by Robert Holdstock.
I got the book from the library a couple of days ago and thought I would finally give it a read.
I usually read the publisher info on the first page to see release date, who designed the cover and drew the maps if there are any, etc. Quirky I know.
As soon as I opened the book I got a flash of a place, a wooded area.
No big deal right? I mean that is what the book is about......a wood.
The "flash" was in full color and detailed. It felt as if I had been there and was recalling a scene. It was of a deep, green, semi-dark wooded area. And I felt as if something or someone was looking at me, observing me. No, I do not do drugs or drink lol

Anyway, I began to read and things just started feeling, well, more strange.
Almost like the book was waiting for me.
Sounds crazy I know !
I have a ton of books, literally, and I have never had anything like this happen. As I continued to read (on page 89 at the moment) things in the book kept feeling familiar, as if I knew what was happening, as if I had experienced it before. I even found myself saying, "No, you are doing it all wrong, you need to be doing it this way."

There is more to it but I don't want to go on and on.
I am just curious if anyone has had anything like this, or another experience that seemed odd, with a book.

Please don't think I am some kind of weirdo and boot me from the group lol. I just know that Heathens, Pagans, & Witches are more open to different consciences and happenings in the world, not batting an eye when something odd comes along. Third eye open if you will.

Thank you ahead of time for reading this and sharing any experiences you may have had and any thoughts on what may be going on.

message 2: by Emelia (new)

Emelia  | 3 comments By the way, the dedication is a bit odd as well.
It reads;

for Sarah
cariath ganuch trymllyd bwystfil

Loosely translated from Welsh;

the wolf shakes a terrible beast

message 3: by Ed (new)

Ed Ireland (edireland) | 4 comments As a writer, I can say that when a person becomes so entrenched in your tale, it's the greatest feeling in the world. You seem to have gone past that in some way.
I might suggest that in some past life, you've encountered these things. Who's to say the writer wasn't part of this past life as well and as he wrote from what he thought was fantasy, he was actually recalling this past? The physical world we know is minuscule compared to the spirit worlds we know almost nothing about.
I congratulate you on finding a hold to your past. It's exhilarating when it happens and it's now a part of your conscience. You'll always find reasons for doing things a certain way based on that past.
I also envy the writer for finding a person who identifies so well with his book. Have a great day :-)

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